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Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus) is one of the most common owls in the Americas. They are highly adaptable hunters that are able to thrive in environments ranging from arctic tundra to harsh desert and are only absent in the Amazon rain-forest and southern part of South America. Great Horned Owls are one of the few predators that regularly feed on skunks and were described by early naturalists as “Tigers of the Sky”.


Okay so I may have totally fangirled over this cosplayer. I think I screamed and then cried and then asked if I could take their photo. They were a great sport about it and I just thought they’d stand normally but then they did robot movements and then posed just like Rabbit! Their make-up is amazingly spot-on and for a moment I thought it actually was Bunny Bennett (though I think she’s taller?). 

If anyone knows who this amazing cosplayer is, tell me and I’ll link them!

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Funny how one of the people who claimed to spot him in LA said he was wearing a black "hip hop" style hat and now he shows up at the Rovers game wearing one. Even more funny is how that David guy said Harry was sunburned and red cheeked and he ends up looking just that way in that fan pic from Idaho. Of course, they could all be trolls, but still...


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I literally hissed at the photos of him back in England lol, but nice to see he's caught a little bit of sun ;) and I'm not saying it was from the sun in LA but I'm totally saying it was from the sun in LA.

well harry is MIA until further notice so I’m not saying he could be with the spouse with a matching tan but I’m saying he could be with the spouse with a matching tan