idc it was perfect

i dnt think my mom knows how much ive been affected by this

Their journey of laughter and passion has only just begun!!
I met a girl.

And by met I mean I messaged her a week ago and I’m completely smitten by her. She’s stunning. She makes me happy without even trying. Our dates consist of cuddling in her car and sending dorky selfies to each other over Snapchat. She’s perfect. She is so beautiful and funny and smart and creative. She’s my zing. I know that one day I will walk down the isle and make her my wife. 👭🐝🌍❤

  • Michael: We haven't done play pals yet, have we?
  • Ryan: You and I? No - well, sort of. We did the original play pals with Capsized.
  • Michael: Was that the original play pals?
  • Ryan: Well, I'm claiming it. Undocumented original play pals.
  • Michael: Nice. Take that, Gavin.
  • Ryan: Suck it.
  • Ryan: Should've been me in the art. With Gavin's head pasted.

when someone likes ur editing it’s literally the best feeling in the world.

especially when u spend 5 hours trying ur hardest trying to make it perfect

yup, idc if editing pixel people is sad, I literally love it when people are like “ur editing skills are perfection”

just, to all the people who say that to me, i love u ;w;