Transgender woman sues Idaho for refusing to let her change her birth certificate
The birth certificate she has now led to her being called 'tr*nny' and 'f*ggot,' a lawsuit alleges in federal court.
By Dominic Holden

Last week in Idaho, a transgender woman identified as F.V. filed a lawsuit against the state seeking the right to change her gender marker on her birth certificate. Idaho is among the handful of states that don’t explicitly allow transgender people to change their birth certificates. 

The woman has suffered harassment by state officials for trying to make the change to her gender marker. 

“The incorrect gender on F.V.’s birth certificate has exposed her to hostility when she visited the social security office,” the suit says. “After seeing her birth certificate, staff at the office referred to her as a ‘tr*nny,’ a derogatory term that disclosed F.V.’s transgender status to others in the waiting area. One of these individuals then called F.V. a 'f*ggot’ as she was leaving the office.”

Peter C. Renn, a Lambda Legal attorney who filed the case on behalf of F.V., told BuzzFeed News, “It is especially dangerous for the government to not recognize people for who they are because the government leads by example.”

Transgender people rely on birth certificates to update other forms of government identification, he said, and when it shows a different sex marker than the gender they present, it outs them. “Whether we are talking about access to restrooms or violence against transgender people, so much of the discriminations stems from a refusal to recognize their gender.”

Oof. Rooting for her and everyone else who’s been denied this right.