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We love Bucharest. And the Palace of the Parliament? Not so. But we do see the historical importance of this building. Unfortunately, the Piata Constitutiei-square and the surroundings are rather ugly. We propose to rebuild the square and the connecting boulevard Unirii. The site behind the palace, where ‘they’ built the new cathedral, will be one big park. Open to the public.

What do you think of our, badly photoshopped (sorry), ideas? 

Don’t surrender all your joy for an idea you used to have about yourself that isn’t true anymore // Cheryl Strayed.

List of Immortal AUs
  • obligatory ‘i’m a vampire who just woke up from a 1000 year nap to find my long lost loved one reincarnated as you’ AU
  • ‘i’m a ghost haunting the antique you just bought, hope you’ve got room for one more in your house’ AU
  • ‘i’m a vampire and i refuse to turn my dearest love because i don’t want to condemn them to a cursed life like this’ AU
  • ‘we’re dating and you’re writing a book on vampires and no that’s not right, no vampires don’t do that, stop writing inaccurate things’ AU
  • ‘i’m an immortal from the 1600s and you’ve been around since B.C. does this count as age difference?’ AU
  • ‘we’re a feisty immortal couple who enjoy killing each other for fun because we know we’ll just come back alive again in 2 minutes’ AU
  • ‘i’ve been looking for love for a thousand years and at long last, i’ve found you except you’ve fallen for someone else’ AU
  • ‘I didn’t know you were immortal until you carried me out of a horrible car crash and you were completely unscathed’ AU