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davenport: jesus christ merle how did you manage to lose both your arm and your eye in the year ive been out of action what the hell

highlights of the author meetup w/ megan whalen turner

•"Gen, who has impulse control issues,“
•how she was determined to not write a book about a Quest and then ended up sort of writing book(s) about a Quest
•how she got into a fight with a friend one time about how to say “Avonlea” and wouldn’t say she was wrong for a long time, so we’re allowed to pronounce the names in her books however we want.
•”(it’s about) a Thief, who has bad impulse control,“
•Conspiracy of Kings is about Sophos learning to “put his big boy pants on”


Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling - November 12

I think the hardest part of getting over an abusive relationship, once you’ve gotten past most of the feeling like you deserved and invited the abuse, is the fact that you can’t erase the good memories. It would be so much easier if you could remember nothing but the stretches of hopelessness and worthlessness, but you still remember the little slivers of goodness that you lived for. You feel guilty for remembering them fondly at all; you feel guilty for feeling happy at memories you made with them. It’s enough to destroy you. You know they were evil 99% of the time and for some reason you cant forget that 1% and it makes you feel sick with yourself. But I think it’s important to let those memories happen and not romanticize them but to feel them and know that you lived them but they were just a sliver when they should have been the whole goddamn moon.

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i feel like isak still believed even actually forgot his id that one fateful friday for like a long time until he mentions it once and even like cracks up and is like 'isak omg i didn't forget my ID and then like just happen to find a joint to offer you, you beautiful idiot'

“i didn’t forget my ID and i didn’t remember my gf when i was with you and that pregame on halloween was totally supposed to be just you and me and yes i did orchestrate the pool kiss who do you think i am do you even know me??? i seduced you with paper towels for god’s sake”