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Jezreel’s profile ID is T639107. Reviews: Asian Ladies In 30s Seeking Foreign Husbands

Thirty is a special number for Asian ladies. It means a woman has turned into another stage of life.

There is a special group of beautiful, well-educated women in Asia, who have been already in their thirties but still stay single. Perhaps it is quite normal in the United States and other Western countries, but not in Asia. According to the Asian culture or traditions, girls should get married after 20 and before the age of 30. If she is still living with her parents after thirty, she will suffer huge pressure from the family, relatives, neighbors and peers. So why would these single Asian girls like to suffer so much to stay single? Why not just find some guy and marry him to start a new family? Well, indeed, these ladies really want a happy marriage life but can not find the right guy in her own country. What they want is actually quite simple but men around her seem to be not able to meet her demands. Anyway, let’s take a look at her so-called high standard for husband. Maybe you are the right one for her.


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