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Ignis was raised alongside Prince Noctis to be adviser to the heir apparent. An intensive education instilled in him the resourcefulness and composure required for the role, his tactical acumen proving invaluable over the course of the prince’s journey.

Happy Birthday, Cooking Mama Ignis! [2/7]


killian jones hiatus meme | week seven: favourite episode ► snow drifts and there’s no place like home

I think about you and “fucking” a lot.
(Please, don’t act so surprised.)
I swear I do.
I promise it’s true.
It’s a daily thought of mine.

For instance
I will never fucking ever be you.
I will never treat people the fucking way that you do.
I will show people how much they fucking mean
The way you never did with me.
I will treat people with respect the way they fucking deserve,
I will strive to show them their worth.
Instead of fucking them over
Like you.
I will work so
To do everything you didn’t.
To be everything you aren’t.

‘Fucking’ and ‘you’
The perfect set of two.
Oh how I fucking hate all that you do.

What’s that, my dear?
You thought I meant something else?
Ha. In your dreams.
Go fuck yourself.

—  All the things we never said.

 the set is all here!!

this is a… constellation/galaxy au??
 the turtles are some kind of… mystical almost creatures. they are almost like gods so to speak, they have some supernatural skills; 

donnie can manipulate electricity and owns psychic abilities;

raph can manipulate fire and owns above human physical strength;

leo can manipulate water and gets faster, stronger,etc, under the moonlight;

mikey can manipulate air and has healing powers (sometimes can decide between someone’s life for death!! u dont fuck w mike tbh)

this make them protectors of humans. and since they’re spacey-like, they have little constellations around!

their little constellations made them represent some traits:

donnie represents friendship, science, originality and intelligence

raph represents assertiveness, aggressiveness, courage and war

leo represents family, loyalty, moodiness and adaptation 

mikey represents justice, idealism, vanity and peace

the lighter they are, the easier it is to find them, meaning mikey is the easiest and leo is the hardest.

april is one of the fewest humans around that actually found them and now they’re her little star gods protectors!!