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 Street life.

 "There are a lot of [street hustlers] who are “straight” who, to make money, do whatever they have to do. And then there are people who are part of the street gay life, who enjoy that, and that’s their life. Mike, my character, is from the first group. 
– He does it just for money. He’s not part of that whole scene -which doesn’t change anything, really. It’s all the same scene, but that’s how their psychology works. That’s how they justify what they do.“

Neither a quality story nor a page turner
—  Coeur d’Alene, ID parent and curriculum review committee member, referring to John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. CBLDF today joined with the National Coalition Against Censorship and other free speech groups to send a letter protesting the committee’s recommendation that the book be restricted for 9th graders.

I’ve never driven to southern Idaho but after today I realize it’s completely different from the central part. It does make for a really pretty drive with the salmon river next to the highway though

Beautiful! We wouldn’t get tired of that view either @KrisDinnison! It’s so lovely, thank you for sharing your bright place with us! 🗻💙🌾 #SpiritLake #Idaho #WanderTheWorld #Wanderings #AllTheBrightPlaces

#Repost @KrisDinnison: I never get tired of this view!#amwriting #noreally #AlltheBrightPlaces (At Spirit Lake, Idaho)