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lol when its a comic abt a str8 man torturing and raping a gay man and calling him slurs then yeah its p fucking homophobic idc how much u try to cover it up... like pls choke ur so disgusting

It’s strongly believed and seen that both main characters are bisexual, not straight or really, even gay.

I am not trying to cover anything up; I acknowledge it’s abusive and unhealthy, and that yes, Sangwoo has remarked to Bum as “homo,” but many have made in-depth posts which point out he’s just saying things to be an A+ asshole and belittle Bum (not saying it isn’t still offensive, it is) but he shows no real signs of having any discomfort or really any care of Bum being into boys. 

You also need to take consideration in the society of Korea and that, still, homosexuals are not exactly welcomed there. If anything, Sangwoo could be way worse and care and torture Bum for just liking the same sex, which he never has, that I can recall.

Also, telling me to choke is a great way to support your argument, isn’t it? Actually, no, it just invalidates everything you just said. Oh dear.

🚌 “no buses” by arctic monkeys (cover) 🚌

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ok so 1) i can’t take nice looking videos and 2) i can’t really sing either but i do it a lot anyways so here u gooo

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