idc if shes not black i love her

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For the ship thing: sashea

there were two anons asking for sashea, so here u both are! thank you!! i might jump back into my cis girl au bubble for this because i just love MAP sashea so much (am i allowed to say that? idc i do love them a lot)

Who worries about how they will look when they’re older

Shea. Sasha has accepted that everyone ages and she’s able to appreciate the beauty in everyone. She is forever simultaneously confused and terrified by Shea’s bathroom and the hundreds of creams, foams, face masks and serums that litter the sink, floor and shower, and will forever question why a black girl in her 20s would ever need to use anti-ageing cream.

Who makes the mix tapes/cd’s

Shea. They’re normally full of happy, energetic dance tracks or 80s hits. Sasha absolutely loves them and will blast them on her drive to work in the morning.

Clings to the other during scary movies

Sasha. She gets pretty terrified of them, while Shea usually sits nonplussed and feeds herself popcorn while commenting on how dumb the scary movie narrative is. 

“Don’t run back into the house, don’t run back into the fucking- ugh, these stupid fucking white girls I swear to God.”

“Are you still mad that the black girl died first?”


(That evening ended with an angry discussion about how fucking racist the movie industry is, and culminated in Sasha driving them both to the bottle bank so they could take their anger on society out on some empty wine bottles together. )

Gets into the shower with the other randomly

Shea. Sasha never complains.

Flashes the other when they walk by after taking a shower alone

Shea, purely because she loves the fact it always winds Sasha up.

“We’ve been together six months, how come you still blush at this?!”

“You’re both wet and naked, how the hell do you expect me not to get flustered!!”

Initiates hand holding while the other is driving

Shea. She’s always grateful that Sasha drives her into work, even if Sasha’s old car got a few snooty looks on Shea’s first day. The looks were all met by a swift middle finger, ensuring that Sasha’s car never got any comments or looks again.

Secretly tries to touch the other in naughty places during public/family events

Shea. Sasha will give her about two warning looks before she finally gives in and they sneak off together for a suspiciously long length of time.

Asks weird questions in the middle of the night

Sasha. She’ll sometimes lie awake for long periods of time thinking about whatever’s on her mind at that moment. Shea will usually take none of it. 

“What Hogwarts house would Jeremy Corbyn be sorted into?”

“Sasha it’s three o-fucking-clock. Please for the love of Christ try to get some sleep.”

“Hufflepuff, Sasha. He’d be a fucking Hufflepuff. Obviously.”

Asks “what are you thinking about?”

Shea, mainly because she never knows what’s going on inside Sasha’s mind and she’s usually quiet for long periods of time. Shea can get worried that she’s thinking twice about their relationship. Sasha never is.

Always has to be touching the other, (if either of them do)

Shea, but Sasha will always lean into her touch like a cat. 

((i loved doing this one, tysm!!))

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I think kermani stans are dumb most of them only cares about nnamdi cause he black man they want the whole black love bs and idc what anyone says her not showing or ppl not even knowing what her kids look like is the biggest red flag to me yea shes a private person but come on even freaking Beyoncé showed her kids celebs who are private have no problem with showing a pic of there child like it's just a pic that's the only think that makes me wonder why are you hiding your children

Yeppers. Or why does she behave that weird way around her husband, like he has some contagious disease and should not be approached. I just realized I saw her at two panels last Spring and she hugged and maybe even kissed both moderators. And she could not give a half hug to her “hubby”?

okay but all logical things aside (like the fact that even if delphine survived she’d prolly still be in danger af one way or another but this post ain’t abt that) just imagine all the great headcanons years later

  • cosima being too lazy to get out of bed but she’s rly craving some eskimo pies and delphine’s closer to the fridge anyway so she starts whining and delphines like lol no i’m busy get up and get it yourself its not like ur fingers gonna break off if u gotta grab it urself and cosima just goes “i almost DIED” because that card always works and then delphine glares at her and shes like SHIT YE GUESS WE’RE EVEN
  • cosima tryna’ discuss that near-death experience bc she wanna hear delphine be like yo yeah i saw u in a field full of pretty flowers or w/e but delphine knows that so well and she’s being a lil sarcastic shit abt it and years pass and she’s still trolling everyone making up 438436 different ridiculous versions and at that point the entire clone club is like GIVE COSIMA A BREAK FFS and delphine’s like “yeah no forreal i saw a container full of freshly baked baguettes and cosima was rolling in there naked”
  • delphine having to get a metal correction (like a piece of plate) for the internal damage and whenever she’s at the airport she always sets off the detectors and according to the new reinforcements she would be pulled away for further screening so she’s always like 32587325% done throwing the medical card at the security be like dude do u want me to go topless and show u the scar what even and one time cosima’s so annoyed w the security she just goes “yeah dude she got involved w illegal cloning and then she got shot bc it’s a dangerous business u feel me give the woman a break” and they spend an entire night at the security room for that comment and delphine just stares at cosima w this lethal glare the entire time
  • every christmas she gets a box of bullets from the clone club as a gag gift and she’s so tired of their shit but one year they don’t give it to her and she’s so confused and slightly disappointed and alisons like could u check the cracker cupboard we running low on snacks and delphines like sure and she opens the cupboard and like a thousand bullets instantly fall out and she’s like oh there it is
  • cosima ends every phone call with “i love you, see you soon, don’t get shot”
  • karaoke night and sarah’s like hold up delphine i’ll pick a song for u and she’s like but what if i don’t know it but then she gets the mic and sia’s titanium starts playing and she’s like *sighs* and whenever she gets to the chrous the entire clone club is like A LITTLE LOUDER THAT PART
  • “we don’t need a bulletproof vest we have delphine”
  • helena calling her scar seestra bc she got stabbed w the rebar (gj sarah) at relatively the same spot
  • clone club going on a vacation together at some remote lakehouse or w/e and delphine loves loves loves the water but ofc that huge ass scar is visible and helena’s kid just goes why is that there and helena says every good warrior has scars and then everyone joins in and they start telling the story psyching it up like fuck cosima’s like “THERE WAS TWENTY OF THEM AGAINST DELPHINE AND SHE SLAYED THEM ALL” and sarah’s like “yeah she ninja kicked two of them in the FACE they came at her with a MACHINE GUN and EXPLOSIVES” and felix goes “she did a hair flip and it knocked three of them UNCONSICIOUS” and alison says “she made a bomb out of the dust on the ground and the bath bomb in her bag bc she’s a smart scientist and it actually BLEW THEM UP” tony’s just shrugging “she’s so hot they literally caught fire when they looked her in the eye” and delphine’s not saying a word just grinning like an idiot bc she’s part of the clone club now 
  • basically everyone being sarcastic and morbid abt it but it’s only bc it’s easier to laugh it off and delphine’s kind of amused with it as well and one night the gun jokes are on again and delphine excuses herself and leaves the room but cosima follows her and sees her crying and shes like OMG THEY TOOK IT TOO FAR DIDN’T THEY I’M SO SO SO SO SORRY I LOVE YOU WE LOVE YOU but actually delphine’s only crying bc she’s so relieved that she’s finally accepted and has a family and friends and they care

Skye | Rising from the ground [+2x15]


«Whatever happens I can handle myself»

‘Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground’ -
This is Skye. My favorite female character of all time. This song is her. She’s been through so much and every time she came out of it stronger than ever. She’s badass, funny. sassy, smart, sarcastic, adorable and beautiful. She’s human. And inhuman. Light and darkness. Every day girl and special. Compassionate and vindictive. She’s real.
When she laughs, I live. When she cries, I die. She stole my heart within 45 minutes and didn’t give it back ever since. She’s my little phoenix. Rising from the ashes. Right now she’s broken, scared, insecure. When she realized she could control the water I cried tears of happiness. She finally found the silver lining in this, she always finds in everyhing no matter how dark. That she can do something beautiful rather than destructive…and the next moment she destroys a forest and harms a person and is more scared than ever. It broke my heart to see her like this. But I hope she also felt powerful because in this moment she must have realized that she can indeed handle herself. It was my favorite moment after her first-surprised-then-hapy face when she controlled the water: her standing there all by herself THE WORLD AT HER FEET. I’m so excited for her to learn to control her powers and actually use them. One day my baby girl will be an avenger and I will shed proud mommy tears.

So this project was big for me. Since this is the first time I vid her character I focused on her story and character as a whole. Not just the inhuman stuff going on. She’s always been special, not only since her transformation. I tried to prove that with this tribute vid and do justice to her and I hope you’ll feel that. I also decided to go with a theme colour and since I think her’s would be pink..

Princess curls or badass bangs.
Cute lil’ hacker outfits or black kevlar.
Powers or no powers. Human or inhuman.
Mary Sue Poots or Daisy Johnson.
Doesn’t matter. I love my Skye.
Just the way she is.