id watch that movie

alien covenant

so it turns out everyone who shit-talked this movie is bad and wrong and needs to go sit in the corner reserved for garbage opinions.

about every show that i get into and talk to my grandma about over the phone she says: i should just watch it to know what you’re talking about

we watched gf together back in 2015/beginning of 2016 and she liked it enough to watch the finale’s premiere (we were 6 hours apart but i called her and cried and screamed over the phone and talked to her about it when none of my irl friends had seen it yet at the time lol)

and now ive been talking about samurai jack and she noticed the first season 5 episode recording on her tv when i visited last, and now she seems determined to watch the new series and i was like: !!! you should it’s great 👍🏻

i love my grandma ;u;


this was a surprisingly good, interesting and sensible review of the emoji movie, id like yall to watch it

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(honest) opinions on harry's album? 💚

  • nut
  • not to insinuate theres like anything lyrically rihvolutionary abt a dude jacking off but ive been thinking abt harry waking up groggy jacking off for years so again: nut
  • its cool to me that he wants to show off his influences and pay tribute to whats shaped him like mostly individually i didnt think anything sounded the same it wasnt really a straight 50/50 of bops or vibes i could tell he definitely wanted everything to sound like its own thing like a piece of him 
  • the story is so cohesive i mean hes definitely christian bale talking to girl #3 but id still watch that movie just bc it sounds like the cinnamon tography would be good whic is to say the album feels so visual to me even if its like…not what we understand to be a ‘visual album’ its like picturesque and that really speaks to strong writing 
  • the story is just so tight like one listen all the way thru the album i feel like i just lived the highs and lows of a chaotic and confusing romance but it left me in a haunting intermission and i dont know when the mad rush to the airport scene cue credits is going to happen yet and i love that its not like linear storytelling it feels like there were so many cuts and flashbacks that just led you to the same empty hotel room its so like gorgeously circular i think
  • solid debut it feels familiar enough bc we like know hes weird we know hes a rockstar we could sort of predict most of these sounds it feels like finally indulging in this body of work that you were imagining for a long time but he still made it just surprising enough and introduced new parts of himself so it was new too and felt like beginning and not just like closure after a long journey for old fans 
  • i think harrys going to stay true to what makes him harry styles and i think its gonna work out really well for him 
  • hes like……so fun 
  • and he doesnt feel like an imitation or an 80s throwback thats just the fad rn like this isnt just a 10 track nostalgia piece it just feels like a combination of his influences and still feels present and unique and fun and like he could take it somewhere that sets him apart 
  • i dont think this album is meant to be a masterpiece and i dont think it is either i didnt love every track equally i didnt even outright love every track but for what it is like for a self titled debut album its peak
  • nut
  • i loved 1d but the creative exploration and the like experimental stuff he did on this is really apparent and i wish he took even more risks but the ones he did take were like so fun its a good color on him in my onion
Getting the Message

A/N: Request for anon. Juice imagine to the song “The Way” by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller. Hope you like it, anon! x

“You guys are absolutely sickening.” Happy said, looking over at Juice and Y/N on the couch.
Y/N’s legs were draped over Juice’s, and they were cuddled close, giggling and blushing, the cute stage of a new relationship.
Juice had been a good friend of Y/N’s for two years, and it was only a matter of time before he finally admitted his feelings to her.
His brothers had been at him for months, encouraging him to tell her, and they figured the best time was now; via drunken text at a SAMCRO party.
They’d been playing a modified game of pool that the guys made up; having to take a shot of vodka for every missed shot on a ball. By the level of typos Juice was making, he had missed a few shots.

Juice: [I love the way u make me feel. I think bout yo all the time keep wondering if u like me like i like you coz I really like you.]

Y/N looked up at him from the bar, having been in a conversation with Lyla and Tara when she’d received the message.
Juice grinned at her, a blush creeping up his neck, and she smiled back.
The boys were crowding around, watching her response as well, reassuring Juice that he was doing the right thing.
Juice was questioning whether his intoxicated friends were the best people to get advice from, but he trusted them, regardless of their state.
Jumping at the message alert, Juice opened it up to see Y/N’s answer.

You: [You’re a bit of a badboy, Juice Ortiz ;)]

Juice grinned, feeling his face grow hotter, the boys hooting and laughing along.
“Need help, Ortiz?” Tig asked.
“Yeah, we’re great at this stuff.” Happy chimed in.
“From you? I want her to be with me, not be afraid of me.” Juice replied, typing away on his phone.

Juice: [I ain’t gunna play u babe you’d b my princesss. If ur lonely at home id pick you up and bring you too my place. watch movies and cuddle]

Now two more shots down, Juice was feeling rather giggly and bashful.
He’d liked Y/N for some time, but understood how demanding the club could be on him, unsure if she was up for a relationship with an outlaw biker.
Juice hoped she was. He’d never met someone as kind and caring as she was to him, and the moment he’d introduced her to the club she’d extended the same kindness to all the members.
Juice watched Y/N as she smiled, biting her lip and running a hand through her hair. He couldn’t help himself, he sent through another text.

Juice: [I’ll never leav u. you’re a keeper and I’m not going nowhere. Be my girl?]

This time, Y/N responded right away.

You: [Get over here, Ortiz!]

Juice looked at the phone, at Y/N, then back at the phone, stunned expression on his face. What she’d said finally registered, and he leapt up, stumbling a little when he jumped over the back of a couch, coming to a stop just before Y/N.
“So, is that a ‘yes’?” Juice asked, wanting to be sure of her answer.
“Yes.” Y/N smiled up at him, shy and sweet.
Juice clumsily brought his lips down onto Y/N’s, missing slightly before righting his aim, both of them giggling and kissing while the partygoers cheered.

Two weeks had passed since that night, and Happy shook his head and drank his beer while the couple grossed him out on the couch.
“Juice, you are relieved of club duties for today. Take Y/N home so we don’t have to see… This.” Clay gestured to the two of them.
“Clay, be nice, they’re young and in love. Don’t you remember when we were that age?” Gemma asked.
Juice got up from the couch, taking Y/N’s hand and helping her up, leading her out of the clubhouse.
“So, what do ya wanna do?”
“How about we watch movies and cuddle?” Y/N asked.
Juice smiled, helping Y/N with her helmet and leaving the parking lot of TM.

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