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Nothing serious, just for fun. I don't sure if it possible without ooc) I thought about last names, and since Cody originally doesn't have last name, how about, he writes somewhere (on durapaper?) "Cody Kenobi". He hides it very carefully, because it feels like sacrilege. May be Rex finds it. Rex can't decide if he wants to be Rex Skywalker or Rex Tano)

Rex first notices when they’re on leave, and he’s completely sure Cody hadn’t meant for him to hear it. 

Corellia has more than its fair share of bars and pleasurable corners compared to the rest of the galaxy; it’s a place where you meet people, where names either don’t matter, in the heat of a brief moment, or you commit them to heart for the purposes of getting ahead of the need for a future act of revenge. It’s also one of the few places where Rex has been made uneasy at the simplicity of his own name: it’s not that he has any doubts of his ownership of it, or the way it suits him - but sometimes it doesn’t seem like quite enough, here. Not enough to be remembered by, perhaps, or at the very least, not enough to be tracked down by, to be recognized by or to be of complete use.

In this context, Cody’s solution seems - at first - helpful, and little more. It’s only when he’s thinking about it later that he realizes just how entirely shocking it is.

Cody Kenobi, he’d said, warily polite, as he looked down to make sure the very friendly Togruta who had sidled up to them wasn’t picking either of their pockets while she treated them to her brilliant smile. How about you?

They’re back on their transport up to the fleet before Rex gets around to asking about it, having already spent a lot of time wondering how on earth Cody had squared it with what he knew to be an unerring instinct for regulation and respect - despite the fact that damn, it had sounded so right

To his unease, though not necessarily to his surprise, Cody actually looked stricken; he spent a moment with his jaw locked and a flush slowly spreading under his cheekbones before he managed to look away from Rex and affect a sort of shrug. “Didn’t realize you’d heard that.”

“How long have you been using it?”

“A few months.” He was relaxing now, thankfully, now that he could see Rex’s curiosity and nothing of disapproval. “Since Rattatak.”

He doesn’t need to say why. Something to remember them by, Rex thinks, running through his mental catalogue of tattoos and etchings and decals. 

What he says, in the end, is: “It suits you.”

“Yeah?” Cody says, and he’s almost smiling, now, taking on that familiar aspect of personhood as recognized. “Thanks. You tell anyone else, I’ll kill you.”

“Yes, sir,” Rex snorted, and then leaned in with a grin. “Though hey, maybe you can offer me some advice - should I pick Skywalker or Tano?”

“The gods help you either way,” is all Cody can apparently say to that, wryly, and Rex, laughing, can’t but agree.

Ben Sulu headcannon and thoughts

So I have many feelings and ideas about Ben Sulu like
Is Ben a horticulture person did they meet in a garden?
Is he a fencing instructor and Sulu put him on his ass and he loved it Is he a bartender and they met after being out with Bones trying to corral Jim from filtering himself into disaster
Is he a vet and Sulu met him when him and Checkov found a dog that had been hurt and took to the doggy er
Is he a Alien who saved Hikaru ass on a mission and fell in love at first sight ran away to be with him
Does he like the color gold?
How does he feel bout Sulu being a captain one day ( cause he is going to be a kick ass one ok)
Does he want 5 more children or happy with the one?
Does he get mad 2 hen there is fencing crap everywhere?
How does he feel about being in spce?
Were they together before the Academy?
Did they get married after Khan and have a Jim officiate, with Checkov as witness and Bones providing the beer?
Does he read stories or sing or both to his daughter?
When did he know he loved Hikaru?
I have many thoughts if you want to takes these and run with them feel free.