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I wonder if Rumple and Belle will just give Gideon two birthdays, the one date when Belle gave birth and the the day he was turned into a baby again. It's wild that he has like three birth dates when including the one where he would have come if EQ hadn't speed up the pregancy 8 months!

Rumple, pass on a chance to shower a loved one with presents/special gestures or dress up? Belle, missing a chance to display crazy levels of affection?

Gideon is gonna have three birthdays for sure. Also the anniversary of the first time he coughed, the first time he finished a book, the first time he spun (Rumple says that being in the vicinity of the spinning wheel while Rumple himself spun totally counts) and the first time he grew a full Floof.

Every fucking day there is some sort of celebration. And so when Gideon finally goes to school he’s surprised that it’s not like that for every kid.

“What did your families do yesterday for International Day for Biological Diversity?

“What do you mean no one else celebrates IDBD?”