idc oop


couldnt be bothered to color these. ill probably fix them later.

pink goldstone is in the first picture. her weapon is knives that she can just. endlessly pull out of her gem. infinite knives.. shes also got sparkly freckles that i forgot to draw. 

and then her fusions - fire opal with moonstone, and rose gold with pyrite. theyre supposed to look a lot more cool and graceful but im tired and trying to balance my tablet on my lap while i draw so it came out a bit wonky lmao

today was a great day, but I find myself having a lot more of those now.
she gives me the greatest feeling of happiness and helps me appreciate even the littlest of things. I was always worried about my wandering mind, but it seems like the only places that I wander to now are her and her laugh and her smile.
I was content in solitude, but I’m even more content with her. funny how things change and how life works itself out, huh?
2 sauerstoff luft anteil schülervideo schule
Hier seht ihr ein Tutorial zu einem Experiment zum Anteil von Sauerstoff in der Luft.

hey guys so this has nothing to do with Larry or 1D but it´s my school “exam” ,as our teacher calls it (because he is so fucking nice), and the group with the most likes wins, so yeah I know it´s in german..bla bla bla…but plz just like it, that would be so freakin nice of you…! <3


replied to your post

“why,,, is no one talking about how Br*nden Ur*e defended Rachel…”

did he really?

sorry i’m just now seeing this! but yes he did. i don’t have receipts or anything but i’ve seen some people talking about it. 

he basically tried to defend all of that transracial bs and i’m pretty sure he compared her to caitlyn jenner. it was something along the lines of “if caitlyn jenner can be a woman then rachel dolezal can be black”. (again, no receipts, it might have been in an interview?)

then he tweeted this “apology” [x] (basically “sorry that you’re offended i’m not sorry for what i said lmao”)


█░ ▶◀ G I V E  G I F T S ▶◀  ░█

          GLOVED fingers wrapped themselves around FLESH as the woman’s hand CONSTRICTED the guard’s throat, squeezing the LIFE out of the poor man. ROBBING the man of his BREATH was only a means of RESTRAINING him; as her FREE hand would hover DANGEROUSLY close to the man’s OCULARS. Her GOAL was to SLAUGHTER the guard, exactly how he and his kind had SLAUGHTERED the children she had given LIFE to. She had GIVEN life…and now it was her job to TAKE life.

          …Of course, unless the CHILDREN wanted to serve that RETRIBUTION

          Hues of EBONY and IVORY turned at the sound of FOOTSTEPS, setting their SIGHTS upon the certain animatronic that had reached the office. Drawing her hand AWAY from his eyes but still DIGGING her nails into the guard’s SKIN, she would speak.

          { ►◄ } – “…Did…did YOU want to take this GUARD?