id that rifle


Oh man, this is fun.

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Out shopping for a conceal carry gun with my mom and I can’t decide if I should keep looking or just say fuck it and just stick with a revolver. 

I would like to have something with at least 6-7 bullets in case of an emergency but for anything packing more than that the gun will be bigger and harder not only to conceal because I’m short and skinny but difficult for me to reload because of child sized hands.

I know that I can cock and reload a revolver with ease but my dad would prefer me to get a gun I can just reload bullets fast enough to defend myself.

Like I just want something I can shoot and carry with no issue.

Some thoughts on #SandraBland & millions of Americans exhausted by paid servants destroying instead of defending lives. And those reflexively parroting weak slogans; squealing for violence & murder from behind a centuries-old wall of perfectly visible privilege.

This country is FULL of Americans who actively exercise their rights when given unlawful, unclear orders by police. Refusing to roll down windows, present ID, hand over assault rifles, answer ANY questions, etc. THEY are lauded as heroes; patriots. Message boards swell w/ Police being ridiculed & laughed at by this Patriot-Class of Americans. Without fail, when select Americans exercise their rights, message boards FILL w praise for the resisting citizen & mockery of police. An entire political party [re]constructed loudly claiming to RESIST “gov’t tyranny” while actively CELEBRATING [certain] gov’t tyranny! A select segment of Americans are granted the privilege of being able to resist said tyranny, scream at it, punch, shove or elude it. For membership consideration, this club has ONE requirement: the citizen(s) resisting police/the law/status quo must be white.

Every time the story involves a black citizen, doing far less, presumed guilt BEGINS as theirs to shed. But one cannot shed blackness. Blackness turns “awesome!” or “badass!” to “thug” “nigger” faster than a speeding bullet. Whiteness turns villain to hero in a flash.

As we well know, police are not THE law. They swear to UPHOLD & ENFORCE the law in a professional, courteous manner, whenever possible. Otherwise, whenever we had a problem, we’d just call our friends, local gangs or the mob to handle problems. The mob, gangs and citizens can be prosecuted though. Should there be a discernible difference b/t thugs & police?

You can’t arrest someone for “resisting arrest.” That’s bullshit. Clearly state the charge & when resisted, that’s an additional charge. WE DO NOT BEGIN AS POLICE PROPERTY, to be freed or detained based on some guy’s mood or feeling. We are not theirs. Police weapons & cuffs do not dissolve if we don’t like their attitude. Our rights should remain intact if they’re displeased w/ ours.

#SandraBland’s treatment while attempting to travel freely on HER public roadways has been acknowledged as unlawful. She is already dead. Blackness is born to be w/ 2.9 strikes. A life that can & will be snatched by its nation at any time, any place. Any age, any gender.