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Writing Prompt #217

“Babe, get over here!” They shouted from where the lights had fallen. With hesitation, I ran over towards my significant other.
“Holy shit…is that…?” I covered my mouth in shock.
“We found aliens, babe! Best date ever!”

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Ok so I gotta know where your tag 'we darken by looking at each other' is from because it's driving me insane and I can't get it out of my head.

it comes from a turkish proverb, ‘grapes will darken by looking at each other’ & the idea of it is that we reflect the company we keep around us (i first encountered the phrase in ella frances sanders’ book ‘speaking in tongues’ which is a collection of idioms & phrases from around the world)

Justice Ch4 Preview

In the Interest of Justice Chapter 4 is now 70% wrote. Like, 2,400 words to go and it’s done. I’m slowly getting there. Slowly.

“Why are you sitting on my shoulder?" 

"You’re tall. I’m not. Now I am." 

She grins then stops, the expression falling off her face as she stares at him. 

Before he can stop her, Kitsune presses two gravy-stained hands against his cheeks, forcing his lips up into a smile against his wishes. 

"There, that’s better. Smile make you look friendlier and you’re a marine. You’re supposed to help people which means you’re supposed to be approachable. See, I’m practising my smile so I can be an approachable marine. Because if I smile like Big Brother no one will dare come ask me for help.”


so you know how adrien climbed up his rock climbing wall to catch plagg?

do you even know where the rock climbing wall is

and the couch

and the height/space between

im not gonna measure that but i know

that would be painful for one of us


also how did he even get up there


is it bad that i was waiting for this to happen

“We’re gonna be okay.” A Froy Gutierrez Imagine.

Nothing was the same and it hadn’t been for weeks. You couldn’t believe how everything had changed and all because of some part in a TV show. You had just finished crying when you heard the front door open but you weren’t in the mood for the usual cold shoulder, so you rolled onto the other side and closed your eyes just as the door to the bedroom opened. 

Froy sighed as he saw the sight of you already sleeping. All that he really wanted to do was grab you and pull you into his chest but he knew that the two of you weren’t exactly on good terms at the moment. He sat down on the bed, his head in his hands as he felt tears fall down his cheeks softly. He had no idea what had gone wrong, how the two of you could have become so distant, but he knew it was because of him and he hated himself for it. 

It broke your heart to hear him cry and normally you wouldn’t have hesitated to roll around and grab him as you held him close, just like he would do with you. However, you were scared that he would just push you away just like he had done several times over the past few weeks every time you had tried to support him in any way. Ever since he had gotten the part as Nolan Holloway he had changed. It was almost as if he had become Nolan, with the same issues and mental state as his character. You knew that all he wanted to do was portray him as well as he could but it seemed like it was taking a toll on the poor guy. Ever since the first day of shooting, it was like you had been sleeping next to a stranger. In the end, you couldn’t do it anymore, and rolled around and as you were lying down, you carefully reached out for him, scared that he would reject you. 

A shock went through his body as he felt your hand hit his back softly, Quickly he turned around and his heart broke at the sight of your face, all red and puffy from what he knew could only be crying. He strangled a sob as he got undressed and crawled under the covers next to you, his fingers softly touching your face. 

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as a few tears escaped their captive. You rose slightly as your lips softly caressed his in your first kiss in weeks. 

“It’s alright Froy, we’ll figure this out. We’re gonna be okay.” You whispered, your voice cracking at the sight of the brokenness in his eyes. He didn’t say anything as he just pulled you closer and held you close for the first time in a long time. His heart was aching from the pain he had caused you and he was determined to make it up to you. One way or another.

So @leonawriter had this idea, and I wrote a thing

Canon-compliant kind of…. takes place before season two episode twelve.  Through a weird worm-holing accident, they end up in a part of the universe Allura and Coran have never seen before.  They’re too far for Zarkon to find them, trapped in the castle with two members of the Blade of Marmora, and they have plenty of time to get to know each other. 


Most of Keith’s discomfort with the Blade of Marmora had to be residual. Most of it.  At least 90%.  The other ten percent was because he kept catching them staring at him.  

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Sometimes…I wish I could write a fic…but at this point, I am too afraid to even attempt it. Hell I’ll probably get lost into my own story and ask myself dafuq I just write and where the hell am I… xD

||Whose side are you on?|| *Part 3*

(Reader’s P.O.V)

Six days have passed by, each day that passed, more people were taken.
“Liam, (Y/N), I need you three to keep the ghost riders distracted while Lydia, Malia, and I try to bring Stiles back.“Scott ordered.
"How do we do that?’‘Liam asked.
"Good luck guys."I whispered as I hugged Malia, then Lydia, and finally Scott.
"If anything happens to you, just howl and I’ll find you."Scott whispered as he caressed my hair.
"You don’t have to worry about me, but if you guys are in trouble, howl and I’ll run as fast as I can."I told him.
Scott and I had always been protective towards each other, maybe it was the alpha beta bond, maybe it was just us.
"Are you two done flirting? We’ve got a town to save."Liam muttered.
“Just ignore him."I mumbled.
Scott and I finally let go of each other. Liam and I climbed out and headed to the Sheriff’s department. The whole time Liam and I stayed quiet, not a single word was spoken.
"Okay!"We heard Theo yell as we bursted through the doors.
"He was smart enough to not trust me."Theo finished explaining as Liam and I ran in to find Sheriff Stilinski letting Theo out his cell.
"This place is empty… kind of like a-”
“Ghost town."I finished Liam’s sentence.
We both looked at each other longingly. It was only then that I noticed how far away we were from each other.
"Lovebirds, what’s the plan?"Theo asked.
The sound of footsteps caught my attention as I heard the lightning crash.
"They’re here."Liam muttered.
"How many are there?"Theo asked as he and Sheriff Stilinski hid behind the wall opposite from Liam and I.
"Like 6."Liam whispered.
"No, there’s more than 6. The room’s probably filled with ghost riders."I argued.
"Don’t listen to her, there’s four of us. We can take them."Liam muttered.
"Sheriff please, don’t go in there. We can run out of here and lead them to another place-”
“On the count of three, we all go in."Liam ordered.
"Will someone just listen to me?"I begged.
“Don’t do it-”
“I swear if you-”
“3!"Liam yelled.
The three of them ran in only to find out that I was right.
"No one ever listens to me."I muttered as I peeked my head through the door.
One of the ghost riders pointed their gun at us, making my eyes widen. My first instinct was to grab Liam from behind and pull him into safety.
"What the?"Liam muttered as we heard the sound of a gunshot.
"I told you there was more."I muttered as I shoved him against the wall.
"But you’re too stubborn."I mumbled.
I quickly ran back in and pulled Theo out of there as another ghost rider pointed their gun at him. The bullet just barely missed my face as I shoved Theo onto the floor. I pulled him up to his feet and grabbed Liam, dragging them with me as ran outside.
"Wow Liam, you’re girlfriend is smarter than you."Theo mumbled.
"Not his girlfriend."I spat as I looked around the parking lot.
Suddenly another sound of lighting crashing made me jump and grab onto both of them. We turned around to find all the ghost riders walking towards us.
"What now?’'Theo asked.
"Follow me."I ordered as I began running towards a deputies car.
Theo hopped into the drivers seat while Liam sat in the passengers seat and I sat in back.
"Drive!"I yelled as I looked back to see the ghost riders making their way over to us.
"We don’t have the key!’'Theo yelled as he and Liam looked everywhere to find the key.
"Liam the keys should be in there-”
“Don’t tell me what to do!"Liam yelled.
He opened the box that I told him where the keys would be, only to find that there was more than one key.
"Just pick one!"Theo yelled.
"I think it’s-”
“I really feel like you’re not trying Liam."Theo muttered.
"I’m trying, here take this one!"Liam squealed as he tossed him keys.
"Guys that can’t be it."I said.
"Doesn’t work."Theo muttered.
"Guys they’re coming!"I warned, turning around again.
"Why don’t you help (Y/N)?"Theo asked.
"Because you two idiots won’t let me!"I yelled as Liam gave him another key that didn’t work.
Liam grabbed the smallest key and passed it to him.
"Are you kidding me?"I asked, glaring at him in disbelief.
"This isn’t even a car key!"Theo yelled.
"Fuck it, try this one!"I yelled as I grabbed a random key.
As soon as Theo put the key in, the car started.
"Yes, yes, yes!"Liam yelled as he hit his seat in excitement.
”(Y/N) I love you so fucking much right now!“Theo yelled as he backed up.
"I fucking love me too man!"I yelled, insanely proud of myself.
Suddenly we felt the car hit something. Theo, Liam, and I looked at each other with wide eyes.
"I think we just ran over a ghost rider."I whispered.
We all started to grin widely before Theo sped away.
"Does anyone even know where we’re going?"I asked.
"Beacon Hills hospital, we can hide in the morgue."Liam answered.
"Brilliant."I whispered, impressed.
Once we got to the hospital, we noticed it was completely empty. Liam rushed over to the ambulance and turned on the sirens.
"What’re you doing?"Theo asked as he pulled Liam away from the truck.
"Giving Scott enough time."Liam answered.
"You may be loyal to him and you’ll die for him, but I’m not going back to hell!"Theo yelled as he shoved Liam.
"You two idiots can start fighting out here or join me inside to find the morgue, decide now because the ghost riders are going to be here any second!"I ordered, growling at him.
Liam and Theo glared at each other before following me in.
"I like her, she’s feisty."Theo whispered, making Liam shove him.
"Hey, cut it out!"I said as Theo was about to shove him back.
I grabbed Theo’s arm and dragged him with me.
"You know I used to think you were Satan."I muttered, looking around.
"What changed your mind?"Theo asked.
"Well now I’m convinced because they warned that Satan would be attractive."I mumbled, making Theo laugh.
"I’ll take that as a compliment."Theo said.
"Just trying to make amends before we die."I shrugged.
"Well if you two are done flirting, I found the morgue."Liam muttered, making us turn around.
"Don’t get all salty just because your girl is talking to me instead of you."Theo mumbled, rolling his eyes.
"Not his girl!"I whispered, slapping the back of his neck.
"Ouch."Theo muttered, rubbing the back of his neck.
I watched as Liam’s face dropped when I said that.
"Alright, inside."I said as I opened one of the doors.
"I’m not going in that."Theo argued as we looked in horror.
"Me neither."Liam whispered.
"There’s got to be empty ones…"I mumbled.
Lighting struck down again, making me jump towards the nearest person.
"Not so feisty anymore, are you?"Theo asked, holding me.
"I hate storms, okay? Watched too many movies about them."I spat, pushing him off of me.
"What now?"Liam asked, looking at me.
"Oh sure now you want to talk, now you want to listen."I mumbled.
"Most of his ideas have gone wrong, I’d rather listen to you."Theo spoke up as we heard footsteps near.
"We might have to fight our way out of this."I answered.
"We’ll get taken-”
“Scott needs us to do whatever can to buy him enough time."I reminded them.
”(Y/N) doing whatever Scott orders, what a surprise…“Liam mumbled.
"For the last time, I’m his beta. He’s my alpha, I listen to him because he knows best. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him and this pack safe, and if you won’t then get out of my way."I snapped, pushing past Liam.
"I don’t know about you but I’m following her until she gets herself killed."Theo whispered.
My fangs and claws grew as soon as my eyes started glowing. I let out a roar as I lunged towards them. Theo followed right after, shifting as well. I jumped onto one of the ghost riders back, making him struggle to keep them struggle to keep its balance. I opened my mouth as wide as I could before biting down on the ghost riders neck. I tore his head off of his neck and dropped it on the floor as blood began to run down my mouth. Liam and Theo were distracted as they watched me in horror, decapitating as many ghost riders as I could.
"Liam!"I yelled as a ghost rider was behind him.
I quickly grabbed a ghost riders gun and shot the one behind Liam. Suddenly it disappeared into thin air. I tossed it to Liam and tossed the another to Theo.
As soon as we finished killing all of them, a whole group of more ghost riders walked into the building.
"There’s too many."Theo muttered as he helped me up to my feet.
He grabbed both Liam and I, dragging us towards the elevator. He was going to sacrifice himself.
"What’re you doing?’'Liam asked as Theo threw us into the elevator.
"Being the bait."Theo smirked as he pressed a random button.
"Liam, go find Scott and make sure he’s okay."I muttered.
"Wait, why?"Liam asked.
I looked up to see the doors starting to close. I pushed myself of the floor and lunged out of the elevator.
”(Y/N)!“Liam screamed, banging on the doors as they shut.
"What’re you doing?"Theo asked as I joined him.
"Did you seriously think I would let you sacrifice yourself?"I asked as I wiped blood from my mouth.
"Yes."He answered, honestly.
"I said I’d make amends with you before we died."I said, patting his back.
Theo and I both rolled out heads backwards as we shifted. We both let out roars before running towards the large group of ghost riders.


The chemist must have made a bad batch of Somnacin because Eames is fighting Eames because his own projections have Arthur at gun point. 

Cobbs and Saito aren’t sure whether to kill Eames or Eames or just his projections… to save Arthur so they can finish the job. But they need both Arthur and Eames to complete the heist. 

What now?

25. Placing fireworks beneath everyone’s Potion’s Cauldrons is a very bad idea.

Or was it the best idea we’ve ever had? - SB

It was not. - RL

I’m with Moony on this one. That was catastrophic. - JP

I can’t see properly out of my right eye anymore. - PP

No one likes a complainer Wormy. - SB

jade gets an orchard. everything is right in the world

When the Lightning Strikes

So I wrote this for Danni (@bloody-bee-tea) for her Be-lated Birthday present, but also as apart of @marvelingjules and I project to spoil her with fics when she gets back from internet less limbo. 

This was inspired hugely by @hello-shellhead‘s beautiful artwork and @ofsparrows entire moving gif series.

Thank so much to @marvelingjules for beta-ing this for me and @thegoldenavenger for letting me shout ideas at her.

Hope you enjoy!

Tony stares out the window, into the street watching the bustling city thrum and thrive around him. Rain is pouring from the heavy black clouds above, beating out a steady staccato rhythm on the asphalt. Fall leaves whip harshly in the wind, the driving force of the rain.

Tony can feel his heartbeat in time with rain and the storm brewing in the clouds. He twirls his fingers absently above the molten liquid in his cup, the spoon moving in sync with his fingers.

He watches the street intently as the tempo his heart is dancing to increases. He can feel the magic crackle and hum distractingly, reaching out for the pulse of energy filling the air.

Love magic. Natural love magic. So intense it’s waking the steadily grounded energy lying in wait beneath his skin. He feels the spark gathering from blocks away and he is alert to the alluring charge. He has always been sensitive to all types of magic, as is a Witch’s nature, but never has he felt it awaken him like this before.

The tattoos that litter his body begin to shift and dance restlessly across his skin. The silvery blue snake weaving a hectic pattern between his knuckles. The dark thunder clouds perched on either shoulder blade rumbling threateningly, promising lightning and rain. Even his dragon who is generally fairly docile and content to lay dormant rustles its wings and lifts its head in anticipation.

The pressure in the air grows heavy as the source of the energy grows closer. Tony snaps his head to the bar where Angel Wings (a handsome entrancing dark skinned man with the warmest laughter and the most beautiful pair of enchanted white metallic wings) sits chatting with Clint enjoying his breakfast of bagel and orange juice. Tony’s eyes trail over the tight curls at the base of the man’s intriguing neckline and down the slope of his muscular back. Red shirt fitted nicely against his lean frame and down to the tight fit of dark blue denims that cup the swell of an ample ass perched on the bar stool.

But it’s the literal sparks a deep golden amber color that Tony is watching avidly dance along the oblivious man’s delicately beautiful hands, up his well sculpted arms and across his wings which flutter under his gaze.

Oblivious to what only Witches can sense; the wild magics of the world. The pressure increases as the other source advances on The Widow Maker’s Cafe & Coffee House.

The Widow Maker herself (the house’s owner commonly called Natasha and Tony’s dear Witch-Sister and friend) watches Wings too, then gives Tony an eerie smile.

Tony’s fingers drum out a nervous tempo at the look. He doesn’t notice the own arc-reactor blue sparks dancing across his skin, singing to his tattoo beings. He’s to wrapped up in the pressure sizzling in the air and the energy calling to him.

He can feel the way the souls bound in fate’s magic surge towards each other. The scent and pure power intoxicating to his senses. Tony hates that he can sense it, hates the way it rubs against him like a satisfied panther after a tasty meal. Hates how delicious love magic tastes against the pallet of his tongue and finger tips. The way he can feel it in his bones.

This particular bloom of electricity tastes like the finest brandy poured over the silkiest velvet  coffee ice cream; a cool burn melting sinfully against his tongue. It’s never been this intense before.

The metal earrings lining his ears begin to tingle with the need to release the pent up energy now coursing through his veins. The multitude of intricate metal rings tighten and twist where they rest on his fingers. The metal bracelets gently rattle and his necklaces twist and constrict at his throat and over his reactor. The runes on his skin flare to life like burning embers, glowing a deep amber-red. His magic furls and bucks against the grounding implements that keep it from its freedom.

Tony’s adorable bat bots tucked into the lines of his jackets twitch awake, jerking and fluttering their mechanical wings at the commotion.

Tony’s outward appearance is calm and still, only the Widow Maker can see the building tension. She smiles into her work enjoying the show, she hasn’t seen Tony this wild since Maria passed away. For once the view is tinted with joy.

The door to the coffee shop bursts open with a gust of wind, the glass rattling as the wooden frame slams into the wall. The enchanted metal widows spider above the door scurries up its chain web startled at the commotion.

The tension thickens when in walks the source of the voltaic atmosphere. The wind whips around the man, looming like Van Helsing. Brown silky hair tied up in a bun with loose strands framing the most ethereal steel-blue eyes and teasing a rosy plump mouth. Cheeks flushed from the cold, white soaked shirt where the rain slanted beneath the umbrella in the handsome man’s metal fist, soft fabric clinging tightly to chiseled muscle.  Draped in a long leather jacket and fitted into the most edible pair of blue jeans, combat boots shuffling awkwardly as a sultry smile ticks up at the corner of a well stubbled jaw.  

Tony’s heart is pounding now in his chest, but it isn’t just the vision before him that has him so unsteady. It’s the silvery red sparks jumping along Van Heartthrob’s wicked biceps, skipping and stuttering over his pectorals and dancing around the tempting clavicles peaking from underneath the indecent white v-neck.  

Tony tenses and waits for the romcom moment to occur. For the two souls to crash together and for the love story to complete its stirring cycle. But the two men don’t even glance at each other, even when the door bangs shut with another gust of howling wind.

Tony knows that no one but he and the Widow know what is about to transpire.

Sensitive Witches were a rarity even this day and age. But that’s what had bonded he and the widow to begin with. She’s watching just as entranced is he is, as the charge in the air furls and grows.

Tony waits with baited breath as the tension in the room steadily builds.

But nothing happens, they don’t touch or even brush as Van Heartthrob walks passed Wings’ space at the counter. Their gazes don’t meet as Heartthrob  greets Natasha jovially. They don’t even glance at each other even when Van Heartthrob waves to Clint as he prepares to leave.

Tony’s magic is restless, the flowers twined about his clavicle and upper bicep begin to wiggle, then suddenly burst into full bloom and Tony’s breath catches in his chest. Nothing has ever made Persephone (the rose bush planted on his left side roots and vines tangling up his ribs) bloom before.  The energy is too much for him, he presses his finger to his shoulder and plucks the struggling rose, stem and all, from his skin.

The sensation is soothing as the soft petals and sharp thorns scrape against his flesh as he pulls the living tattoo from his body and into the tangible world. The rose bush replenishes the flower immediately growing another blossom, but Tony doesn’t notice.

He’s twirling the flower between his fingers as he studies intently the movements of the  increasing sparks jitter between them as Van Heartthrob walks by Angel Wings again on the way out the door. That’s when the unthinkable happens.

The thunderclouds (Zeus & Hades) clap and rumble as rain water begins to pour steadily down Tony’s spine and pool in his lower back, his arc reactor flares with a burst of light and his magic shoots from his fingertips of its own accord and trips Van Heartthrob straight into Angel Wings arms before he can move passed him.

Tony watches stunned and bewildered as their magic and his magic swirl together growing wilder, before he comes back to himself and sucks his magic back in close to his body mortified by its reaction. He’s never lost control before.

He watches confused as their magics muddy and clash against each other and then is torn from his daze by loud yelling. Wait, yelling?!

He stares horrified as Wings gets into Heartthrob’s face, but not for the passionate kiss that’s supposed transpire when love magic ensnares, but to snarl angry words about hot coffee and idiots who can’t watch where they’re going.

Van Heartthrob snarls back and pushes the man in front of him roughly with a “Fuck you man, it was accident, maybe you shouldn’t have had your chair so far out in the path way.”

Their energies are getting tighter and angrier and Tony has know idea how it’s gone so wrong when moments before the feeling was so melt in your mouth sweet. Now it’s a raging inferno.

He’s matched tons of love magic personally and seen millions more happen naturally but never this wrong or explosive.

Everyone’s paying attention to the angry combative Warlocks now and the shop is tense waiting for it to come to blows. Tony’s magic bursts out from his grounds again and surges forward to soothe the bristling lighting bolts into softer shock waves.

Wings steps back sneer in place, grabs the jacket on the bar stool next to him, throws money on the counter for his breakfast and says “Whatever man, I am out. See you later Clint.” Then he storms from the building wings twitching and fluttering all the way.

Heartthrob relaxes minimally, rubs his hand over his face and asks the Widow Maker if he can get a redo on his order, and then bends over to clean up the spill. She agrees shortly, but Tony’s startled to find her eyes not looking at Heartthrob at all but staring at him intently.

She grins viciously and then turns to serve her customer. Tony fiddles with the rose in his hands and then looks down at the coffee on his table, probably cold, and the way the spoon is stirring a whirlpool that’s splashing up the sides of the cup. He startles, yelps and stops the unruly magic abruptly, then looks up at the gaze he can feel burning into him.

Van Heartthrob is staring at him eyes looking stunned and curious replenished coffee order now in hand. Tony feels his face heating and then he sees his magic bright blue magic soothing the edges of the silver red surrounding the man. He sucks in a sharp breath and pulls hard until snaps back underneath his skin, like a scolded child.

Heartthrob’s eyes are glued to him even as he’s leaving and then a gentle smile creeps up his face and Tony can’t look away. Again without permission Tony’s magic reacts to the attention and the rose he’d been twirling, blinks out of his hand and straight into the open petal palm of Van Heartthrob who was just starting to walk passed the window of his booth.

The man startles looks at Tony through the window with wide gleaming eyes and winks as he smells the rose cheekily and continues on his way.

Tony goggles down at his hands in betrayal, “What the actual fuck?”

The forget-me-nots behind his ear giggle.  He sighs into his palms and feels his magic finally settle underneath his skin, the grounding finally working. Natasha brings over a refill for his coffee, steaming hot,and grins at him.

“That was a train-wreck,” he mutters as he looks at her through one slitted eye, not wanting to move his head from where its pillowed comfortably on his arms.

“It might not have been if you hadn’t pulled away.”

Tony frowns her “And what? Interfere with most epic love story of all time? It was my fault it went wrong in the first place.” He mumbles into his arms.  "If my magic hadn’t jumped out and ruined everything, they’d have been making out right now!“

Natasha narrows her eyes at him and stares at him like he’s stupid. Which isn’t as a common occurrence as you might think so it unnerves him a little. That look is usually reserved for Clint.

"You don’t see it do you?” She says slowly as if talking a particularly dim witted toad stool.

“See what? What is there to see? Unless you are talking about my magic betraying me, ruining some unsuspecting soon to be couple’s day and giving flowers to unfairly smoking hot strangers, then no I have no fucking cool what you could be talking about,” he snaps frustrated.  

He was a way better match maker than this usually and most of the time he didn’t even have to try. So how had he ruined a natural meeting so thoroughly?  He’d gotten Thor & Steve together and Rhodey & T'Challa, hell he’d even had a hand in Clint, Tasha’s and Phil’s matching. How could this have gone so wrong.

She continues to stare at him incredulously. Then she seems to come to some sort of decision and smiles that eerie smile at him again.

“Well if you are so certain it was you who ruined their moment, then shouldn’t you try to fix it?” The question sounds too innocent for his comfort. Natasha doesn’t do innocent.

“What are you up to, Widow-witchling?”

“Nothing Merchant-darling, just helping you find a way to ease that guilt I see brewing in your eyes.” She smiles again and walks back to help Jan tend to incoming customers.

“I don’t trust you,” he calls loud enough for her to hear, but not enough to draw attention to himself. The toaster (Brave) under his right armpit wiggles, like it always does when he finds the urge to run to Rhodey for help and comfort.

“You shouldn’t” she says with a decidedly wicked laugh.

He rolls his eyes fondly, downs the hot coffee in one scorching go and gathers up his Stark Spell Crystal Tablet, leaving enough money to cover his tab and a sizable tip and rushes out the door.

He needs his Honey-bear, to protect him from her evil ways or at least help plan how to fix Van Heartthrob and Angels Wings’ horrible first meeting. Natasha is right about one thing, he has to fix this. Somehow he is going to fix this.

The Widow Maker watches gleefully as the Merchant of Death strides passed her cafe in all his glory. The bushes that line the windows in front of her cafe, bloom and burst into color as he walks passed, magic dancing along his arms and fingers searching for the answering sparks it had blended with earlier. She smiles as texts Rhodey a heads up.

No, she hadn’t seen Tony that wild in a long, long while.


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Pairing: Negan/Reader (Father and Daughter)

Request: How about a request where the reader is Negan’s daughter, they lost each other at the beginning of the apocalypse and finally get reunited?

Word Counter: 518

(Credit to the owner of the GIF.)

You cowered in fear as a gun was held in your face forcing you onto your knees. The group you were with were in the same situation and soon all of you were in a line. You had no idea where everything had gone wrong, all you had been trying to do was make your way to the nearest town when all of a sudden two large trucks pulled beside you and men with guns piled out.

Fear coursed through you as you kept your gaze to the ground, waiting for something to happen. You could hear the low rumbling of a car coming down the road, the headlights shone over you all. Eventually the car stopped by one of the trucks and the doors instantly swung open, not once did you pull your gaze from the ground.

“Well what do we fucking have here then?” A deep voice boomed out breaking the silence, you could hear the man walking towards your group. “Which one of you pussies is the leader?”

No one said anything, everyone in your group including yourself kept their gazes down refusing to acknowledge the man in front of you.

“Do I speak fucking Latin or something?” He growled the sound of his footsteps coming closer to you. “I asked you all a fucking question.”

Your whole body was shaking as he came to stop in front of you; his shoes were directly in front of your face.

“Are you going to answer me darlin’?” He asked.

You didn’t say anything, just continued to look at his boots as your body quaked in fear.

“You better fucking look at me when I’m talking to you.” He snapped angrily.

His sudden anger caused you to quickly look up at him and you came face to face with a man you never thought you would ever see again. The look of anger on his face faltered instantly when he met your gaze.

“(Y/N)? Sweetheart, is that you?” There was awe in his voice as he spoke.

“Dad?” Your voice broke, tears spilled down your cheeks.

“Holy shit, baby girl I thought you were dead.”

The bat he had been holding fell to the floor as he opened his arms wide, a huge smile broke out onto his face. You were overwhelmed with emotion as you pushed yourself up from the floor and fell into his arms. A sob escaped you as he held you in a bone crushing hug. You hadn’t seen him since the start of the apocalypse; you had lost each other when the camp you had been at was overrun with biters. You were so sure he had been killed. He held onto you tightly as he planted a kiss into your hair.

“You’re fucking alive.” He muttered. “I can’t believe you’re fucking alive.”

After a few minutes he pulled away from you slightly, his attention going over to his men who looked dumbfounded at the scene going on in front of them.

“You fuckers deal with these cocksuckers,” He called over gesturing to your group. “We have some catching up to do.”

Ideas Gone Wrong (Otayuri)

Author’s Note: I can post this now, yeees! For the anon who requested Otayuri with numbers 9: “That’s a horrible idea!” and 10: “It’s… definitely shiny.” I managed to include both of them, yaay~! And I’m actually pretty proud of this one! I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! <3

Description: Otabek returns to his and Yuri’s shared apartment with two new skating costumes. A few minutes after he talks with Yuri, he gets the idea to go shopping while showing off their new costumes. Does it go well? For Otabek, definitely! For Yuri?… Not so much luck there!

Word Count: 2,123

   Otabek locked the door behind him as he walked down the hall, two plastic shopping bags hanging from his wrist. He had just been out shopping to get Yuri an early Christmas gift, though he came back with something for himself once he saw the matching skating costumes for sale. He stopped in the doorway to the living room, looking over at Yuri, who was lying on his stomach on the floor watching television.

 “Heh, took you long enough,” he said, muting the show that was playing and averting his attention to Otabek. He pointed at the two bags, tilting his head. “And what might those be?”

 “Gifts. I saw something at the store and it made me think of you, so I bought it and the other matching one. They were the last two left,” Otabek replied, a small grin tugging his lips when he saw a light pink blush spreading across his friend’s cheeks.

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kent parson who is a super talented hockey player but also the quickest to drop his gloves

kent parson who becomes a tmz spectacle for getting into fights in his downtime

kent parson who thinks he deserves to be physically hurt because all he does is hurt everyone else and it’s just balancing the scales, right?

kent parson with a broken nose and bloodied knuckles, crying himself to sleep with a heavy heart