Headcanon Request

A headcanon where Juniper and Grover meet the seven, and Grover feels a little intimidated @pjoheadcanonsbyid65

Okay so Grover and Juniper have been off doing their own thing, and when he finally meets up with the seven just after the war he’s just knocked off of his feet. Percy has changed. He’s not the same, more battletorn and scarred, with roman tattoos that fill Grover with unease. Jason looks like a statue. A dirty tired one, but his resting face is a regal one, the one of an ancient commander. The only time he seems to lighten is around Piper. Piper is gorgeous. Grover likes Juniper more, personally. She has a light, kind personality but a fierceness in her eyes that shows she doesn’t back down easy. Annabeth is the same as always, but she’s just as marred, both physically and emotionally, as Percy. Leo isn’t there, as he’s still *dead* but Leo gets along well with Grover. They’re both kind of ‘background’ people within their lifespans but in different ways. Hazel is sweet and kind, and being a daughter of Pluto, meaning she also has some connection with the underground makes her a good friend for Grover, who really hates underground. Grover is a bit suspicious of Frank, as he smells so different, like a hundred different animals. he overloads Grover’s senses.