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A BTS reaction to you moaning their name in their sleep, even though you're only friends?

Sucker for this shit


You usually lounged around with your head using Jin’s knee as a pillow and  more times than not you’d fall asleep while watching what ever movie the two of you had chosen. Hearing you say his name at first so airy didnt phase him, it was when he asked you what you wanted and you didnt respond did he realize you were sleeping. He wouldn’t believe that you were saying his name in your sleep but when you said it again he’d smile and move his hand to stroke you hair, butterflies erupting in his stomach. When you’d wake up it would be the first thing out of his mouth as he asked you what you were dreaming about. When you wouldn’t tell him he’d start mimicking you causing you to laugh and smack his chest. 


You were always in the studio with Yoongi and he loved having you there. You had a way with words he could only dream of. It was another late night and he didnt mind that you had fallen asleep on the couch behind him until he started hearing his name. He turned to see you shift in your sleep. This made him smile. Being cooped up with you while writing both of your feelings down to paper created a bond between you two. He’d leave his desk and kneel in front of you and when you moaned his name again he’d stroke you cheek to wake you up. When you did he’d smile at you and take your hand to sit you up. You would flush and follow himself back to the desk. “You know while you were sleeping you gave me an idea. lets add you saying my name here.” He’d say with a playful wink as you realized what you had done. 


When you asked Namjoon to stop by to bring you soup while you were sick he thought he’d be walking into your apartment to see you red nosed and sleepy eyed, but when he opened the door to see you curled up in a blanket he smile and took it upon himself to empty the soup into a bowl and bring it to you. He sat down next to you and was about to place a hand on your shoulder to wake you up, but his name was already leaving your lips. He smiled and looked down, waiting to hear if you said it again, but when you didnt he finished placing his hand on your shoulder to wake you up. When he did this he laughed at how fast you shot up. He’d smile at you and hand you the soup, waving off your thanks. “You know I’ve been thinking. When you’re feeling better id like to take you on a date.”


He wouldnt be able to hide his smile as he heard his name leaving your lips as the two of you sat there, your tired head resting on his shoulder. Though friends, the two of you usually propped yourself upon each other when tired, it was just something you’ve both grown used to. But by growing used to it, you were both opening yourself to the chance of having more than feelings for one another, too scared to break up your friendship. Hoseok would move you hair across your face making a mental note for the next time he was sleeping across you do to the same, in gentle hope it would spark something between the two of you.


He’d sit there smiling and playing with your hair as your head rested across his lap. He’d let you finished sleeping, trying his hardest to keep his attention still on the movie but all he would be able to think about is the gentle sound of your voice calling his name. When you woke up he’d ask you about it and when you blushed he’d take no second longer to take your cheek and place a sweet kiss upon your lips. 


The moment you said it you would have been woken up by him with a large smile on his face. He’d be hovering over you, still laughing while asking playfully if you were dreaming about him. Not knowing what he’d meant he’d scoff when you asked him to elaborate and he’d sit back now facing the tv once again. “You know, if you like me, you should just say something instead of whispering my name in your sleep.”


He would be shocked, confused, and flattered when he heard his name. He wouldn’t bother you to ask about it, but he definitely would hold a smug smile when ever he saw you the days to follow. Eventually you would force him to tell you what he was so smug about and when he did you should blush and bite your lip, knowing exactly what he was talking about. He’d give you a comforting hug before kissing your redden cheek gently and moving back to continue what ever it was he was doing before. 

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Who sleeps better, a light sleeper or a dark sleeper?

Id say it still depends on a couple more variables. Such as their Psychological state, how healthy they are/eat, and what their bedroom routine is. But if you were to go strictly off of, “if I drop this book who’s gonna wake up” it’ll probably be the heavy sleeper that has the better undisturbed nights sleep

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41 + Wonwoo :D 😁

Prompt: “Go back to sleep.”

Genre: Fluff

Member: Wonwoo x Reader

Your deep sleep was interrupted by a faint ringing, gradually growing louder and pulling you from your dreams. Slowly turning over, you looked at your phone to see who was calling you at 2am. Although you was tired, you smiled when you saw the caller ID.

“Wonwoo,” you said as soon as you picked up the phone. Rubbing your eyes, you tried to wake up a bit. You hadn’t spoke to your boyfriend for so long; you wanted to stay awake and catch up.

“___,” he replied, sighing happily at the sound of your voice. “How have you been?”

“Better if you were here.” you breathed, an aching loneliness arising in your chest. Wonwoo was away in America for his groups first concert out of Asia, and he had been gone for about a month now. Before now, you hadn’t even been away from each other for longer than a week.

“I feel the same,” he said, a feeling of empathy present in his voice. “What time is it back in Korea?” he asked.

“It’s actually 2am right now…” you told him, a yawn escaping your lips as you did so. “I was actually sleeping before you called me.”

Wonwoo gasped on the other end of the line. “I woke you up?” he asked, feeling guilty. “Go back to sleep. You need to stay healthy.”

You pouted, even though you knew he couldn’t see you. “I want to talk to you though…”

“I know babe, as much as I want to talk to you, sleep is more important! Call me in the morning when you wake up, okay?” he asked, making you promise him you’d call as soon as possible.

“I will, Wonwoo. I love you.” 

“I love you too. Now, sleep well princess.”

Surprise-Bucky imagine

Ive had this idea in my head all week, I hope you guys like it!

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It’s 3:10am and you’re curled up on the enormous beanbag in the lounge, watching the sky light up every few minutes and listening to the rain fall outside, Elvis on the sound system in the background. The storm had kept you awake from a restless sleep, not because you were afraid, you actually liked watching them.
“I’m glad you introduced me to this Elvis guy, I really like him”. A husky voice made you jump from behind. You turned to see Bucky walking tired eyed towards you.
“Cant sleep?” You ask him, giving him a tired smile. You move up on the bean bag, making room for him to sit. He flops down next to you and sighs.
“The nightmares keep coming” He almost whispers, pushing his hair back from his face. He asks what you’re doing out here at this time and you tell him you like to watch the storms. It makes you feel peaceful.  You throw your legs over his extended body and he holds them with his cool hands.

Bucky and you had spent many nights together since he’d been at the Avengers house after you promised Steve to show him the ropes. On nights where he couldn’t sleep you watched all the movies you thought were the best throughout the years, and you’d lay on either of your beds together and listen to all the good music, right from back in Bucky’s teenage years. He opened up more as the months went on and you formed a tight friendship, although you had gained more feelings for him than expected. The night you realised was the night you made Bucky laugh for the first time. You had got a bit too excited demonstrating your amazing air guitar skills whilst stood on Bucky’s bed, and you fell bum first off the side. He gave his best efforts to catch you but you went down with a bang. At first you didn’t know whether to cry, but then you burst out laughing and the concern left his eyes and so did he. In that moment, the pain from the fall left your body and your heart swelled. From then on you get knots whenever you see him, and you do your best to play it cool around him.

You’re woken by the sun streaming in threw the windows. Your chest feels heavy and when you look down you see Bucky curled up into the side of you, making you smile to yourself. You must have drifted off together. In the background you can hear the kettle boiling and you turn your head to see Steve in the kitchen. Trying not to wake the sleeping soldier, you wriggle from underneath Bucky and head over to Steve in the kitchen.
He smiles when he sees you and offers you a cup of tea.
“I didn’t want to wake you, you both looked so peaceful” He says. Steve was your closest friend and you’d accidently told him you had feelings for Bucky when you came in drunk one night with Nat and Wanda. You’d sworn him to secrecy but that didn’t mean he didn’t tease you about it in his subtle ways.
“It’s his birthday tomorrow you know” He grins and you look at him wide eyes. Birthdays were one of your favourite thing in this world.
“Why didn’t you tell me Steve!” You squeal at him, inside frustrated at yourself for not knowing already.
“I know what you’re like with birthdays, you get way too over excited and I don’t know if Bucky’s ready for that side of you yet. I don’t think any of us were actually.” He teases, handing you your tea.
You evil eye him and then remember a flyer you’d seen in the library the other day.
“Oh my god Steve, this is the perfect opportunity! I saw a flyer the other day advertising this 40s disco down at the town hall, we could all get dressed up and go down there for his birthday!” You grin.
He looks quizzical for a second and your heart starts to sink a little.
“Oh, unless that’s be too much you know I wouldn’t want either of you to be saddened by the past or something maybe it’s a bad id-“
“Actually I think it’s a great idea” He cuts you off, smiling.  “I think he’d like that, Buck was always the party animal when we were kids.”
“Great! I’ll text the guys and tell them to dress appropriately and get it sorted! Thanks so much Steve I cant wait. You should bring Sharon by the way.” You raise an eyebrow at him over your mug and he shakes his head laughing before heading for the door.
“I will. And you better wake sleeping beauty and tell him you’ve got a surprise.”

You set up a group message and tell the guys your plan before hoping out of the kitchen over to Bucky. He looks so peaceful sleeping. You kneel down in front of him and just look at him for a second, taking in his features before patting his knee to stir him. He opens an eye, confused at his surroundings.
“Rise and shine Buck!” He gives you a small smile and rubs his eyes before sitting up. ‘How can someone look this good in the morning’ you think to yourself.
You sit on the floor cross legged in front of him, a giddy grin on your face.
“Why are you looking like that whats going on?” He questions.
“Ok so, you’re probably going to hate me, but bear with me. I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow and I need you to scrub up well and just go along with whatever Steve says ok?”
He grumbles but agrees. You jump up and clap your hands before shuffling off to your room. So much to do in so little time. And god dammit you needed a dress! You call Nat and arrange an emergency shopping trip.

At 7pm the next night, you give yourself one last look in the mirror and take a deap breathe, excited but nervous. Nat and Wanda call for you and you walk out to meet them, bumping into Steve in the corridor.
“You guys better get off, I’ve tried keeping him in his room for too long he’s getting restless.” He laughs and you tell him you’ll meet them there, the surprise had been kept so well under wrap.

You arrive at the hall and most of the guys are already there, along with a load of other members of the public who had come to enjoy the dance. Your phone vibrates in your bag and its Steve telling you he’s here. Your heart pounds as you grab all the guys together, just in time as Bucky and Steve walk through the door laughing together.
“SURPRISE!” You all yell, and Tony pops a bottle of champagne he’d purchased from the bar. Trust him to be prepared with the alcohol. Bucky’s mouth drops and he looks at all of you and then to Steve in disbelief. You see him mouth something to Steve and he nods his head towards you and winks. Bucky looks over and smiles at you before heading over and greeting all the guys. After all the birthday wishes, people start spreading out and Steve takes Sharon for a dance. You feel nervous as Bucky walks over, all of a sudden shy and anxious about how he’s reacted to all this. He stands I front of you and offers his hand out.
“(Y/N), may I have this dance?” He smiles, a tint of pink appearing on his cheeks. He’s just as nervous as you are. The knots in your stomach only tighten as he pulls you onto the dancefloor.
“I may be a little rusty” He chuckles, putting a hand on your waist and entwining your finger with the other.
“Oh I find that hard to believe Buck, Steve’s told me all about your dancing back in the day!” You tease him and he blushes again, leading you into the upbeat dance. You both laugh as you trip over your own feet until you find the right balance.

You look over to the bar a few dances later and see Steve and Sharon watching you and Bucky both creased over laughing and he smiles and nods at you, happy to see his best friends in such good spirits. You nod back at him and look back at Bucky who’s still grinning, a glass of champagne in one hand. The music slows down and you let out an exasperated breath.
“Oh thank god, I can actually catch my breath.” You laugh and turn around to go and sit down but Bucky grabs your hand and pulls you back, setting his glass down onto the table next to him.
“I don’t think so Miss. You owe me this dance after the stress you’ve put me through these past 24 hours.” He smirks at you. You pretend to be offended, screaming inside that Bucky wants to slow dance with you. He pulls you in close, snaking his arms around your waist. You wrap your arms around his neck, your heart feels like it’s going to burst out of your chest. Just into the chorus, Bucky leans down and rests his head in the crook of your neck.
“Thankyou” He says, breathe hot on your skin.
You ask him what for, breathe almost catching in your throat at the thought of how close you were to him right now.
Sighing heavily, he lifts his head back up and looks into your eyes.
“For tonight. For everything.” He says, voice cracking slightly. Your eyes well up at his words and you pull him back down for a hug, not knowing what to say.
“I think I’d still be lost without you (Y/N)” He says into your ear, and his grip on your waist tightens as he pulls you closer. You stay like that until the end of the song. He pulls away to look at you and wipes away the escaped tears from your cheek. Without thinking, and forgetting it wasn’t just you two in the room, you place a hand under his jaw and lean up to place a quick kiss on his lips. He looks shocked for a minute and you bite your lip nervously, but he smiles at you, blushing.  He leans down and kisses you back, both of you laughing when you can’t stop smiling into the kiss.

Your fellow Avengers start hollering behind you as the lights come on, signalling the end of the dance, making you laugh even more.
“Jesus get a room you two!” Comes from Tony’s way, and you hear Steve shouting “Finally!”
Bucky takes your hand and leads you towards your friends. They’re all look as tipsy as you feel and Tony announces an after party as his place, to which you all agree. Everyone starts to head off, Wanda with her heels in hand, Banner and Tony cheering for more booze. You tug Bucky’s hand and pull him in for another quick hug.
“I think I’d be lost without you too now James”
He gives you a small smile and kisses you on the cheek before spinning round, offering you a piggy back. You laugh and shake your head before jumping on, legs wrapped around his torso. You tap his bum with your foot and tell him to get a move on, there’s more alcohol waiting. He laughs, eyes shining, and heads off to catch up with the others. You smile to yourself, happy to have made Bucky so happy tonight, and hopefully for a while to come.

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Things You Don't Say to Cashiers

“It’s not scanning? Must be free!”

“The money’s fake, I printed it off this morning.”

“You looked bored/sleepy, so I came to wake you up.”

“(On a holiday) How’s your (insert holiday here) going?”

“You should smile more.”

“It’s a shame you’re working, it’s a beautiful day out.”

“Oh, you were open on (insert holiday here)? I would’ve came.”

“I like (insert store name here) better, they have better prices.”

“(insert sexist joke about how women shouldn’t be working)”

“Oh, you’re fiancé isn’t a (insert military branch service member here)? That’s a shame.”

“DO YOU KNOW WHO MY HUSBAND IS?! HE’S A (insert military rank of husband here) THEREFORE I SHOULDN’T NEED MY ID TO SHOP.”

Oh that’s only the half of it.

I really hope he meant it and it wasn’t just a fantasy.


Overview: After Steve has been gone on a mission, you  get a call from a nurse informing you he’s been in the hospital. When he wakes up he’s a tad confused.

Word count: 735

I was riding my horse, Legend, when my phone rang. The caller ID identified it as Steve. Riding always made me happy but hearing Steve’s voice after he had been away on a mission, is the only thing I find better than going horseback riding. Legend kept walking as I answered the phone; we were just cooling down anyway, when a woman’s voice rang through. It was a very official and apologetic voice, one that said what was going to be said before it had been said. “Miss. (y/n)?” she asked.


“My name is Hannah Rover, I’m a nurse at (name a hospital) hospital.”

Oh god, what now! He’s in the hospital! What stupid stunt had he pulled now? “I’m calling because you are listed as Captain Steve Rogers, emergency contact.”

With a heavy sigh, I pulled back the reins asking Legend to halt before asking, “What has happened?”

“Well, all I know is that they brought him in after something classified occurred. Unofficially, I would say there was some kind of collision. We need you to come in and sign some papers while he is still in emergency surgery.”

“Ok…Ok…”I calmed myself jumping off and heading back to the barn, “What floor and how long will he be in surgery?”

“Floor 4 and it will be a couple of hours at best. He’s in critical condition, but we believe he will pull through.”

“I’ll be there soon.” I informed before hanging up.

I asked a friend to take care of Legend for me so that I could rush to the hospital. I went straight the nurse desk and identified myself and asked for nurse Hannah Rover. I filed out the paper and then waited in the waiting room for what felt like an eternity. When he was out of surgery they allowed me to see him through a glass window but not in the room with him. He had to be in a sterile environment. It was over a week and he was still in Nicoma when they finally let me in. I stayed by his side sleeping in the chair next to his bed. I even made friends with the nurses taking care of him. As they would change the bandages on his head, abdomen, arms, and left leg, we would talk about this and that, as well as how his wounds were healing.

I had fallen asleep with my head on the bed, when a big, gentle hand brushed over the back of my head, smoothing my hair.  I hummed happily, till I realized that it was Steve. I shot up from my seat and pulled him into a hug, causing him to groan. I pulled back, “oh, I’m sorry baby, I’m just so relieved that you are awake!”

“Yeah? How long was I out?” He asked rubbing my back as I sat back on the edge of the bed.

“About a month and a week.” I answered.

He looked like I had hit him with a nine iron. “God, I…I” he turned to me… “I missed our wedding.”

“Love, you can’t miss something that never happened…besides we were never getting married. You have never proposed.”

He looked at me confused, “Are you sure? I swear I…”

I soothed him before I said, “I’ll grab a nurse.” I was terrified that he had some kind of head injury, but luckily it was just a dream created in his Nicoma. The doctors let me take him home, but I’ve never seen him so disappointed.

I brought him back to our shared apartment, throwing my bag on the couch, and then led him to our bedroom, “Here, you need to rest.” I said trying to get him to lie down.

But he kept tying to get up, “No, I have to get a ring.” He stammered as he tried to get back up.

“No you don’t. You don’t need a ring, you need sleep.”

“But I need to show you just how beautiful you are to me before I ask you to marry me.”

Smiling, I laid him down, kissed him, and said “I already know how beautiful you think I am. And if you still want to marry me when you are thinking clearly, my answer is yes, if you don’t, no big deal.”

He calmed down and fell asleep.

I really hope he meant it and it wasn’t just a fantasy.