• Me:*takes a deep breath*
  • Me:I'm sa-
  • Everyone:Yes, we know, you're sad that Ace Attorney 6 isn't Apollo Justice 2, and yet that you're excited anyway, you just want Apollo Justice 2, how you just MISS Apollo, we KNOW, you WANT Apollo Justice 2 okay we know YOU WANT APOLLO JUSTICE 2. WE GET IT.

Nick Derington is back with a new Kickstarter campaign - ‘Boss Fight 2: Ode To Id’, carrying on from his original 'Boss Fight’ print Kickstarter Campaign, this new campaign is inspired by the First Person Shooters from id Software: 'Doom’, 'Quake’ and 'Castle Wolfenstein’.

Prints in the Kickstarter are available in different tiers:

  • A mini 12" x 9" giclée print with all three images on one print. Signed and numbered.
  • The standard edition prints are 12" x 24" hand-printed silkscreen prints with 5 custom colours, and are signed and numbered.
  • Glow-In-The-Dark editions of the standard prints.
  • 18" x 36" screenprints with 5 custom mixed inks with an additional glow-in-the-dark ink layer. Signed and numbered, limited to only 200 sets.

The campaign closes September 15. Go here for the Kickstarter Campaign Page