the best vines
  1. i wont hesitate bitch
  2. oh my god they were roommates
  3. who is she
  4. “and i brought u murr” “thank u” “murr-der” “judas no”
  5. its finals week
  6. “i’m the sand guardian”
  7. the college freshmen
  8. look at this graph
  9. “the restauraunts full and theres a dinner a rush but we wanna be seated immediately” “done and done let me pull the table out of my ass”
  10. all of Jus Reign’s vines
April, 1779

Hamilton : Ur a thief, bro.

Laurens : What? Why bro?

Hamilton : ‘Cos u have taken advantage of my sensibility to steal into my affections without my consent, bro.

Laurens : Bro.

na bros in the drive thru
  • aph canada: ok we're at the window what do you want
  • aph america: i want the burger
  • aph canada: there is no burger on the menu
  • aph america: i want the burger
  • aph canada: alfred we're at taco bell
  • aph america: quiero una burger
  • aph canada: the number of people in this car is about to go down to quiero uno if you don't shut the hell up

anonymous asked:

“ 🔥 “ocs

                                                                 unpopular meme //  anon

Y’ALL ADD AS MANY TRUEBORN OCS AS YOU WANT IDFC.  like i get why people do care bc yeah it fucks with canon, but you know what canon is?? ITS GRRMARTIN’S fucking headcanon soooo.    i dont give a shit.   @nxrthernblood is basically a canon character and one of the best and most well written shits on this website and you wanna tell me you don’t wanna write with her bc grr martin did not birth her from his brain dick? wtf yo.  also @grxwingstrxng… another HELLA COOL OC TRUEBORN MUSE. YES GIVE WILLAS ALL THE SIBLINGS. You wanna be his cousin or his sister or his aunt or brother or childhood bestfriend? idc, come at me bro. get here rn. add me into your canon. DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED BC YOUR OC IS COOL AND VALID AND I LOVE YOU. 


Dragons are our fellow brethren! Magerold and all the respectable dragon knights are good friends.

Have you heard of Transcendent Edde ? He’s certainly one of the best out there.

Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence leaving a club.

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