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Chronicles Of Syntax: Fallen Angel Miniatures (Episode 01)

So if you couldn’t make it to MCM Expo this weekend, or did and still missed the Chronicles Of Syntax panel, the first thing you need to know is that CoS is BACK!! Kinda!

We’re creating a series of short, non-plot-specific minisodes like the one above, that will give you a little window into the lives of the Fallen Angel Network. I’m really excited about the idea because:

  • We get to revisit the CoS universe and I get to play with Kai again,
  • We have something to give back to you guys, in the build-up to Season Two!

Yep, SEASON TWO. We’re gonna do it! The story’s ready, we’re ready, but once again all we need is funding. We’ve been deliberating the best way to go about it and it looks like we’re launching another Indiegogo campaign. That will be kicking off on 5th November, so save the date!

And don’t forget to subscribe to the Chronicles of Syntax channel to catch the rest of these episodes, as they’re not gonna be on the Multiverse! :D


A Fighting Choice - Chronicles of Syntax (Ep.2)

New CoS episode is up!

The Fallen Angel Network has been given a new member to find: Trystanne thought she knew what her destiny was, until FAN knocks on her door. What will happen if the latest calling refuses to be caught? 

I like this one because it definitely helps set the overall plot in motion - also there’s no old audio episode equivalent for people to compare it to, it’s entirely new stuff :)

Hope you enjoy, share it if you do! <3