i feel like we don’t talk about vanitas enough
and the fact that he was taught from an early age that he was worthless if he were not negative, because without negativity there would be no unversed, and without the unversed there would probably be no chance of making the x-blade
he was taught that his only purpose was to forge the x-blade and that if he could not be was a failure
he was abandoned by Xehanort for weeks at a time and probably treated like shit all the time
he had to live constantly with the fact that he was not a whole person, but simply Ventus’ darkness that had been cast away
he had to live with the fact that he was not wanted by anyone at all and that he could never truly have friends because of the destruction he brought with him
i don’t think we talk about vanitas enough

imagine jackson being transported six years into the past. jyp has never heard of him. got7 didnt exist. but luckily he meets a cute boy with an azalea tucked behind his ear, who shelters him and listens to his crazy tale. they grow close, and jackson has honestly never thought a guy could make him feel this way. when he’s thrust back into the present he runs full speed to jellyfish ent and into the arms of the man whose smile makes his knees melt. N tells him he doesnt regret waiting.

John: You know, I’ve been running from the machines my whole life. They tried to kill my mom before I was even born. When I was twelve they sent one after me. I was a kid and I was stupid. I didn’t know what it was all about. Both times future me sent someone back to stop them. The first time it was a soldier. His name was Kyle Reese, and he died saving my mother’s life. The second time it was a machine, and I used to wonder why I did that. Why I took that chance. I don’t wonder anymore. Human beings can’t be replaced. They can’t be rebuilt. They die and they never come back.


I don’t care how many times you say “I don’t ship Brallie”. That’s not going to suddenly make me stop liking them together. I don’t care if you decided to stop shipping them. I still do. I don’t care how many reasons you give as to why they shouldn’t be together because I can probably give you the same amount of reasons as to why they should be together. And no I don’t just watch the show for the ship. Yes I believe that Callie deserves a family but they’ve already told her countless times she is apart of their family with or without the piece of paper. They will never be able to be just siblings because I mean they’ve had some pretty heavy make out sessions and have told each other countless times they’ll always have feelings for each other. But this is all simply my opinion. And I respect everyone else’s opinion so I ask you respect mine please and thank you