idc that it's small

ethan things to appreciate

~because yes.

  • his super squeaky laugh
  • his poofy hair that looks like blue cotton candy
  • his sweet lil smile !!!
  • when he rambles about weird stuff
  • his EYES
  • beanies!!
  • when he talks in a british accent (or any accent..)
  • any time he get a compliment he acts all cute and just adksjdfnknvfd
  • has a super squishy face
  • plays ukulele
  • and sings amazingly?!?!! I need more??!
  • stays true to himself
  • doesn’t care about what others think of him
  • his love for the community
  • backflips for days
  • pretty much always derpy
  • hIM.

That is all.

Hey guess what: no matter how small your progress is, its still there and youre one step closer to getting better (telent-wise, mentally, or physically). 

Acknowledge even the littlest victories! Did you draw a good hand the first time? Finally manage to get our of bed today? Did you run a few seconds longer than normal? Good for you! I see you and I’m proud.

kayeorosuto  asked:

For the autumn asks! Apple picking, boots and windy nights! :)

Apple picking: if you could go anywhere, where would it be and why?

I wanna go to Maine to see the colors change sometime. I hear its really really pretty. I also want to go to Oregon and Sweden.

Boots: Favorite pair of shoes/boots you own?

I’ve got these cool brown boots that I bust out during fall, they aren’t very comfortable to be in for a long time but they sure do look cool.

Windy nights:if you could go to any concert whose would it be?

I wanna see Brandon Small preform some time, Idc if its dethklok or Galaktikon. Seeing Barton Carroll would be rad too. but tbh concerts aren’t really that fun for me? I get overwhelmed really easy and i get frustrated when I can’t hear the music really clearly. so it’d have to be something i super want to see for me to want to go.

Sephora inside jcp haull 😇 my first mini haul
💕35$ in nyx butter glosses
💕25$ liquid lipstick
💕urban decay brow box 30$
💕anastasia brow powder 37$
💕naked basics palette 30$
total is about id say 120 $ ??
i just started lifting a couple months ago so yeah im pretty proud of thiss its small but idc

I Wanna Get Better

Request: “hi this is kinda embarrassing but can someone write a fic where reader is insecure about their shortness/small boobs gender neutral fc is fine. idc if its nsfw ;;”

Written by: Apricot Anon

*rises from the dead* I’M BACK FROM HELL. Uhh, by which I mean I’m back to answer requests again :’) It sucks being insecure, Anon, I FEEL YOU ON THE HEIGHT THING. I’M GOING TO TRY MY BEST WITH THIS. I hope it doesn’t disappoint you because I’m not the greatest writer ever OTL Usual note of I’m British so forgive weird spellings, AAAAAND HERE GOES. It’s not going to be NSFW because I feel uncomfortable writing smut, sorry =w=; (Although I suppose there’s NSFW stuff implied???) BUT I’M GLAD YOU DON’T MIND THAT. ANYWAY… _____ is your name, F/C is favourite character, and L/F/C is your least favourite character! Enjoy(?) Reader turned out a bit feminine by mistake ooops.

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