It Takes A Man And A Woman

Mr. & Mrs. Montenegro’s Wedding



“Noon, pinangarap ko lang mahalin ng isang Miggy Montenegro. Ngayon, nagpapasalamat ako dahil hindi na ako naghintay pa ng matagal, para matupad ang pangarap ko na yon. 
Hindi naging madali ang love story natin. Ilang beses din akong napagod, at sumuko. Matagal bago ko naintindihan, na walang instant happy ending. And that I realize, that I failed to understand the true meaning of unconditional love. Of love, that I always thought, I perfectly had for you.”


“Five years ago, during one of the worst days of my life. When everyone was walking out of me. A girl, walked into my life. And I never thought that, that day. Hindi ko alam na, yun palang kaharap ko, yun na pala future ko.”


“Patawarin mo sana ako sa mga oras na sumuko ako. Ganun pala kapag nagmahal ka ng totoo. Kasama lahat, nang maganda, nang pangit, nang malungkot, nang masakit. Ngayon kaharap mo, ang isang Laida, na alam niya ng buong buo, ang pinapasok niya. Isang Laida, na hindi lang happily ever after ang gusto. Kundi isang Laida, na pinipili ang reality ever after with you. Mahal na mahal kita Bebe ko. Mahal na mahal kita. At wala na akong ibang nakikita pang gagawin, kundi ang mahalin ka at pagsilbihan ka buong buhay ko. Kaya maraming salamat for hiring me once again, as your EA, your Eternal Assistant. Pwede ring MA, Maternal Assistant, para sa magiging babies natin. LORD Thank You. Thank You. Hindi mo lang alam kung gaano ako kaexcited dahil pagmulat ng mga mata ko mamayang umaga, si good morning husband na mismo ang kaharap ko, ang kausap ko, at mamahalin ko forever.”


“Today I realized, I wont be making any vows for my wedding. No. Because, this is not the day for promises. Today, I stand here, in front of you, in complete surrender. I have no worries. I have no fear. Because I know. And I know, because I’m sure. And I’m sure, because I’m yours. GOD bless our marriage. And GOD bless me, for wanting 12 kids with you.”

Miggy: I LoveYou.

Laida: I Love You too.

Miggy: So much.

Laida: Noon at ngayon, pati na in between.

Laida and Miggy version 3.0. :)


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This is easily my favorite interview of them, ever. Because it validated all my baldik assumptions from before. lol

Oh the things you do to my baldik heart. ❤

Please watch the whole interview above before you continue reading below so you’ll know what I’m talking about. Watch it twice if possible and set it on the highest quality if you must. lol

He never talks about any other women like he talks about OO. ❤ I dare you to tell me I’m wrong because I can easily compile everything he has ever said in defense, respect and love for OO. :p Those were just the ones we see and read on TV and the internet. Can you even begin to imagine how these two talk when there are no cameras around? Yeah the thin line between comfort and intimacy, of words and actions, of the past and the now. All we are seeing is just the tip of a very peculiar iceberg. ❤

All are quotable quotes so I can’t make isa isa them here.

Just the way he defends her. The way he’d unconsciously reach for her back to give it a little rub when questions get rough. The way he’d describer her. The way he’d stare at her. The way he’d showcase his lambot lambot arms to be readily pinchable any given moment. The way he’d smile at her. The way he’d tell stories about them. The way he’d lean at her for comfort. The way he’d finish her thoughts.


The way she’d grasp his arms like it was the extension of hers. The way she’d open up the past and not talking about it as a can of worms, but rather experiences that made her stronger. The way she’d laugh at his silly gestures. The way she’d turn to him for approval. The way she’d scream her mind. The way she’d pinch his side side belly. They way they understand each other. The way she’d finish his thoughts.

oh yeah right! Those are the things that lovers friends do and say to each other. Mwehehehehehe!

For dokyu purposes again. I’m sorry I couldn’t write a longer entry. It’s just that tonight, I feel so weak on my knees and I can hardly speak. In a daze, it is so amazing! Truth is, I don’t have enough time to write longer. I spent most of it watching the interview over and over again. 😜lol

Okay I said that I wasn’t gonna quote but I’m sorry I just have to post this one.

Kapag malungkot ako sya yung hinahanap ko.

My favorite part in the interview, to each his own. But on my part, jyan ako pinaka hindi makatulog kakaisip. lol

Like Tatang’s shorts na may sariling buhay. Ganyan din ako when I submerge myself in baldik thoughts. lol Happy, cute and altogether amusing!

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My current favorite picture aside from this. Tatang and OO’s smiles are on top of the smile chain.

Yeah, In time is just a matter of time.

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