Q. Tomorrow you leave to go to a deserted island! If you could only take 3 people or things what would they be? You might end up going for real so be careful! You’re the new trend!

RM: V! I need him when I’m bored we eat jjajangmyeon together
I will take my tablet too so I can listen to music. I’ll read e-books
Lastly I will take doraemon? In fact, if I take him I won’t need anything else, right? It will turn from a deserted island into paradise

JIN: Meat? Mosquito net? Bed! I want to eat well and stay comfortable wherever I am

SUGA: Park Jimin! I think there’ll be a lot of work on the deserted island (that he could do). Bear Grylls, I need to learn how to survive. Lastly a lighter. If there’s no fire I’ll die

JIMIN: Knife? I’d need it for various reasons? Next is a lighter, for making a fire. Lastly, armour, to protect my body.

V: Food, game console and car. I will eat, sleep and play in the car!

JK: Fruit and vegetable seeds? Fire! Knife! To survive!

JH: Book, pencil and note(book). I will study while I’m there

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Daryl is undeniably responsible for Glenn’s death and justify it however you want but what Daryl did wasn’t for Rosita or anyone else, he did it for himself in a moment of impulse he lashed out.Even if he thought Negan would just kill him what did he think punching Negan would even achieve. He has no weapons, he’s surrounded by people with guns and he is putting everyone’s life in danger. Yes he and everyone he cares about are in a complete state of helplessness and yes one of his friends is dead but in such a dangerous and unstable situation acting out without any thought to the possible consequences is not a reasonable reaction. And these outbursts are not out of character for Daryl either (e.g. when he ran off on his motorbike in 615 or when he thought Carol died in 306) but up until now everyone has been able to make excuses for it and it hasn’t directly affected any of the characters. It isn’t out of character and it’s not unfair to blame Daryl for Glenn’s death especially considering how long Dale’s death was the main reason everyone hated Carl.

It’s funny how snapmap started out as the most disappointing thing about DOOM 4 for me (multiplayer being the second most disappointing thing) and now it’s quickly becoming my favorite part of it. If ID Software continues to update it and show it love then I can’t wait to see what it’s like years from now. Maybe DOOM 2016 has a chance of having as much longevity as the originals after all?