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Fem!Julian (probably trying to think of something else to paint besides their cute parabatai) for the Lady Midnight ARC contest @cassandraclare :)

Close up of the Emma painting below. ⤵

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fangirls dont want just any boyfriend;

fangirls want boyfriends who read them smutty fics thru the phone and give them all kinds of fic recs and bring them to kings cross station and buy them fandom merch and be very cool with “obsessing” over tumblr and fandoms ok????

anonymous asked:

Pls give me the most adorable irene gif that u have

I suddenly don’t know what does adorable even mean… I don’t think it is possible to give only one gif of adorable irene I’ll just give you my fav ones

welp look at this fluffy bunny

be natural era should be all about fire but look at her

dream team was a disaster but this remains gold

must not forget bae with glasses

the day she showed us her real identity

I finally found adorable irene (I mean it’s there @ the caption)

I hate you??

combo of 3

I should stop already

though this is kinda adorable in a weird way

I’m deleting before it gets worse thank

Seamen’s Identification Card for Luis Fernando Acosta, 2/5/1926

Series: Seamen’s Identification Cards, 1917 - 1922Record Group 41: Records of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, 1774 - 1982

Dated 90 years ago, this Seamen’s Identification Card is from a series held by the National Archives at Boston, consisting of retained or duplicate copies of cards issued as permits for seamen departing from or arriving at the port of Boston.  Information in each record includes certificate number, date of issuance, name of seaman, age and place of birth, parents’ birthplace, naturalization data, physical description, photograph, left thumb print, and signature. Name and nationality of vessel is also included. Some cards contain additional information on visas issued or subsequent arrivals and departures.

url change: commandereyebrows>seijhoe

welp, I haven’t been in the attack on titan fandom for quite some time so I think it’s about time I change my URL.

commandereyebrows > seijhoe

i’m gonna be swapping my URL later today. i’ve got it saved, and I’m going to set up this url with a page that redirects people to my new url. so i’m not actually moving blogs. bear with me pls, i may reblog this a few times as I have some friends who only follow me on tumblr and I’d like people to know who I am!