hey imagine this: 

what if Lance and Shiro were together? And, let’s add some omegaverse to that, ok?

So, Lance is Shiro’s omega and they both proudly wear the mark of the other. They started dating back in the Garrison and before Shiro left to Kerberos they decided to bond. In order to keep Lance safe and away from trouble, they agreed to never let anyone know.

When Voltron happened, Lance was more than happy for having his alpha back. He knew Shiro didn’t remember, so he didn’t pressure him. They just started hanging out together and slowly, thanks to Lance and Black, Shiro got his memories back. It was perfect, it was beautiful. They were back as one! But they were in the middle of a war, so even when they were surrounded by friends, they decided to keep it secret. Just to keep things professional. Kind of, because everyone could see they had something going on. 

So! Shiro disappears and then they find him again, just like in the series! 

And this Shiro is… Well, quite different. He’s good to Lance, he’s kind. But he isn’t sweet like he used to. He kept his distance, and Lance thought that maybe he went through something bad while he was imprisoned by the Galras. 

He smelt a little off, too. It smelt like Shiro, but there was… Something different. Something that made Lance wary of him. 

Lance’s mark was still on Shiro’s shoulder, but the omega didn’t feel the pull. He couldn’t feel the connection like before. 

It was like if Shiro wasn’t truly there with him, but really far away. 

Nobody but him seemed to feel that way about their leader. Everyone was just glad to have Shiro back. 

Lance? Well, he just kept missing his mate. 

So, you guys remember when they went inside the astral plane? Lance stood there and saw Shiro calling for him. He felt the pull towards him and he started crying for his alpha. But before he could reach him, everything fell apart. 

When he asks Shiro about it and the alpha tells him he doesn’t remember anything, Lance just… Knows this is not his alpha. 

He had his mark on his shoulder but he didn’t act the way he was supposed to. 

Whoever this was, that mark meant nothing but a scar to him. 

Lance was only sure about one thing. He needed to get rid of this fake Shiro and get his real alpha back. 

my idea is that galras and alteas don’t have the same dynamics as humans. so they didn’t really know what the mark truly meant, they just thought it was a scar or something like that. 

Some Iruma & Momota interactions a friend and I thought of.

Their relationship would have been so funny. Momota would yell at her and she would be scared. Iruma and Momota hanging out is really funny, but also very cute. Momota could rant about his favorite spaceships and Miu would point out the technical faults with each one. After a while Momota would just glare at her.
Or Miu building a small spaceship lamp to apologize without words.

“Bitch if you don’t shut yo ass up.”

Or a keychain! Momota carrying it around everywhere… A pin would also work… He’d be so proud!

Cuphead AU except everybody is deaf or nonverbal

- Elder kettle signing advice to the cupbros before the game

- The devil goes from signing slow to huge fast gestures and little “Hah!"s and the intensity is louder than any voice imaginable

- Death screen quotes being signed and it’s the last thing you see

- King Dice signing his song and his hands are just so fluid and you can just feel the melody in his gestures

- mugman frantically signing "BROTHER NO”

- When Chalice signs “THANK YOU” you can see her fingers phase a bit through her chin

Feel free to add on!

What if for one month we all completely stopped shopping Phan. Just. Completely. Stopped. No more romantic art/fics, and everything is completely platonic/about them being best friends. Imagine them noticing, and slowly trying to evoke a reaction. Dan posts a picture of him and Phil cuddling on the couch and all the replies are “Aww, so cute! You guys have such a great friendship!” And they slowly amp it up more and more because no one is reacting and then finally one of the posts a video of them literally making out, just to find that all of the comments are things like “*sigh*, I love friendship.”

It would drive them nuts.

Journal Prompt Ideas
  • A phrase/poem in as many languages as possible
  • nail polish swabs
  • describe a specific place without giving away where that place is
  • dedicate a page to one object/thing/person (dogs, eyes, flowers, etc.)
  • confess something 
  • recreate a famous piece of art in your own way
  • make a page for every funny quote a friend says
  • If __________ blank were a person (can be anything: flowers, months, books, colors, etc.)
  • write a story with your left hand
  • fill a page with different fonts
  • fill a page with a song (lyrics, symbols, music notes, whatever)
  • make color palettes and name them
  • write down everything you can remember about a person
  • ways to say I love you
  • wrappers of favorite candies
  • blackout poetry 
  • write an interesting conversation with no indicators of emotion
  • describes someones eyes without using colors or the word “color”
  • interview yourself
  • interview a stuffed animal
  • record every nice thing someone says about you
  • write a letter to someone
  • describe a friend (and draw them!)
  • Make a list of songs from your childhood that you still like
  • try a wreck this journal prompt
  • sew a design into your pages
  • sew a piece of fabric into your pages
  • bullet your whole day
  • put music on shuffle and write everything you associate with that song while the song plays. move on to the next song as soon as the first one ends
  • write all the lyrics to a song without listening to it or looking it up
  • write gibberish in a pen that smudges a lot
idea for a public art project:

buy a plot of land and construct and furnish a basic 1 or 2 story house with several rooms.

purchase a billboard with the house’s address and the words “COME VANDALIZE MY HOUSE”

in front of the house you’ll have a set of rules:

  1. no vandalizing this sign
  2. no painting over any other people’s vandalizations for the sole purpose of obstructing the view. if you paint over someone’s art, it can only be something that adds something to the original piece.
  3. no stealing any of the furnishings
  4. do not leave any bodily fluids behind
  5. write your name, or a pseudonym if you’d prefer to go anonymous, somewhere inside the house.

keep it open as long as possible and let it act as both a piece of art to visit as well as a huge canvas.

if you keep a website for it you could open up a donations page that would go towards keeping the lot and billboard funded and, if it gains enough traction, opening up another house