idc if this is 'rude' i dont want to make nice

hi yes. so im a hardcore phan shipper. or was. ive read this several times and i can, idk, kinda feel the anger and frustration that dan and phil are feeling. its come to the point where its causing them to be stressed and annoyed with us. which i and a load of other people dont want to happen. i dont want a repeat of 2012 because holy fuck that was a bad year for some of us AND dan and phil. ill admit, yeah i read phan au/smut fics but its FICTION. look up the definition.

please phandom. you may think/“know” that they are tOTz tOgEThER when they just have a great fucking friendship. a friendship that i and many others envy.

also idc how old this ask is. i dont know how old it is. its still fucking valid. they may be more comfortable to express their friendship but dont go passing every S I N G L E eye contact dan and phil make on camera as undying love.

edit: if you do create phan smut edits, im not shitting on ya, its art, ill admit that. if you are a die hard phan shipper thats really cool, just dont push dan or phil to a limit where 2012 repeats itself. and if you are gonna hUNT ME DOWN TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH AND KILL ME FOR DISRESPECTING YOUR SHIP then that shows how rude, immature and disgusting for not rESPECTING DAN AND PHILS FUCKING POINTS OF VIEW AND REQUESTS.
literally, id rather have them as best friends instead of them never being in each others lives at fricking all.

dont hate on me for speaking my damn mind. i love those fuckers to the death and no amount of hate from hormonal 11-13 year olds will change my views (ik we are all different ages but the younger the angrier)
*dont kill me*

have a nice night.

150710 // trb in sydney

SO i just got home from trb and im aching and tired but i wanted to get this gay bts feelings dump out of the way before i forget everything bc even now im feeling a little fuzzy and disorientated so you dont even have to read this bc its mostly for myself so i can remember this so yeah!! this actually ended up super super long so ill be honestly shocked if anyone reads this whole thing haha

for some bg info this was not only my 1st kpop concert ever but my first CONCERT ever in general so it was a Pretty Wild Time

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