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Young Phoenix Wright appreciation post (ㅅ´ ˘ `) ♡

“Alright!” Elijah declared, emerging from the stairs and into the main foyer of the house. He wore an expression reading nothing less than amused; an unmistakable pair of red, lacy underwear was held, dangling from his index finger— and he held them up for the other to see. “Someone left these on my bed.” He peered at them for a second before turning his attention back to them. “It’s an ace ‘secret admirer’ message, if I’ve ever seen one.” Which he had.  “It’s a clever tactic— Can’t say I’m not impressed.”

Chris Wood gif pack

Under the cut you will find 130 gifs of Chris Wood in his role as Jake Riley in episode 1.01 of Containment. All gifs were made by me for roleplaying purposes only. Please, do NOT crop or edit them in any way, nor add them to gif hunts, crackships, edits, etc. Otherwise, do feel free to use them in gif convos & paras or as a mascot. Thank you & enjoy.

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That Kim j reference was purely sarcastic. a matter of, if you’re going to mock me for my looks you think are fake I’m going to mock you for your journalism career I think you got off tumblr from a blog you bought off another chick who already had those followers. I know how media works because I get the emails all the time. I was offered a journalism opportunity and a reality tv show opportunity off of my lil 17k followers And already majored in mass communications journalism AS 2012. I’ve been interviewed by more credible sources in Atlanta already. So for you of all ppl to respond with “you’re not worthy of”, you’re not piers Morgan. I wouldn’t even fart in Kim j direction & I’m not even a celebrity. So yea bitch, probably not. That flew over her head, I expected that too. to respond with that is hilariously ironic That came out of your mouth of all ppl when weren’t you the one who creeped on my twitter page to screenshot a recent gif to place on your blog to have a open discussion about without @ing me? Regardless, Idc how many of your minions chime in, I still exist. I’m still more known than you in your city and I don’t even like to be known, thanks to the interviews I’ve already done by better established bloggers atlnightspots being one of them & that’s just for looking good, once again I’m not a celeb. I wasn’t worthy of THAT. So you’re still hating, you cute but you still have 7 shape eyebrows, you’re still built like yogi bear, and earth still spins, doesn’t it bitch? All of this comes down to, for anyone out there. if you don’t fuck with me, don’t. But this trolling that someone does every once in a while, I understand it comes with being online & the more ppl that follow you the more it’s going to happen, because you’re goin to have men who think they have to insult for a reaction and women who chime in on that but doing it to me is pointless because if it was going to stop me by now it definitely would have. And to make matters even worse I post hella videos on Instagram of my body and look even thicker on there, so as a journalist you could’ve atleast used my resources in my bio on my twitter page that you lurked on and went to my Instagram before jumping in my recent images to probably see if I look better than you and then reacting irrationally about it on a whole different site full of bullshit once you found out I do. Understand this post is me defending myself. Otherwise I mind my black ass business. You should too.


So——– recently I hit 500+ followers. And I remember I did a giveaway when I got 100, and I never really invested a lot of time in it. Which is a shame and unfair, because I should’ve. Now, that was a few months ago, and that’s nothing compared to the 500 I just got. I’m so thankful, I can’t believe I actually managed to trick people into thinking I’m that great. No, but really, I’m very grateful, and hope I’ll continue to amuse/entertain/fool everyone some more. You’re all amazing and I enjoy roleplaying Cadillac so much, it’s incredible. Thanks a bunch, guys. Thanks a bunch.

To show my gratitude, here’s my second giveaway. A bigger one. I hope you’ll like the prizes. If not, I don’t really care, beat it.


✦ Reblog as many times as you want, but think about your followers.
✦ Likes do not count.
✦ Roleplay blogs only.
✦ Ends on 20th of May. 
✦ Don’t follow me just for the giveaway if you’re gonna unfollow me after. Asshole.

Think about those rules, and just make sure you don’t act like a little rebel and go against all of them. Else your chances of winning are as slim as the chances of you getting laid. Anyway, as for the prizes.


✦ Fully lined & colored art request
✦ Ten icons
✦ Promo


✦ Sketch art request
✦ Five icons
✦ Promo


✦ Five icons
✦ Promo

That’s all. Now, once I’ve picked the winners, I’ll notify them. And when that happens, please don’t pressure me to ‘just give the prizes already’.I can’t take pressure, and I’ll try my hardest to give you your stuff. Have fun, and most important of all: good luck.

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Request~ @elroymarvelous said: Yes! MY HUSBAND! I have a request, could you do a fluffy one (idc if its an imagine, or one-shot) where it’s you, Sam, and Dean interacting with your two year old?

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“So, Allie, where did all the cookies go?” Sam asked as both him and Dean took a seat at the couch.
Yours and Sam’s two-year-old daughter, Allie, was kneeling beside the coffee table as she colored, before looking up at the two grown men.
*first gif* “I don’t know, daddy. They just disappeared!”
*second gif* “Right, okay, baby.”
*third gif* “Wow, she’s already turning out like her uncle Dean.”
“But you’re old, De!” Allie whined, before pouting.


We’ve always defined ourselves by the ability to overcome the impossible. And we count these moments. These moments when we dare to aim higher, to break barriers, to reach for the stars, to make the unknown known. We count these moments as our proudest achievements. But we lost all that. Or perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers. And we’ve barely begun. And that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us, because our destiny lies above us.