Is it possible, and I hope its not as still holding out faint hope for a return before 5th and 6th June no matter how futile and wouldn’t want this to happen for a multitude of reasons re Saint Perrie etc., , that they could use the Summertime Ball as Zayn going along to ‘support Perrie’ and then the story will go that she pushes him to meet up with the lads and they talk things through and that’s what starts the process of him returning?

Makes her look good in people’s eyes, also would actually fit in with the last set of stories re her wanting him to reconcile with the lads and not spend so much time with Shahid.   Gets Zayn back talking with the lads officially and sets up a return.  Probably a million things I’ve not thought to or about here.  The 5th June would be best surely as it the live web stream then but I wonder if we’re running out of time for then.  Rubbish do you think? Or vaguely possible?


She’s never met him before…, right?

-age 13 they lose dipper somewhere in gravity falls Oregon
-never found him
-4 years later 17 Mabel still with mom and dad she’s always down
-they moved around a bit till they come back to that old sad home with memories of dip
-Mabel goes to school there; junior
-being found by a boy who looks slightly like a drug addict Mabel and him becomes friends
-his name is Tyrone. He’s the same age as her
-he gets her to be happy mabel again
-by him helping her out a lot she feels she can tell him anything like how she once had a twin brother
-they are pretty close now she knows Ty was adopted
-you can even say she has feelings for him
Here and there things twist and turn… Will she ever find out this boy is actually her long lost bro bro dip doe?
( this is not pinecest/pincest I know it sounds like, but I guess it’s just the way you look at it…)

Garnet and Pearl's Relationship

Alright, I said I was going to do this. Will be stopping and posting, and editing this. Since in doing it to music.

The way I see it, Pearl sees Garnet as a strong foot hold. Besides Garnet being a very close friend/ally/family, I think Pearl sees Garnet kinda of like a hold. Something she can hold onto for comfort or when she loses herself. Something she knows is real and, like I mentioned already, something she can hold onto.

Garnet, in return, accepts this. She tries to help Pearl and everyone else. Help with their problems, help them relax. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, she always has. Garnet tries to be a good role model whilst keeping things under check.

Mind you, Pearl is also the type to get easily flushed. She gets embarrassed easily and just blushes a lot. Doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with actually romantic feelings. Sure, Pearl might love Garnet as friend/family but they’ve known each other for a while.

Garnet is just strongest person to hold onto and usually knows what to do when no one else does. That’s why Pearl grabs her arm. She feels the most reassured and safest with Garnet. Now that Rose is gone anyways….