give me an au where lance and shiro are in a band and they meet keith who plays violin and they try to get him to join the band cause hes s o good and keith goes “a violin isnt a band instrument, its for orchestra. i cant be in a band”

and lance looks him dead in the eye and says “not with that attitude

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A federal appeals court decisively struck down North Carolina’s voter identification law on Friday, saying its provisions deliberately “target African-Americans with almost surgical precision” in an effort to depress black turnout at the polls.

The sweeping decision upended voting procedures in a presidential-election battleground state barely three months before Election Day. It tossed out North Carolina’s requirement that voters present photo identification at the polls and restored voters’ ability to register on Election Day, to register before reaching the 18-year-old voting age, and to cast early ballots, provisions the law had fully or partially eliminated.

The court also restored a provision that ensured that the ballots of people who mistakenly voted at the wrong polling station were deemed valid

The ruling by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, was an abrupt reversal of a late April decision in Federal District Court that Republicans had savored after years of bruising legal and political battles. Although the circuit panel praised a federal judge in Winston-Salem, N.C., for his “thoroughness,” it left little doubt about its view of voting practices in North Carolina, where Republicans pushed through a major overhaul beginning in 2013.

“We cannot ignore the record evidence that, because of race, the legislature enacted one of the largest restrictions of the franchise in modern North Carolina history,” said the decision, which Republicans said they would appeal.

“In holding that the legislature did not enact the challenged provisions with discriminatory intent, the court seems to have missed the forest in carefully surveying the many trees,” the appeals court wrote. “This failure of perspective led the court to ignore critical facts bearing on legislative intent, including the inextricable link between race and politics in North Carolina.”


The New York Times“Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down North Carolina Voter ID Provision.”

Today in no shit, Sherlock.


awkward angles but cute snapchat filters Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ  SORRY ANUSHKA THIS ISNT POKEMON

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