Control your kid
Hhahah I don’t know where this came from
Blueberry is trying his best to keep this kid out of trouble ahha
Wild Berry knowss he’s a skeleton and it can’t really harm him buuuut, you know, that would be a boring animation hhh
I know Soul isn’t in thiiis buuut
Soul!sans @amber-acrylic

I hate the fact that the only reason im alive is bcos i dont want my parents to suffer the loss of me. Putangina hahahaha i didnt realize na i was suicidal pala. I dont know if having these thoughts and not acting upon it makes it suicidal or not i dont really care. i didnt want to gain any sympathy or awa or what by posting this pero putangina sobrang bigat na eh hahaha puta idc if u know me as a person but pls if u do, shut up na lang hehe ty 

vernon, who is way too happy (and a little too obsessed…) with the new wand he received from a fan~ (▰˘◡˘▰)
vernon fanart ♡ // 151212 | please do not re-upload anywhere else! ^^

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Why do u care so much about recognition? Before reading ur post I had no idea who originally started it because it doesn't matter. What matters is that black people and their beauty can be visible for once. Good that you started it, but idc

No see, hahaha no. You are NOT about to sit here and guilt me into taking the backseat on something that I am building.

Me REQUESTING that I not be erased from a movement I started is not begging for attention or recognition. It’s standing up for myself and saying “hey I did this thing that I’m very glad is taking off but I could do without the harassment that is coming my way because people think I’m a liar and I’m stealing something away from their black male fave” . It’s also funny how my co-creators don’t get mail like this when they claim the movement.

Fuck off. I’m not in the mood to play nice.

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If you watch the Night Changes performance posted on 1D's vevo account, you can tell Harry glanced at Taylor a few times (you can see where she's standing at the end of the video). When he started singing the chorus he looked at her quickly, for like a millisecond then looked into the distance. You can also tell how nervous he was since he had to put his hands on his mic to calm his nerves because he was shaking. He also looked in that direction a few more times. I'm so obsessed hahaha idc.