Black students file civil rights complaint against Richmond schools over discipline practices
In the majority-black school district, black students with disabilities faced suspension at 13 times the rate as white peers without disabilities.
By https://www.facebook.com/moriah.balingit

This story comes at the intersection of ableism and racism. Only in recent decades have students with disabilities been afforded the legal right to access to a free and appropriate education. While the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act is often compared to Brown v Board when it comes to equal education rights - black students with disabilities are still subjected to oppressive education conditions at horrendously disproportionate levels.

The article goes on to detail students with documented emotional disabilities violently restrained as a first resort, suspended for illegal periods of time and even expelled for incidences that derive from the school failing to adequately accommodate and provide them an appropriate educational environment. 

Like I stated earlier, this is about racism as much as it is about failing to accommodate special needs. In my experience in Special Education, teachers have a hard time understanding that black students with disabilities deserve accommodations. All that is seen is out of control black kid. 

Instead, excuses are made, parents are blamed, children with needs are treated like criminals, and instead of realizing that the adults should come together and do their job to help these children, it’s easier to blame the children and decide that they need is harsher punishments. There is no empathy for black children and damn near vitriol for black children with special needs.

Richmond schools needs to get their shit together, and I’m proud of these students for taking up this fight when so many adults who should know better have failed them.


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