Li: One Direction is who we are and who we will always be.

Lo: We’re all super supportive (…) it’s really nice that the boys can be there to support me and also to celebrate.

N: We’re fine. We’ll be back, we’d be silly not to.

H:  It’s the most important, greatest thing that ever happened to me, being in that band.  


This is literally the funniest video on the internet idc what anyone says


Completely plotless thing with Avory Shepard and James Vega during her incarceration. 

“Fucking shit, Vega, not in my fucking bed!”

James cocked his head, a deer in the headlights of a very large, very dangerous Mack truck bearing down on him with incredible speed. Too many tequila shots dulled his reaction time and the semi crashed into him with full force, though off kilter, and knocked him over onto his side. His bag of chips flew from his hands, the contents of which spilled over the bed, the crumpled foil landed on the floor.

“What the hell, Shepard?” His tongue felt thick and his words were slurred.

Dios. Going shot for shot with Commander Shepard was a dumb idea. If the world wasn’t spinning beneath him, he would have taken a moment to regret his decision. But as it was, he was too fucking disoriented from Shepard’s tackle to worry about what Anderson – hell, what Anderson and Hackett would do to him if they walked in at that moment. Off duty or not, his superior officers would not be happy.

He was playing a dangerous game, but Shepard was damn persuasive, and James would be lying if he said he didn’t want to spend more time with her off the clock. Over the past four months, she had shattered every preconceived notion he had about her, and now, sprawled beside him, body twisted and golden mane cast in a halo around her head, it was almost hard to remember she was the Commander Shepard.

He pushed himself up into an unsteady seated position, leaned back against the headboard.

Shepard’s eyes were closed and her smile wide, her chest still shaking with laughter. “Your fucking face, Vega.”

James looked down his cheeks at Shepard, who he couldn’t be sure was drunk or just in a particularly Shepard mood. “You spilled the chips.”

Shepard panted, tried to quell her laughter. “I told you not to eat in my bed.”

“You did it.” James slurred a defense.

Two more deep breaths and Shepard finally opened her eyes, and he watched through blurred vision as she struggled to find him. She squinted up at him for a moment as he swayed, then one lazy, limp wristed arm rose into the air, like a drunken cobra rising from a basket. He felt himself go cross-eyed as she flicked her wrist, pointed a finger at his face, and he flinched when she poked him a little too hard on the bridge of his nose.

“I used to have a scar like this.” She dragged her finger across his cheek, following the scar there.

James tried to ignore the warmth of her touch, clumsy as it was, as she traced the mark clear to the end. He focused on the burning heat in his belly; the pleasant acidic feel of tequila on an empty stomach went perfectly with the smell of lime and salt lingering on her finger. It was almost enough of a distraction to stop the chill from running down his spine as she flicked her finger off his cheekbone. Almost.

“Used to?” James swatted at her hand and she laughed, let her arm flop back down over her chest.

“Yeah,” she rolled onto her side, propped her head up on her hand, “Cerberus replaced it with all these fucky red monstrous ones when they brought me back from the dead.”

Even through the daze he was caught in, he could hear the lack of humor in her tone. And even though she had been having a hard time locking her eyes on any one thing for a while, she wasn’t even trying now, her gaze off somewhere far away.

He knew she used to have a scar very similar to his, could remember how he and his fellow marines who followed her career had speculated how she got it, what she had done to the person who gave it to her. It was her signature mark. The first time he had seen her without it, the first news story when she had resurfaced with Cerberus, had been like seeing his own disappear.

“Prob'ly for the best, Shepard.” James’ head rolled to the side. He tried to raise a brow, but his face felt like molten lava, incapable of much more than a lazy grin. “Looks better on me. I wouldn’t want to show you up.”

She snorted, rolled onto her back and flung her arm over to smack him on the thigh. “In your dreams, Vega. I rocked the shit out of that scar and you know it.”

“Yeah,” he sighed, his eyes blatantly drifting over Shepard’s sprawled out form, “you rock a lot of things, Lola.”

Glossy blue eyes came back to the moment, snapped up to meet his and she flung her arm at him again, this time smacking him square in the chest. “Oh, fuck off, Vega.” Her hand fell, her arm draped palm up over his thighs. “You lost your chance with me when you spilled chips on my bed. Fucking crumbs everywhere.”

James chuckled and leaned over the side of the bed to retrieve the bag of chips. He dug out a handful, piled them onto Shepard’s open palm. “Eat, Shepard. You’re getting grumpy.”

She scoffed. “Maybe because someone dumped chips everywhere.”

“Yeah, yeah.” James pulled out another handful, stuffed some chips into his own mouth. “I still haven’t heard a thank you for risking my ass to drink with you in the first place.”

She grumbled something under her breath, the sound drowned out by her crunching on a chip. He looked down at her, her eyes closed and her mouth chewing lazily like a cow on cud. The Commander Shepard looking more and more human every day.

“You’re washing my sheets tomorrow.” She swallowed and her eyes opened. James felt his cheeks flush, caught red handed watching her, but she was oblivious. “And thank you.”

James felt his mouth quirk uncontrollably into a lopsided grin. Yeah, definitely more human, and it only took four months and an entire bottle of tequila.

ahhh idc what anyone says I love how the diamonds are written, I love how they’re tyrannical fucked up leaders who need to be stopped but also?? 

I love their depth and how they know how to feel and love and even if their love is completely selfish and terrifying, there’s still so much more to them than “hi we’re big and bad and blah blah get fucked”