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what to put in a grimoire

Stuff that is relevant to you. Don’t waste time and effort filling out pages of astrology if you aren’t interested in astrology. If you are never going to use the page for that information, don’t waste the page on it. Don’t be worried about what other witches have in their book. This is your book, not everyone’s. And if you are planning on creating some fantastic book that you’ll pass down to your future witch children, know that the your first one probably isn’t going to be the one you’ll want to pass down anyway. Likely information you once thought was important you’ll later find doesn’t matter to you at all. Let your first book be the one you can mess up and explore in. You need room to learn and grow, not worry about every little detail of what you might be missing.

With that said, here is a list of ideas for what you might want to put in your grimoire. This is a collection of ideas taken from all over. Remember to fearlessly scratch things that you aren’t honestly interested in:

-A book blessing/protection to protect it from wandering eyes

-Your personal pages: a page about you and your goals for the craft, the day you decided to be a witch, your natal chart/zodiac info for you and/or your so/birth tarot cards or birth playing card, your craft name or personal sigil if you have one, any psychic abilities you have

-A page for your personal correspondences: your signature herbs/rocks/scent/sound/animal, your craft name/sigil

-A page for your familiar/s if you have any: their given/secret name, their sigil, info about when you met them and when they left/died, what they helped you with, what they like, how they can be contacted

-A portrait of your shadow self

-A list of your current witch tools, where you got them, whats special about them, how they were consecrated (if they were), etc

-An ancestor page: this could be your family tree, pictures of your deceased, locations of graves, etc

-Info about the plants/animals/rocks in your area

-The wheel of the year, if that’s applicable to you

-Esbat/Sabbat information if that’s applicable (personally I only observe the full moon)

-The monthly moon names if you observe the changing of the moon: you can google and see which ones speak to you, or since they’re outdated you can make up your own (for instance I have a Coyote moon because the coyotes howl outside my house, rather than a Wolf moon)

-Any rites/rituals/songs/poems/pictures/quotes/spells/recipes/etc that are important to you and/or your practice.

-A page to keep a list of all your active spells/wards/enchanted items

-Deity: history/picture/correspondence of any deity you are interested in, for secret witches you can have an altar for them inside your book, entries of your relationship/experience with them, family tree of the pantheon if applicable. Even if you worship an entire pantheon, you don’t need to have a page for everyone in the pantheon. And even if you are a secular witch, you can still make a deity page if you so decide.

-Divination info for the practices you’re interested in: history, correspondence cheat sheet, any spreads you think are important, record your readings, a pendulum board in your book if you’ll use it

-Sigils: how to create/charge, sigils you’ve found helpful

-Astrology: natal chart, zodiac info, calendar for planetary retrograde/moon phases/celestial events (meteor showers, etc)

-Cleansing, Protection, and Banishing methods

-Meditation, Centering, Grounding and Shielding methods/techniques/symbols/pictures

-Dreamwork: a dictionary of your personal recurring dream symbols, a collection of your dreams written/drawn

-Spiritwork: any spirits you are or have been in contact with and basic information

-Correspondences (remember to think about what your correspondence is and not what some list on tumblr tells you): herbs, rocks and crystals, animals,metals, moon phases, planets, planetary retrograde, colors, directions, your witch tools (this is mostly kitchen tools for me)

An index in the back for organization

Classic Literature

Foreign Language Literature

Biology & Medicine




Geography & Anthropology

Economics & Politics



Philosophy & Theology

Art & Art History


[This is by no means a perfect list and I had real trouble finding books written by female authors, specifically in more scientific areas, so if you have any recommendations then send them to me and I’ll update this list]

I think what bothers me so much about the “feminists are ugly” or “feminists are hairy” or “feminists are lesbian” stereotypes is–

So fucking what?

Some of us ARE ugly. Some of us ARE hairy. Some of us ARE lesbians. And it shouldn’t fucking invalidate anything we’re fucking saying to you.

But you know, if you believed that, if you actually believed that our sexual usefulness to men is irrelevant to the conversation about our basic human rights, you wouldn’t be a fucking misogynist, would you?

Cute and Deli!

101 Kinky Ideas

1. Tie your partner up and get freaky on them with a vibrator.

2. Cover each other with oil before slipping and sliding on silk sheets.

3. Get it on in the backyard pool in the middle of the day.

4. Watch kinky porn and imitate the actors.

5. Surprise your partner with a set of anal beads.

6. Go to a sex shop together and choose a new vibrator.

7. Let your best friend watch you have sex your partner.

8. Have a sexual encounter with a member of the same sex.

9. Let your best friend have sex your partner and YOU watch.

10. Pick up a stranger and make out with them.

11. Introduce your man to anal sex – both giving AND receiving.

12. Meet the UPS guy at the door wearing nothing at all.

13. Lick chocolate sauce from your lover’s body.

14. Call a phone sex hotline and get your sexy on.

15. Dress up as his ultimate fantasy and stay in character all night.

16. Visit a sex club and watch everyone else have sex.

17. Touch your partner from head to toe…only with your breath.

18. Spank your partner while you’re having sex them.

19. Get it on while flying on an airplane.

20. Do it on a hotel balcony.

21. Demand all oral sex – and nothing else.

22. Videotape your action.

23. Try out Japanese rope bondage.

24. Come all over your lover’s face.

25. Pull your lover’s hair as they are coming.

26. Wait on the bed for your lover wearing nothing at all.

27. Bend over a chair and invite your partner to take you.

28. Invite a photographer into the room to capture your lovemaking.

29. Wear high heels to bed.

30. Make your lover dress up in your clothes.

31. Explore domination and submission.

32. Blindfold your partner and make them guess who is fucking them. You – or someone else?

33. Suck on your lover’s balls while he jacks off.

34. Masturbate in front of your partner.

35. Slide your penis between her breasts and have sex with her that way.

36. Take photographs of each other to post on the internet.

37. Butt plugs are an ass lover’s best friend.

38. Lead your lover around by a leash.

39. Stay naked at home all day and have sex as often as possible.

40. Lube yourself up, spread your cheeks, and invite your partner to take your ass.

41. Go through every position in the Kama Sutra.

42. Invest in nipple clamps and let the games begin!

43. Clothespins provide pressure on delicate body parts – try it!

44. Give your partner head while they are driving.

45. Suck on your lover’s toes while they are tied up.

46. Try out a double-ended dildo.

47. Get right on the edge of orgasm…but don’t let each other come all night long.

48. Wear bright red lipstick as your suck your partner’s cock.

49. Surprise your partner with quickie sex at work.

50. Convince your partner to wear your lingerie.

51. Keep your panties on while you have sex.

52. Wear leather outfits while you go at it.

53. Get a riding crop from the sex toy store and “ride” your partner with it.

54. Get a vibrator with a remote and go out on the town together.

55. Do it in your old childhood bedroom.

56. Have sex with your lover in the public Jacuzzi at a hotel.

57. “Torture” your lover with ice all over their body.

58. Ask your lover to suck another man’s cock.

59. Do the nasty in the snow!

60. Have sex in the same room with another couple and watch each other.

61. Purchase the largest dildo you can find and see how much of it she can take.

62. Take a class on striptease and then surprise your partner.

63. Find his prostate and massage it until he comes.

64. Use sex toys to fill up every hole.

65. Slide pieces of fruit into your lover’s pussy and suck them out.

66. Before you have anal sex, give your partner an enema.

67. Slip your finger up your man’s ass right as he’s about to come.

68. Threaten to fuck him hard up the ass if he doesn’t make you come properly!

69. Drip soy-wax cool candles all over your partner’s body.

70. Use Pop Rocks to give your lover a sexy, bubbly sensation as you go down.

71. Hire a man or woman from an escort service and play to your heart’s content.

72. Compete to see who can come first.

73. Fuck each other in a mirrored room.

74. Have “sliding sex” by lying down a shower curtain on the floor and covering each other with olive oil.

75. Explore needle play – especially on the nipples.

76. Spank your partner with a hairbrush.

77. Watch two men go at it – or two women, whatever floats your boat.

78. Have sex in the parking lot of the sex toy store.

79. Pick up a stranger and have sex with them while your lover watches.

80. Make your partner wear a cock ring that will make him last longer.

81. Make a point of fucking for as long as you can – the point is to be sore as hell in the morning!

82. Go down on a man in a crowded place, like a bar.

83. After you’ve come inside your woman, lick your own come out of her.

84. Pretend to be a cop picking up a prostitute, and do it in a public park.

85. If he comes in your mouth, kiss him when he’s done.

86. Use toys to find her g-spot and see what you can do with it!

87. Do your Kegel exercises while he is inside you.

88. Get your tongue pierced to give your lover a more sensual thrill.

89. Use a penis extender to give your woman a little something more.

90. Become your partner’s sex slave for an evening.

91. Dress up in some of the kinkier fetishes – horse and rider is a good one.

92. Host an “interrogation” – tie your partner up and “torture” them with pleasures as they answer naughty questions.

93. Use a toy that offers a tiny electrical jolt on your partner.

94. Get a sensual tattoo on one of your most delicate body parts.

95. Get a “pocket pussy” for him and fulfill that fantasy of having more than one pussy at a time…

96. Give someone their first gay or lesbian experience.

97. Invest in sex furniture, like the Liberator.

98. Explore her body and try to make her “squirt” when she comes.

99. With more than one man? Let them all come on your body and cover you with it.

100. Have sex standing up in the shower.

101. Ask your partner what their deepest, darkest fantasy is…and make it happen!

mochiyang  asked:

Heyyy, do you know how I can watch Produce 101 season 2 with subs online??

Sorry, I’ve been looking all over for info on where to watch P101 subbed once it starts airing next month on the 7th. I couldn’t find anything right now, just boards on where you can vote and support for the boys ( ). I’ll post your ask in the hopes that maybe somebody seeing this will help you.


Hey All.. It’s Spacey Subject 101 time and for a subject suggested by a fellow Spacey Cadet this week’s subject is “Who Would You Like to See Kevin Work with on Screen”? This was a tough one for me but I decided on these two Jimmy and Kevin..they just make me laugh whenever they’re together. I would love to see these two in a film together. I loved Jimmy in the flick “Fever Pitch” and I love Kevin in anything so these two in a comedy would be all I would ever need in film making. Ok, that may be a little over dramatic but I would really love to see these two in anything.  

Ok, it’s your turn please post who you would love to see Kevin work with?

Source: Late Night Show

Credit to @eaudepanache for this week’s SS 101 idea

So, I think I’m actually finding some inspiration to write at the moment which is great because I have 101 ideas and none of them written but I found a thing that’s helping…

When I was writing Angels of the Sea, I had read somewhere that changing the page colour of the word doc to green promotes creativity - I normally find that sort of thing to be a load of codswallop but I thought i’d give it a try and what do you know… it works…. so I’ve done it for the three word docs with half started fics on and I seem to be writing more… which is fab! :D So hopefully I’ll have some more fics coming out soon too :D