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Boiiiiii have you seen the damn NYCC desus panel cause RIP my soul

this answer’s pretty late, but idc. But yes. Yes I saw it (i mean who didn’t? It’s fucking iconic?). I am very, very proud of Tom for kissing Norman’s hand in front of so many people, especially because he could’ve gotten so much hate for it (we all know how some Norman/Daryl stans are like). I’m glad he didn’t, though. Everything worked out just fine and I couldn’t be happier. It’s just nice that people now realise that our ship is pretty damn serious and not just a “crack-ship”, as some people kept calling it (it’s not and it never was, thank you very much). So yeah, what a beautiful moment that was. But, tbh, it was pretty weird to me to see Norman sit so far away from Andy, Jdm & Melissa. Like, that never happened before. Instead he sat next to Tom. Just next to Tom, so that we can get our hand kiss, wow. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Things I learnt today with the Voltron News

1) I don’t care
2) I don’t care in the least
3) Still not caring
4) Couldn’t care less
5) Pidge is Italian

me after hearing sweet creature:

me after hearing sweet creature is about gemma:

me after analyzing the lyrics to sweet creature to better get an understanding into the introverted mind of harry styles:

brittana is the cutest shit idc how many years it's been

the fact that santana lopez, aka snixx, the resident badass of lima heights adjacent, is always the little spoon, just wants to be held, gets giggly and blushy and turns into the sweetest and softest little smol gay around when it comes to brittany s. pierce is the cutest thing to ever exist i will fight

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Silence. THERESE gets up, joins CAROL in the other bed. CAROL wraps her arms and legs around THERESE, kissing her gently on the eyes, the lips. THERESE looks at her deeply and then kisses her back, a long, lingering, searching kiss.