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“I’m one of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen. And I just want you all to know that if you’re ever on the highway behind me, uh… I hear you honking, and I also don’t want me to be doing what I’m doing.”

sweet flips fanfic
  • carey: when we get married you can keep your last name if you want babe idc
  • killian: that's really nice of you and i love that you respect my right to choose in this situation but also i literally cannot wait to be named killian fangbattle. is that not objectively the coolest name ever
  • carey: it's great i just don't want you to feel-
  • killian: babe. KILLIAN FANGBATTLE
  • carey: you're right that is cool

no offense but i really need more rp partners who are my friends like..  dont get me wrong i love all ships nd stuff but its always better when you’re friends with the person anD I want a friend who i can join rps with and have multiple ships with and be clingy w/ and try out new rp things with (for instance fl/rp or indies) and !! i just want a rp partner i can send memes (actual memes , not ask memes but ask memes are great too) to and just become close w/ and have the best greatest ships and i’m rambling but i want a tumblr friend who i can spam w/ stuff about our muses ( or smth ) or just spam w/ anything !! like !! i just want friends where we can play lame games 2gether and watch movies and have a hella emotional and cute plot at the same time i and i want ships where i can send ask memes !! and make moodboards nd cute playlists and other stuff and we can have tons of cute ships and- ,,, wow okay , i got carried away so my grammar in this post is bad but .. come b my friend or ,, just plot idc

tbh I’m tired of seeing TC blogs that get extra in the description like “I don’t condone!! 👀never have never will!!! 🙅🙅‍♂️Trust me I’m only interested in the psychology of criminals!!!!! 🔍🕵️🕵️‍♀️Trust me I 10,000% do not condone I just don’t trust me I don’t I swear on my dead uncles grave that I do NOT ❌❌🚨condone or romanticize what they did and I think their actions were awful” and then the first post on their blog is them talking about how they want to vacuum dylann roof’s pork sword like why u gotta lie like tht

i’ve had literally 0 inspo but i’ve been really feelin that tomedd vibe ok…

2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

I frequently see short text posts praising Joan and wishing for the universe to bestow Joan with a girlfriend already or affirmations that she’s a wlw, all of which are absolutely wonderful, and I want to ask anyone who has any thoughts on it, what is your ideal, dream situation for Joan? Living situation, spouse or no spouse (who you ship her with and why), her sexual orientation, children or no children, any change to her job(s), hobbies (besides baseball and jogging), more pets or different pets… change in hairstyle or wardrobe… tattoo ideas…

I’m just really curious of other people’s Joan Watson headcanons?

How to colorize photos

Okay so here’s a bad attempt at a colorizing tutorial.. i use for this because i want you guys to be able edit as well without paying for the newest, best photoshop. ps. ipiccy is free so yeah good shit right there 

okay step 1: you’re going to go into the “professional touch ups” area, the icon should be a face. you’re going to want to choose the “sunny tan” (lol that name tho) and choose the center color because it is both red and yellow toned. and fill in her face and neck and whatever 

you’ll see that the color is too harsh against the hair so we’re going to take the erase tool which i have clicked on in the screen shot 

and you’re going to make your tool really big so that you can do a sort of “blending” effect into the rest of the hair, cuz we gonna do the hair laterr 

step two: go to the little icon that looks like a dslr camera and find the curves tool we’re going to be using this for basically everything else 

we’re going to be adding natural tones into the skin so i started with the “green channel” and “red channel” and you’re going to add this to the high points on the face (kind of like highlighting) 

and make sure you blend this out as well you don’t want her looking crazy af 

do the same with the blush 

should look a little something like this.

step three: lips. ooh lalalalalalalal look at them lips okay anyway. yeah you can go crazy and do whatever the fuck you want. like whatever color you want. 

step four: eye shadow time. ariana likes her warm, red, pink eyeshadow. so thats what i usually try to create. and you can add some other colors in her crease as well (this is actually a makeup tutorial y’all). do whatever the fuck you want lol such good tutorial but you can use the curves tool for this as well

step five: fix them brows. they too crazy. tone them down with a little black and white filter. 

step six: time to do that hair. go back to the face icon on the top and find the “hair color” i usually go for a brunette type deal so yeah you can use the curves tool for this if you wanna do something else idk 

then i just went in and added highlights and low lights, but i didnt catch that on screenshot so yeah 

step seven: you want to find small details that need to be colored in like the glasses on her shirt. you can keep them silver or gold…i went for like a rose gold thing so yeah

ok we almost done but step 8: fix that damn skin tone. she look dead af. go back to the dslr looking icon and find the color balance. make it a little red and a little yellow. make sure you fade this out or else she gonna be looking like donald trump with too many spray tans and no one wants that. no one. 

yep yep 

before adding the color 


okay step nine: color in her eyes. my lazy ass uses the hair color tool again although you can use anything you want. just make those eyes brown 

almost done……..

last step is pretty chill just go back to the curves tool and change the tones to blend everything together. like add more contrast to the overall image or add a filter over it idc. be creative 

i’ll post the final image after i post this “tutorial” 

Another Shance Fic Idea

I saw an anti shaladin post while scrolling through the shance tag and got inspired. Thank you random anti!

Modern AU where:

- Lance and Shiro (or any shaladin ship you want idc, it’s just that i’m a shance shipper all the way so…) are celebrities.

- Shiro is one of the best sought out action stars and Lance is a model turned actor. 

- Shiro married young (17-ish) and had a son and a daughter (at 18). He had to leave for the military (for the cash and stability?) and came back with a prosthetic arm and PTSD, his wife couldn’t handle it and she left him.

- So Shiro had to work his ass off to provide for his children, that meant juggling three jobs and working overtime to keep his children happy and comfortable.

- He was discovered by a talent manager while busting tables at a restaurant and he was immediately casted for a car commercial.

- His success started there, and after a successful franchise, Shiro was now an in demand actor.

- Lance, on the other hand, was born in the world of modelling. His mother was a former supermodel and was now his sister’s manager, his father was once the face of Calvin Klein, and his other siblings were frequently booked for modelling high end kid brands. So it was only natural that he went to modelling too.

- But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Lance. He had to look for for the modelling jobs and not rely on his parents’ and siblings’ assistance. He encountered countless ‘no’s’ and ‘we’ll call you’, until he was offered an acting job for an indie film. And that’s the start of Lance’s career.

- They were casted in the same movie and Lance fell in love at first sight. He saw Shiro carrying his son and was smiling fondly at his daughter while she walked ahead with a giant dog beside her.

- Shiro was wary of his feelings towards lance because he seemed to good to be true. He was amazing with his children, he didn’t expect him to be this macho guy all the time, his smile lights up his face when he talks about his family, and Shiro seemed to open up to him quite easily, which scared him shitless. He didn’t want to chase Lance away with his dark past but yet he stayed and smiled that smile that chased the shadows away.

- When they came out in public, the reactions were quite varied. Some supported them and others did not, and both parties were not ashamed to show their opinions about their relationship.

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