The Islamic Network

The author of this blog is sister: idayumumtaz

About this network.

This network is born from the idea of creating a platform for the public to find all existing Islamic blogs on Tumblr. Islamic Network specially presents to you a number of blogs which spread the message of Islam by emphasizing the beauty of Islam through its Quranic verses and hadith and whatnots. It is delighting to see how these servants of Allah are really into this noble work of da’wah, so this blog hopefully will expose these Islamic blogs to an even larger society.

How these blogs are selected.

Basically there are some criteria that count. The blog must be:

✔ Posting Islamic related posts originally.
✔ Blogging actively. Least active is within a month.
✔ Of ahlus sunnah wal jamaah, salaf or sunni.
✔ Containing useful posts that are mostly Islamic, inspiring, truthful, does not violate any parties and free from obscenity.

How you can contribute.

It is undeniable that this network has not covered all Islamic tumblr blogs yet. We also do not deny that there are flaws which the admin might have overlooked. Therefore, the admin really welcomes you to:

✔ Recommend a blog to be included in this network.
✔ Inform us if any of the displayed blogs have violated any of the criteria stated above.
✔ Request to be removed from this network if your blog are selected but you are unwilling to be part of it.
✔ Report any error that occurred be it spelling, fact or anything.
✔ Suggest anything that could be done to improve this network.

That, can be done through the ask box.

Thank you! May Allah bless you!