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Request~ @elroymarvelous said: Yes! MY HUSBAND! I have a request, could you do a fluffy one (idc if its an imagine, or one-shot) where it’s you, Sam, and Dean interacting with your two year old?

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“So, Allie, where did all the cookies go?” Sam asked as both him and Dean took a seat at the couch.
Yours and Sam’s two-year-old daughter, Allie, was kneeling beside the coffee table as she colored, before looking up at the two grown men.
*first gif* “I don’t know, daddy. They just disappeared!”
*second gif* “Right, okay, baby.”
*third gif* “Wow, she’s already turning out like her uncle Dean.”
“But you’re old, De!” Allie whined, before pouting.


We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. Or perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers. And we’ve barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.