idc if we follow mutual or not

okay, look, you all know i’m neutral on BC and CL, but like.. can we stop romanticizing clarke pulling a gun on bellamy?? like… y’all screamed so loudly when the CL stans romanticized/sexualized clarke holding a knife to lexa’s throat. now fucking stop romanticizing toxic and abusive behaviour yourself, it’s ugly.

also, braven anyone?? raven being the only good person left, she deserves happiness, bellamy and raven are endgame, idc what you say

why the FUCK when I block someone can I still see my mutuals reblogging from these heaux??? when I block someone they should be D E A D to me

I shouldn’t have to have people’s usernames tumblrsaviored >_>’

if I block you just know we will never be cool. I don’t block anyone for anything except offending me, personally. if I block a nigga that means I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. I sure as shit don’t wanna run into their raggedy ass opinion and posts on this hellsite!

also just in case this wasn’t clear I am referring to tumblr’s shitty block feature not fully blocking ppl

idc that my mutuals follow ppl i hate. xD

sup y’all im goin inactive


this happens everytime i make a fandom blog jldfkjkljd

anyways its been gr8 n i love bts i just…..aint into the whole fan blog scene yknow

imma still b on tumblr over on @buzzzkill so like you can follow me on there……………..if u so desire if u dont care about aesthetic things n whatever then i wouldnt suggest it n like if we were mutuals on here ill follow u back again but idc

so yea its been chill my dudes

ill probs leave this blog up for a while

Holiday Follow Forever

okay so no banner bc im lazy af, but yeah i did one in like July? but idc bc i made a bunch of new friends and its the holidays so yeah follow forever:) also if i left anyone out its bc im tired and i did this real fast, but if we’re mutuals and your not here please tell me so i can add you (also these holiday urls are screwin me up so yeah)

mutuals-bolded  // mutuals w/ one or both of my sideblogs italisized // no faves bc ur all my faves<3 but if we talk at all hover over your name for a lil message:) (annnd idk why i did this bc ik i forgot some ppl lol oops sorry)

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okay so ik this is hella long but y’all are seriously all wonderful so yeah:) and if i left you out PLEASE COME TELL ME bc ik i left some ppl out bc im stupid also if i accidently bolded you or didnt bold you tell me

okay ily all and HAPPY HOLIDAYS WOOO