idc if im reading into it

the number one argument i hear being used against romione is ‘they’re not intellectually compatible and hermione wouldn’t be satisfied with ron’s mediocrity’ like ?????????? what books have you read????? where are you getting these ideas?????? why are you dismissing someone’s intelligence just because it’s shown in a different way??????? why are you acting like the only way to be intelligent is academically??????? why?????

like there are so many different ways to be intelligent, just because it’s not shown in an academic sense doesn’t mean it doesn’t count. please stop.

listen isak has no time to deal with Straight Couples™ but when it comes to sana and yousef? my buddy, he’s secretly their #1 stan, rooting for them, always advising sana indirectly or just being there for her when she needs someone to rant to because “listen we’re science buddies that’s why i agree to put up with you. otherwise? pffffftttt idc.”, and sana reads right through his bullshit excuses bc they both don’t need to tell each other how much they both care about each other. they both already know that they both care too too much about each other.

FEMSLASH BOOK CHALLENGE: a trope you love dating sarah cooper by siera maley (friends to lovers and fake dating)

“I’m a better person. Before I fell for Katie, I thought the same way I’m sure plenty of you all do. I thought gay guys were shopping buddies and I thought gay girls had it easy. But I happen to know that my friend Jake hates shopping, and these past few months have been the hardest of my life. Being gay isn’t easy. Being bi isn’t easy. I wasn’t exactly loved by everyone before I came out, but I didn’t know that I could be hated by as many people as I’ve felt hated by since. And I didn’t do anything! I just loved another girl”

read it all before you judge

ok, so i just heard that the new dw girl bill potts is gay.
are you fuckin kidding me.
im actually furious over this, Steven moffatt you have absoloutely no right to do this to such a prestigious show as doctor who.
first off, I’m not mad at the fact she’s gay, I’m bi myself, and I fuckin love jack and ianto, this isn’t about that.
And it’s not about the fact that she’s black either, god, white, black, blue, idc.
no, the problem is,
you wanna take rose, transplant her personality into a copy cats body, but OH HEY GUYS ITS OK SHES GAY.
what about the fans who have been there from the VERY beginning, what about the fans who have been there since the second begining. WE FELL IN LOVE WITH ROSE & 10 and you are taking her, just copying her, repeating her like she didn’t mean shit.
And like I said, this isn’t an attack on anyone bar Steven moffatt.
Steven has no fuckin right to do this to someone as important as rose tyler, let’s flip it, imagine if he did this to jack harkness, but made him straight and destroyed every flirty quirky part of his personality. “BUT HAY ITS OK HES STRAIGHT”
and i know im not the only one feeling this.
someone take this legacy the fuck off him.


rose would be turning in her grave.

iiiits opinion time . i hate this i dont like posting my opinion also please lms if you read this

my issue with crytyping jokes is like. Okay. you say people who type like . “immsm so ssorrrey im sorory veeveytone ahtteds mee” is for attention and i mean. Yes i Do understand that some people type like that for attention but also?? i do it when i have breakdowns adn its Not for attention?? like.. on my Locked Private Vent Blog i do it ykno.?
and yall are all the time sayin like.. “well no thats just over the top xD heres how you REALLY type when you have a breakdown rofl” and like…. okay pal think what ya want i guess but you dont Know me you dont Know what my breakdowns are like

anywyas im done talking hate me if you want i dont care anymore

jongkey literally makes me so happy like i dont care if they are just standing next to each other or full on hugging for 72 seconds because its pure and beautiful and i love it and people just don’t understand that seeing cute jongkey on my dash makes my fucking day so please don’t stop and spam me with gifs of these two beautiful men if you want to make me happy thank you

for all of you upset about the upd8/ homestuck ending: i used to be a really avid homestuck fic writer. two of my most well-known works are all kats are grey in the dark and i can make you love me. im currently open for commission, and would be more than willing to write anything homestuck related! i really need the money for school fees and am willing to write in any other verse/fandom/genre too. my commission info is here and my other posted ao3 works are here. thank you for your consideration!

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Ello! Just poppin' in to say WOW?!!? I caught up with Aspen's story and WHEW my emotions were all over the place. Honestly, it's the most captivating story I've read so far on here ;___; I lovelovelove the mix of science and romance!!! YOU DID THAT👏👏 me: claiming the title of your #1 fan ehehhe


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but for real thank you so much?????? i was watching all your little notifications pop up on my dashboard and my smile just grew bigger and bigger and i’m just!!!!!!! so happy idek how to express myself!!!!!!!! i’ll probs go and cry for a while now honestly

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Can you make a Josh or Tyler imagine (Idc which lmao) based off Lovely by Tøp idk the song means a lot to me and I wanted to read something based off it. Lots of fluff thanks, love your writing!

okay so like i struggled so hard to write this, so im sorry if it sucks.. but here you go!!

LOVELY (Tyler Joseph imagine)

The restaurant Mark had chosen was bustling with people.  The lot of you had been waiting for over thirty minutes now and still didn’t have a table.  You sat against the window with your arms crossed across your chest and feet tucked under the bench, trying to hide.  You didn’t realize how dressed up everyone would be tonight.  As soon as you saw Michael helping his wife out of the car in a black dress and heels, you began mentally kicking yourself, feeling so insecure in your jeans and sneakers.

It doesn’t take Josh long before he starts complaining.  He didn’t want to wait anymore, and after the thirteen hour flight he had just endured, he was desperate for something to fill him up.  Michael and his wife were also starting to get impatient, and were insistent that any other restaurant would be just as good.  Mark disagreed, telling everyone that this place has the best calzones Columbus had to offer.  Tyler was indifferent.  You were silent.  

Truth be told, you weren’t as energized as you should be about seeing your friends for the first time in four months.  You were tired, like always.  Tired and drained and not in the mood to be around so many people.  So, in actuality, you were on Josh and Michael’s side, because the sooner you ate, the sooner you could get dropped off back at home for the night.  

You let your head rest back on the wall, hearing Josh and Mark continue to bicker back and forth but not absorbing any of it.  

Your leg is suddenly nudged and when you open your eyes, you see Tyler’s scooted closer to you on the bench.

“You okay?” he asks quietly.

You swallow down the harsh ‘No’, dying to be set free.  

You smile instead, tucking your hair innocently behind your ear, “I’m fine,” you lie.  Your voice is thick, you hope that Tyler doesn’t notice.  

You focus your attention back on Josh and Mark, trying desperately to reengage in reality, but it’s so hard to focus, even more so as you feel Tyler’s eyes focused on you.

Another ten minutes pass before you’re seated.  The boys have so many stories about Europe and the last four months, and you’re desperately trying so hard to concentrate enough to listen to all of them.  But you’re just so uncomfortable and tired and you can’t stop thinking about how you can’t wait to be back home.  

You hadn’t talked to anyone about how bad things were getting again.  Tyler had enough to worry about, and suffering in silence seemed a lot more dignified than dumping it on him.  It started shortly before he left for tour.  The creeping thought of him being so far away for so long filled your entire being with dread and despair.  But that was to be expected whenever he left.  What kept you down was the sudden realization that Tyler had made it.  Tyler had found where he belonged.  And you were left behind, stuck in Columbus working forty hours a week at a job you hated.

The stories are all so interesting.  New cities every day, fancy hotel rooms, stadiums full of people.  They spend the evening reminiscing, recalling funny events from the tour bus and sharing inside jokes that you don’t understand.  So you stay quiet and you order a lot of food that you’re really not hungry for and you focus on the pit growing bigger in your stomach.  They were back, all your friends surrounded you, laughing and smiling, so close that you could touch, and yet, you were still left behind.  

You wonder if anyone notices the cobwebs and spiders, that have been suffocating you, crawling out of your mouth.

You spend the next few days avoiding everyone and rebounding from your previous night of socializing.  It drained you, as pathetic as that seemed.  

Tyler continues to text you, wondering if you want to get together and this and that.  But you don’t answer.  

Tonight was bad.  Worse than it’s been in a while.  You feel overwhelmed with inadequacy and wonder why you’re boring life was even worth sticking around for.  You stay huddled on your bed, knees tucked into your chest, and you rock back and forth, trying to stay calm, trying to stay composed.  But it doesn’t work.  You break, erupting into a pile of tears.  

You had never been suicidal, never even depressed.  And even now, it wasn’t like you wanted to die per-say.  You were just sick of trying.  Your life didn’t feel worth the effort anymore.  You tap your head lightly on the top of your knees, trying to push the thoughts out, that’s when your phone vibrates.

Tyler’s calling.  

You’re not sure why you pick up as quickly as you do.  You should’ve sent it to voicemail.  Maybe it was a cry for a help, like you subconsciously wanted Tyler to save you.  But you don’t say anything, your voice is caught in your throat.  

“Y/N?” he says into the line.  “Are you okay?”

You gulp hard, trying to push the tears away.  

“Hey, Ty,” you say,  “Yeah, I’m fine, why?” Your voice cracks at the end, but your cough, trying to cover it up.

“I’ve just… been texting you, like a lot… hadn’t heard back so I just wanted to make sure.”

“You pinch the bridge of your nose, “Yeah, I’m good, I was just… busy.  Out with friends and stuff, didn’t have my phone.”

There’s silence and you wonder if he believes you.  

“Oh, well I wanted to see that new Tom Hanks movie, was wondering if you wanted to maybe tag along?”

“I can’t—“ you say automatically, almost too quickly, “I have to be at work really early tomorrow, and I should really get some rest…”

You hear Tyler sigh softly before speaking, “You know you can talk to me right?” he says.  

You cringe, realizing that your front wasn’t working so good with him, “Yeah, I know.  I’m fine, Ty, really.”

“Okay,” he says in defeat.  

“I’ll see you later then.”

“Later then.”

You can’t breath in your dream that night.  There’s a cobweb across your mouth, sealed and suffocating you.  You try to scream, to rip it off, but the harder you try, the tighter it gets.  

Another few days pass and you feel guilty for ignoring Tyler, but it’s just too painful.  You feel pathetic around him.  You feel unsuccessful and defeated and uninteresting.  You can’t stand yourself, so you can’t imagine he would be able to either.  

On Monday night he calls again.  He’s inviting you to his mom’s big house party the next evening.  It’s sort of a welcome home for him and Josh.  You love Tyler’s family, but your automatic response is to make up an excuse not to go.  You’d rather stay home.  Unfortunately for you, Tyler won’t take no for an answer.  He challenges you, wonders what is so important that you’d miss his mom’s party and you really can’t say no.  So, two hours later, you’re dressed up as nicely as your wardrobe allows, and heading to Tyler’s house.  

The driveway is full by the time you arrive.  There’s even cars parked on the lawn and you immediately cringe upon realization that Tyler definitely undersold how popular this party was going to be.  All the lights were on and you could see through his double window people chatting and socializing inside.  You sigh before bucking up and heading inside.  

“I’m so glad you could make it,” Tyler’s mom greets you at the door.  She’s dressed up nicely wearing her warm, comforting smile.  You regret not visiting her more while Tyler was away.

“Hi Mrs. Joseph,” you say, handing her the cheap bottle of wine you picked up on the way over.  She engulfs you in a hug before leading you inside.  The house is filled with lots of people that you don’t recognize.  But out of all the stranger’s faces, you notice Josh in the corner of the room, leaning up against the wall, looking bored on his phone.  You sigh in relief at the familiar face and head over to join him.  

“Hey,” you say leaning on the wall beside him.

“Hey there,” Josh smiles, closing his phone and turning to face you.

“So you guys have house parties now?” you tease, indicating at all the fancy decor Tyler’s mom had put out for the party.  

“Yeah, well you know Kelly, she’ll find any excuse to throw a party,” you both chuckle.  “Tyler was looking for you earlier, by the way.  I think he’s mingling now.”

“Josh!” someone suddenly yells, you look over to see Tyler’s dad walking over.  

He holds his hand out for Josh to shake and in the midst of it, he brings him in for a hug.  “How have you been boy?” he asks, a huge smile spread over his face.  

The two converse for a few minutes, before he finally turns to you, as you still stand awkwardly against the wall.

“Glad you could make it, sweetheart,” he smiles.  “Josh, I gotta introduce you to some people, come with me.”  

And just like that, the two of them disappear into the crowd of faces in Tyler’s living room, leaving you alone again.  You sigh, wishing you had a drink or something to keep your fidgeting hands busy.

Madison and Zack both say hi, but only briefly before dispersing back into the party.  You want to socialize, want desperately to just be able to go up to a group of people and start talking, but you can’t help but think about how uninteresting you were in comparison to everyone else around.    

You know your thoughts are ridiculous.  No one was ridiculing you or thinking you were weird, but you couldn’t help but be paranoid about it.  It was torture.  

“There she is!” you hear Tyler’s voice booming.  

He walks over, dressed in a wrinkly button up that really should have been ironed.  “Look who actually came, I didn’t think you’d show.”

You cringe at Tyler calling out your flaky personality, another thing to add to the hatred list.  

You smile uncomfortably, pretending not to notice his insult.  

“This party is kinda lame though,” he says, taking a sip of his cup before setting it down.  

“I don’t think you’re legally allowed to call your own mother’s house party lame,” you say mockingly, but Tyler ignores you.

“I think I have a better idea, if you’re up for it?”

You throw him a confused look before he extends his hand out, indicating for you to take it.  You hesitate, his wide eyes optimistic and full of adventure.  But then you remember that’s what you want.  You want your life to be as adventurous and full of fun as Tyler’s is.  So in a split second, without further analysis, you take his hand.

Tyler weaves in and out of the people, grasping tightly on your hand, before pulling you out the door.  It’s cold outside and your coat is left behind, but you don’t care.  For the first time in months, you’re actually feeling something.  

Tyler opens the passenger door to his truck for you, Tyler climbs in the driver’s side shortly after, pulling out of the driveway and speeding off.  You look at him to tell you where you’re going, but he ignores your stare and keeps driving into the night, one hand on the steering wheel, the other hovering over the center console.  

You drive for what feels like forever, passing fields and farms and passing down road after road until finally, Tyler pulls over in front of a bridge.  He puts the truck in park and gets out, closing his door behind him.  You look out the windshield, trying to see where the hell you were.  But when you decide you have no clue, you shrug and follow up behind him.  

“What is this place?” you ask once you’ve caught up to his long strides.  

“I like to come here when I get sad,” he says quietly.  

You try to look at his facial expression in the dark night.  You can only make out vague features, but they’re slightly distorted by the shadow the moon casts across his skin.

He stops in the middle of the bridge, gripping the edge of the stone and leaning over slightly, watching the water from the roaring river rush underneath.  

“It’s pretty,” you say.  

“I almost jumped here,” he says, almost nonchalantly.

You turn your head quickly towards him, your eyes widening.  

“What?” you gasp.

Tyler’s face stays stoic, “A couple years ago, maybe.  I used to come here when things got bad and I’d sit right here,” he points to the ledge, “and I’d think of all the reasons I wanted to just let myself fall,” he pauses, swallowing hard, “there were so many, too.  So many dark thoughts and demons and reasons to stop trying.  But I never did.  It wasn’t some heroic decision either.  I just always said I’d try one more day, until one day I didn’t have to come here anymore. That was it.”

You stared down at the water, horrified at the image of Tyler sitting here, alone and defeated.  You didn’t even think twice before wrapping your arm around his.  You didn’t know what to say, but you wanted him to know you cared.  

“I know you’re drowning right now,” he whispered.  “I can see it in your eyes, I can hear it in your voice.  And I didn’t bring you here to prove I know what you’re going through.  I can pretend I do, but I don’t.  We all have our own battles.  I brought you here because I want you to keep trying, okay?  Because that’s it.  That’s the only difference between life and dying. And you… you have to stay alive.  Please stay alive.”

You squeeze his arm tighter as the tears start to fall down your cheeks.  It was almost relief, because Tyler saw you and he knew.  You weren’t alone.  

Tyler hears you sniffle loudly and takes that at his cue to wrap his arms around your body.  You fold into him, finally letting yourself cry.  You sputter and hiccup and stain his shirt with tears, and it is not a pretty sight.  But it was real.  And the cobwebs and flies unwind, letting you breathe clearly for the first time in so long.  You squeeze your eyes shut, promising to not let them take you down or cast you out.  

Tyler is stroking your cheek with the pad of his thumb, whispering soothing words in your ear.  “You are so, so lovely,” he says quietly into your hair.  “Won’t you stay alive?”

You take a deep breath, and with the roar of the river beneath you, you make a promise, to both yourself and to Tyler.  “I’ll try.”

“you look really nice!”
i was told it was business casual, but now i feel overdressed
“that’s definitely not business casual but its really nice”
not really i just kinda put a dress on–
“its like, date nice.”

i ran into j at a symphony thing in town that a friend was a part of and that was an actual conversation i had with him
just earlier today he was insulting me!??!??
holy smokes i cant stop smiling

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If you're looking for shoujo manga that aren't super ecchi, there's Horimiya and Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (not much plot, just light-hearted mostly), Oresama Teacher, and Kaguya Wants To Be Confessed To (which is kinda weird, but not tasteless). Sadly, everything else I know of is either complete or just a one-shot at current.

i’m upto date with gekkan shoujo!! Its really good lol my sides hurt from laughing too much whenever i read the chapter updates lmao

Horimiya is a shonen btw! And while i did find it enjoyable at first ( and the art is super good) I kinda dont like the pacing? Like so much is implied between hori and miyamura rather than flat out shown, and also I started disliking Hori a bit after she kinda scratches Miyamura???? Nope lol idc what type of tsundere she is im out

Im not sure abt the other two tho :0c I’ll check them out!

something i did after sobbing through the Square Enix thing…

im gonna be doing some art stuff here so why not post a meet the artist

ur welcome fam and here’s whats all on there if you have a hard time reading some things

first off hello yes my name is cosmii. call me cos, cossy, miimii, idc


  • Coffee
  • Video Games
  • Astronomy & Astrology
  • Horror & Gore
  • Gems & Rocks
  • Nail Art


  • Lightning
  • Sour things
  • Balloons popping
  • Big Crowds
  • Bullies
  • 9 specific people

Fun Facts

  • Genderfluid
  • Asexual/Panromantic
  • Wiccan
  • Hufflepuff
  • From WI (Wisconsin, USA)
  • Has DID/MPD
  • They/Them pronouns
  • Very Clingy
  • Kinky AF