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madi’s narration of the 100 leaned on the category side of fairytales, such as embellishing the grounders and mt weather as “monsters” and calling the ark a “castle” even titling clarke as the “bravest and fairest” … as if madi was describing clarke as a PRINCESS

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i’ve already talked about how unprofessional and insensitive the vld staff is over and over again, but this really takes the cake. literally just proves that they approve of immediately sexualizing a teenager as soon as they turn 18. they fetishize gay relationships and feed into the fujoshis of this fandom with this whole ‘power bottom’ bs. they think it’s okay to talk so openly and nsfw about a kid’s cartoon where one character has a power imbalance over a character who is barely legal. i wish i could slap bex taylor klaus lmao. i really would.


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