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okay so i’m on my period rn and all i can think of is having babies and idk if just love an sp headcanon/imagine relating to him being a dad/dad to be or even just talking about the future with each other

a/n: sweet pea would be the best damn dad idc what anyone says. 


  • when you told pea you were pregnant you swore the world stopped for at least 5 seconds. he stood there with a blank face trying to process what the actual fuck you just said, only to fall on to his knees in front of you, the biggest smile ever. 
  • fangs knowing how to throw the best damn baby shower the southside had ever seen. 
  • literally 45 leather clad men and women sat in the waiting room with stuffed animals in hand, anxiously awaiting the next generation of the serpent legacy. 
  • literally taking on all the diaper changes without a doubt, because come on.. YOU PUSHED A HUMAN OUT OF YOU THIS WAS THE LEAST HE COULD DO.
  • tall boy giving your son a tiny serpent jacket on his 5th birthday. 
  • toni, jughead and fangs all taking turns babysitting so you and pea could still have date nights. 
  • sweet pea raising the kid on the importance of rock and roll. seriously you couldn’t even begin to count the amount of times you’d walk in to the two of them shredding on their air guitars while pea’s fave songs played. 
  • sweet pea would definitely be the one to try to get his son to ride his harley at a young age. “sweet pea! he’s not doing that.” “come on, babe. he’ll be fine!” “pea. hE’S SIX.”
  • sitting at breakfast every morning making fun of the shitty comics.
  • both of you freaking out because it’s eighth grade formal and he’s about to go to his first official school dance. 
  • pea made damn sure he knew how to properly treat a lady. no son of his would be anything less than a gentlemen. 
  • you two + the serpents teaming up against pea for an epic prank attack. 
  • next thing you know it’s sophomore year and he’s sitting on the couch, looking like shit, the girl “of his dreams” just dropped his heart on the floor. both of you swooping in with ice cream and hugs even though he claims he’s fine and having his parents console him is dumb. (secretly he’s all warm and happy inside because he really does love y’all lots)
  • you + pea occasionally spying on him at pop’s, while he’s with his best friend (archie andrews daughter of all people) placing bets on when they realize they’re meant for each other
  • gifting your son his very own harley on his sixteenth birthday (because come on, he’d prefer it over a car any day)
  • having one of the best damn friend groups ever. 
  • joining the serpents just like his old man. also the smug ass look on sweet pea’s face as his son yelled the serpent laws at him had to be the best part. 
  • sweet pea handing you a twenty dollar bill as you two sat at the bar at the white wyrm watching your son + his best friend turned girlfriend smile and laugh across the bar.. almost identical to the two of you way back when.
  • sweet pea grabbing your hand, beginning to twirl you around to the random song playing in the background.  
  • looking over to y’all’s son, healthy and so incredibly happy, thinking, we did that. 


Li: One Direction is who we are and who we will always be.

Lo: We’re all super supportive (…) it’s really nice that the boys can be there to support me and also to celebrate.

N: We’re fine. We’ll be back, we’d be silly not to.

H:  It’s the most important, greatest thing that ever happened to me, being in that band.  


This is literally the funniest video on the internet idc what anyone says