idalia fame

Nostalgia Twenty13

There will never be

Just a simple interaction with us

My mouth is always open

At the thought of you

And those thoughts; they linger

& spread to forbidden places

Even when a new day has begun

And The love of you has been washed from inbetween my thighs

And my mind is no longer subconscious

So then I’m like Fuck

Baby tell me.

Who can do it better?

Do You Remember…

When I use to sway around your house

Stripping down to my birthday

While playing my hide n seek games with you

Humming sweet melodies

So you could finally find me & claim your prize

Letting me have my way with you

Feeling every part of you then pulling away

Stimulating both heads…

& leaving you wanting to taste…

Yea, I know Now tell me baby.Who can do it better?

Got the beamer, came over

Blew me up, couldn’t wait

On your knees; staring up at me

Our lips meet; you went in on me

Hit it from the back up the stairs

Took a breath with every step

Took the D just like a champ

Yes daddy, just like a champ

I could see us; our silhouettes

In the glare of your flat TV screen

Shit was lit so you smoked me out

You been knew; I got hella clout

Came together; Broke bread together

Even prayed together; & I bailed you out

Now Baby PLEASE Tell me…Who can do it better?

By: Idalia Fame

They never asked me why I rendered after her so heavily. They don’t know what’s wrong, and why I play so lethal like…because when I peak in the mirror, what I see, I don‘t like; the inside, yea that bitch. I can sense her scheming to put an end to me, she’s trying really hard to become me and no one cares to ask about the reckless thinking thoughts in our head and instead of them trying to help me…They walk right pass and look back without trying to stop me…They might as well pass me the gun…

So I can kick off this game of Russian Roulette, But it’s up against self so of course I’m kind of skeptic because she’s still here, the bitch never loses. So I’m trying not to end up behind the barrel, but the trigger, so I can at least weigh out my options and put in my two cents, because they don’t know what it’s like walking around in this skin. Shoes can be detached, depression is an understatement by now and by now I’m sick of confronting me. While looking in the mirror with the bottle at hand. She’s staring right back at me, I can feel her presence right in front of me, I’m inferior. While the inner machinations of her mind forced me to envision all 90 degree angles of the woman staring back at her to crack, all at once…