id tell you i love you but then ill have to kill you

TWIN ANDREWS | juggie x reader

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part 2:

“arch im kinda nervous”

i admit as we near the familiar diner

“you’ll be fine, it’s just Betty we’ve known her since we were in diapers don’t stress sis”

i huff my stomach turning as the neon sign comes into view

“i don’t know about this I haven’t been home for a really long time i think id rather just go home and rest”.

we pull into the parking lot and i turn to beg to my brother but he pulls the keys out of the ignition

“come (y/n) they are excited to see you, it’s been years at least come in for something to eat then I promise ill drive you home whenever you want”

i sit back and think it over before my brother starts again “dad wants me to help you ease back into it- it’s your first day back at school and wouldn’t you rather have people to talk with tomorrow so it’s not so-” he pauses

“terrifying” i finish

“i was going to say daunting but yeah terrifying works too” i huff
“fine but you owe me Archie big time” a smile spreads across his face as he gets out of his truck. “what have i gotten myself into” i think aloud copying my brothers actions and following him toward the entrance.

“oh and heads up I kinda didn’t tell them you were in town-”

i spin on my heels but he grabs my shoulders “it was supposed to be a surprise” he whines i run my hand over my face “fine- you’re so annoying you know that right”.

he sighs throwing his arm over me and walking me toward our normal booth we’re a spot Betty, Kevin & an unfamiliar raven headed girl.

“arch who’s the other girl-”

“(y/n)” i hear Betty call looking shell shocked

“i-i- I can’t believe your here I-” she chokes on her words.
things didn’t exactly end well between Betty & our friends when I left, after my parents divorce i went into a downward spiral and i was forced to leave with my mother no note no explanation to any of my friends as to where i was going or why and let’s just say i was terrified that they hated me.

“betts” i smile tears welling up

she looked so much older from when I last saw her the more I looked the more she looked different yet entirely the same. she stand from the booth her blonde hair swishing in her ponytail as she rushes over to wrap her arms around me pulling me into her warm embrace

“i thought you were never coming back” she whispers as she held me “me either” i whisper back crying slightly.

i pull away and wipe my eyes glancing to Kevin who’s jaw was lying on the ground “you going to close your mouth and come give me a hug or?”

he glances to me shocked with no movement as if he’s too scared to move in case I run “Kev!” i joke

I spread my arms as he climbs over the raven haired stranger and leap into my arms causing me to stumble back slightly.

“wow” he breathes pulling me at arms length examining me

“girl you got hot” he blurts

I laugh tearing up at the sight of my best friends “you finally grew your hair out im obsessed you look so so so good Chicago treated you well”

i run my fingers through my long red hair “thanks kev, it did it really did” “oh and you look so much thinner!”

I freeze at the comment catching my brothers gaze.

he senses my reaction and laughs stiffly

” I mean you look great, seriously” i breathe a sigh of relief laughing to cover my awkwardness.

“thank you i decided to loose a few pounds and well it worked!”

they smile at me “well have a seat we’ll order and we can catch up!” Archie offers and i nod slipping into the booth opposite Betty Kevin and the other girl.

“you going to introduce me to your pretty friend?”

i ask glancing at Betty

“oh of course this is Veronica Lodge-”

“Ronnie works” she smiles at me

“im (y/n) Andrews im-” “Archie’s twin?”

i nod “obvious?” i mentally face palm “yeah the red hairs a bit of a giveaway” i nod my brother sliding into the seat next to me.

“so you’ve met my sister ronnie” she nods sipping her milkshake “I sure have, will you be going to school this semester”

i nod “i sure am, now both the crazy red headed twins will be attending Riverdale hey arch” i nudge my brother.

it falls silent at my comment and i shift uncomfortably

“oh my god- what did I say?” i glance around Veronica looking equally confused.

“what other twins” she askes confused

“the blossoms..” i finish

“(y/n) I thought I told you about Jason in the car” i furrow my eyebrows at him “I just came from the airport arch i was half asleep and jet lagged i don’t think I was really paying all too much attention to you” i laugh.

“god please don’t tell me their dead- i was going to ask Cheryl for my spot back on the vixens, I miss cheer the girls in Chicago were awful”

still silence

“Jesus will someone tell me what’s going on” my brother touches my shoulder gently

“Jason was killed a few months ago- it was the Fourth of July weekend-” i zone out my breathe catching in my throat.

this is why mum didn’t want me to return home, there’s a murder running around. everything makes sense now while it seemed so eerie when I first got back and how mum refused to let me contact anyone from back home including Archie the past month.

“wow” i exhale “i had no idea- but polly oh my god Betty your sister must be devastated” she nods inhaling sharply let i said something wrong.

I glance down to my food not feeling hungry at all “um arch can we go home im not feel so hot I think I need some rest before tomorrow”

he nods “of course” “ill see you guys tomorrow” i smile waving goodbye to my friends before following my brother out of Pops and into his truck

“you okay?” i nod my attention slipping away “yeah just a lot to process that’s all” he nods pulling out of the parking lot driving toward home.

and you couldn’t help but think something was off something was missing or maybe it wasn’t a something it was a someone

Day 1: My room turned into a ocean. I swear I found fishes and sharks swarming into my lungs. Or maybe that was the remains of you trying not to escape but desperately needing to
Day 2: You weren’t at school today and I should’ve been happy, I was more sad
Day 3: I thought I was ready to move on, then I saw you with her.
Day 4: We haven’t spoken in days now. My mind thinks its being shoved off a cliff.
Day 5: I wish it would just hit the bottom
Day 6: This will be the first weekend we dont hang out. I know you’ll be seeing her and I know youll be smiling without me. I’m trying hard to learn how to too
Day 7: I asked you for help on a history assignment and you replied with “Ask Amber im busy”. I texted back: “Tell Emma I said hi”
Day 8: You posted a video with her on the only social media site you have. When I saw it I erupted. I spewed lava every where, oh god its every where
Day 9: My mom made me sleep next to her on the couch. She was afraid I would try and do something like I did two years ago when another guy tore up my heart. I actually had thought about it
Day 10: I slept in your sweatshirt one last time so i can feel myself engulfed in you. I know you wanted them back so I had to feel you and smell you one last time.
Day 11: I gave you all of your stuff back and you thought I looked like a warrior but really I went home and tried getting you out of my bloodstream
Day 12: when will my eyes stop flowing?
Day 13: I snuck out with a boy and smoked weed on his couch. He talked about love and how much it hurt. I only pictured you.
Day 14: I woke up next to that same boy and I woke up screaming. The boy was worried and confused but I knew why I screamed. I imagined you laying with another girl on your couch. I ran out of his house so fast you’d think Id be better at running from you.
Day 15: Its spring break and im with my best friend and your with her and i swear i can feel you tracing her spine the way you used to trace mine
Day 16: I ignored your birthday and it felt worse than the puking i did that night
Day 17: Im treading icy water while you’re swimming away from me, I guess I just hope you’ll loop around and find your way back to the shattered, but still there, us
Day 18: I don’t remember the sound of your voice I don’t remember the color of your eyes I don’t remember your the taste of your lips
Day19: No amount of screaming gets your name out of my head
Day 20: I got on a plane today and when we took off I swear i almost walked to the door and started flying
Day 21: They say it takes 21 days fo break a habit but I think I just manage to fall more in love with a greedy monster
Day 22: I saw you today and wished you a happy late birthday and promised we’d watch the third Hobbit together. I’m beginning to hate myself more
Day 23: Its the end of the month maybe next month won’t be filled with thoughts of you and killing myself. i think im beginning to be over you
Day 24: april fools
Day 25: i think i understand now. when you first told me you loved me your mouth curled up on the edges, two days before you left when i gave my bare self to you your mouth was a straight line when saying i love you
Day 26: if you’re trying to kill me its working
Day 27: i woke up this morning to my blankets and pillows piled in a corner in my room. its something s ghost would do to make his presence known. im haunting myself. or maybe its the ghost of us tsking over my body
Day 28: its almost been a month since you told me it was never me. i almost texted you happy easter but i saw those text messages and just got angry
Day 29: I hate that you act like you didnt break my heart. i hate that you think im fine that im not writing a shit poem sbout your shit personality
Day 30: thirty days since you’ve wanted me. thirty days since i told you i love you. thirty days since you’ve slipped from my fingers. i tried catching you. you’ve been gone far too long. thirty days is too long
Day 31: i had a nightmare last night about you. you told me you loved me and kissed my forehead. i woke up breathing heavily and shaking. i want you out of my life
Day 32: running on no sleep isn’t fun
Day 33: ive been awake for over 50 hours in fear that ill see you in my dreams again. i cant risk that. it hurts so much. get out of my head
Day 34: my mother told me that love will do this. that its cruel and torturous and breaks you into such little pieces not even yourself can pick up all the pieces. you know where they all are, please come back and pick them up
Day 35: i talked to another guy last night we stayed up late and he asked me questions about you. we were sober so it wasn’t easy spitting up vowels and similies and euphemisms explaining the empty feeling in my chest after you left
Day 36: fuck if i stopped seeing you everyday i swear id be over you.
Day 37: my knee didnt touch your leg like it used it i promise i didnt do that fuck
Day 38: you told me that the wrinkles on my leg bothered you when i sat down. thats not what you said when we were trying not to get caught in the back of your car
Day 39: you told me you’d take me to prom and in two days itll just be another day you promised to spend with me. its funny how our plans turned to dust in a matter of seconds after cleaning
Day 40: the thunderstorm of us was inside of you and maybe that why it felt so close. i keep counting the seconds between the boom and light hoping you arent moving away buy i fear that you are already letting others feel your storm. the plants you grew are dying. maybe you should come back to water them
Day 41: ten days since its been a month since you left. i cried at prom because all i could look for in the crowd was you.
Day 42: i got so drunk all i could see was your face. the guy i fucked kept telling me his name wasn’t yours. i just screamed and cried because you’re all i still think about despite your efforts to continue to push me away
Day 43: i should be getting high today but if i do ill just write more and think more about a guy who will never care
Day 44: i think im trying to gain feelings for someone else because it’ll make moving on from you easier. im afraid to write that it hasnt
Day 45: you traces my leg like you used to. it was like dandelion tea. it made my insides fill with happiness. you’re my yellow paint.
Day 46: Van Gogh used to eat yellow paint because he thought it would put happiness inside him. He would consume it everyday in the hopes that it would bring his sadness to rest despite the fact that it could kill him first. i gues you were my yellow paint emphasis on the were. see im not going to write about you anymore, because when i write you down im under the impression that you’ll stay with the words but you don’t. this is the last sentence I’ll ever write about you

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The Boys (2/?)

 Summary:   You’ve been a hunter since you were 18 , a  vampire killed your bestfriend and you threw yourself into the hunting world after you met the hunters handling her case. John Winchester & Bobby Singer.   Being around Bobby, it was a matter of time before you met Dean & Sam Winchester.  You got along with Sam instantly, but you & Dean didn’t click as much . For the most part your relationship was full of flirting, insults, and arguments. Thankfully you weren’t around them often, only helping each other out on a few hunts . But what happens when you run into the boys again after years of not seeing them?

Warnings: swearing, flirting,angst

Pairing: ( none yet) Dean x reader, Sam x reader

  “ Fuck off Dean. ” you say through your laughs.  You  & the boys are celebrating an easy , successful hunt at the bar down the road from your motel. 

“ Name a time & place sweetheart , ill be there.” Dean shoots back with a wink .

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You roll your eyes, sipping on the whiskey. It burns going down your throat, you’ll never get sick of the taste of whiskey.  The night continues , all  of you sharing laughs and memories.

     A few hours later the boys decide its time to walk back to the hotel you guys were staying at . Sam was not ridiculously drunk , but he wasn’t just buzzed either. Dean having the tolerance he does, was barely tipsy. You on the other hand, were plain old drunk .  You being giggling as Sam pulls you out of the booth , and you fall against his chest with a squeal.  He follows in your laughter , wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you with him and Dean to the door. When the cool breeze hits your face, a smile forms.

 How did I get so lucky to find such good friends? 

“ Come on sweetheart, we have to walk a couple minutes to the room .” Dean says . The boys are now walking ahead of you , while you just standing watching them move.

“ Ugh but Dean ! Its still so early!  ” you complain.  It was barely 2 am  , the whiskey making you feel more awake than you’d like. 

 Dean makes his way back to you .He doesn’t say a word to you , just bends down and tosses you over his shoulder. You let out a string of giggles, squirming in Deans hold.

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“ D , put me down ! ” you yell , you really don’t mind the view though . Your face is nearly eyelevel with Dean perfect ass. Drunk you apparently has no verbal or physical filter right now. You lift your arm, and land a perfect smack to his ass.  You burst out in laughter, when you feel Deans body stiffen at your action. You can hear Sam chuckle making your laugh grow.

“ Keep laughing Sammy, Your ass is next.” You playfully warn.  You can feel Deans shoulder shake as he releases a small laugh .  Out of nowhere  you feel a large hand swat your ass, hard. A small gasp ,almost bordering a moan , escapes your lips at the sting.

“ Well well, looks like Y/n’s got a kink , Sammy.”

“ Ewh gross guys , can you not.” Sammy groans. You feel your cheeks heat up ,and you let out an awkward laugh.  well that was embarrassing.

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Dean Finally sets you down when you guys reach the room.You stretch your arms above your head, a yawn following. You go right for the bathroom, grabbing your pjs out of your bag on the way . When you step out of the bathroom in your baggy Pink Floyd shirt & cheekster underwear, you hear Dean whistle as he sees you .  Your eyes roll for what feels like the hundredth time today .  When Dean takes his turn in the bathroom , Sam shakes his head at the two of you. 

“ Either of you make a move yet?” Sam asks as he peels back the blanket on one of the small beds.  You snort at his question,

“Shutup Sam, nothings going to happen.“  A girl can wish though.

” Yeah whatever you say , just keep it in your pants tonight. I’m in the bed right next to you two and id rather not hear you guys -“

” Hear us what ,Sammy?“ Dean says from the doorway . I wonder how much he heard. 

” Just keep your hands to yourself.“ Sam says as he eyes the both of you .

” Go to bed, drunkass.“ you tell Sam, crawling into the bed across from his. You & Dean have been sharing a bed on most hunts. Sam being the moose he is , takes up the entire bed and radiates more heat than hell. A few minutes pass, and Sams snoring begins.You let out a chuckle at the sound. 

” Whats so funny sweetheart?“ Dean asks quietly .

” Your brothers snores could rival a hibernating bear.“ You both try to keep your laughing down. You wiggle your body , trying to get comfortable. You feel Dean right behind you , his body barely brushing yours. His hand lands on your stomach, stopping your fidgeting.

” If you wiggle your ass against my crotch one more time, we are going to have a problem sweetheart.“ Dean warns.

Oh Shit. Whoops.

” Don’t act like you don’t like it D. “ you whisper, a small smile tugging at your lips .He pushes your stomach lightly, bringing your ass now flush against his half hard bulge, his lips ghosting over the shell of your ear. 

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 ” Oh I love it, i just dont think Sammy would appreciate what  would happen, since hes still in the room. “ Why does he do this to me? Such a cocky bastard.   You know Dean does things just to get a rise out of you , that’s just how your friendship works. Most of the time it just irritates you to the point of wanting to lock him in his trunk, but sometimes it bothers you in a way that sends chills down your spine, & heat straight to your core.

 ” Go to bed D, that Whiskey seems to be hitting you a little hard tonight. “ You say , hoping to end this conversation. Hes drunk , he probably wont remember this in the morning .   You hear him sigh , slightly loosening his grip but not letting you go.

” Whatever you want to believe , sweetheart.“ he says . You don’t respond, instead you focus on trying to sleep .

1 week later 

 You are sitting in another crappy ,run down bar in another small town. But this time , its not for celebratory drinks. The hunt didn’t go as smooth as you all hoped for.  The man you were trying to save from the ghost ignored your warning to stay in the salt circle. Burning the bones didn’t work, so you and Dean were ravaging through the house for something the ghost was attached to, by the time you got back into the room , the man was murdered the same way the ghost was.

 You are downing your 4th tumbler of whiskey, sitting silently at the booth with Sam. He is already looking for a new case, something to get your mind off of this one.  You know not every case is going to end well, but the ones that don’t still hit you hard.  Your eyes wander, landing on Dean & the busty blonde at the bar.  You watch as her hands snake around his neck, and her lips go to his ear.  Anger floods you at the way Dean blushes at what she is saying to him.  Another night, another skank.  You know its dumb to be  jealous, but you cant help it. You’ve seen him flirt with numerous girls, only actually leaving with some of them ; but everytime it stings for some reason.  You haven’t told Sam of the feelings that surfaced for his brother, not wanting to see his ’ I told you so’ face.

” You wanna get out of here ?“ Sam asks,closing his laptop.  You nod your head yes, and he leaves the money for your drinks on the table.  You watch as he goes to tell Dean you’re leaving, and the careless look on his face burned you even more.  Why would he care? He gets to be with Malibu Barbie tonight instead of getting in bed with me.  You begin the short walk back to the motel with Sam .

 ” You know, this just means you get your own bed tonight, y/n!“ Sam says , trying to ease the mood. He can sense the weight of the hunt still on your shoulders.  You send him a tiny smile,

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” Yeah, I cant wait.“ you say half heartedly. After most hunts like this, when you and Dean would both be blaming yourselves, you’d comfort each other with sweet words and youd even run your fingers through his hair until hed calm down enough to sleep.

  You enter the room , and both get ready for bed.  You finally throw yourself down on the scratchy motel bed. 

” Goodnight y/n.“ Sam says with a yawn .  He shuts the light off and falls into his own bed.

” Night Sammy.“

 It wasn’t long before you figure out why you cant fall asleep. Since being with the boys, you’ve always shared a bed with one of them. You miss the warmth , and comfort of someone next to  you . You check the clock ,seeing it hasn’t been long since you wished Sammy goodnight.

” Sammy, are you awake?“ you whisper

He grumbles, rolling himself over to face you .  He lifts his covers up , silently inviting you over, sensing its the reason youre still awake. You hop out of bed and into his. You snuggle yourself into his bare chest,  his body head instantly enveloping you .

” Jesus Christ, how are you so hot?!“ you whine. You fidget , trying to get the blanket off you a little bit.

” Good genetics “ he says with a sleepy laugh . Even in his sleep he thinks he so funny .

” Ha Ha . So clever Sammy.“  he hums in response, you can tell by the way his breathing evens out hes already back asleep.

 A few hours later, you’re woken by the sound of the motel room door opening and closing. Your body tenses, but you feel Sam reaching for the gun hidden under the pillow.

” its just me .“ Dean?Sam grunts in response to his brother..

” Why is y/n In bed with you?“  Dean asks, laying in the other bed already .

” She didn’t want to sleep alone. “ Sam says, still half asleep. Sam  is on his back now, one arm around you as you cuddle into his side. You feel Deans hand on your waist, gently shaking .

” Dean what are you “ Sam starts, but Dean ignores him.

” Come on sweetheart, I’m back. We can sleep a few more hours. “  Does he really think I’m going to just get my ass out of this bed to lay with him? Why didn’t he just stay at the girls place?

 You hum, clinging on to Sam tighter. You hear Dean let out a defeated sigh , then the bed creak under his weight. Your chest tightens as you try to figure out his actions.   You feel Sams breathing even, and hear Deans do the same.  You turn yourself in Sams arms to face Dean . Hes turned facing you , a calm look over his face.

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You want to go get in bed with him, you want him to pull you to him and snuggle against you . You love cuddling Sam , but it was different with Dean. You’re about to get up to switch beds, when you get better glimpse at his neck. Purple and black marks littered the side visible to you. Oh Fuck no.  As much as you want to move, you’re not going to go lay with him . You stay with Sammy,  trying to push the thoughts of Dean away  and fall back asleep.

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Twin Andrews Part 2 | jughead x reader

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part one:

part three:

a/n: part two of twin andrews is here!! if you love it and want more make sure to send me a request for a part three!! love u nugs🌹

“wow V” i chuckle as we walk out of the gym “i can’t believe you got Betty onto the squad” we all laugh and Betty smiles admiringly to her friend.

“it’s about time we had a cooper on the squad” i chuckle looping my arm in the blondes “thank you both- this has been a dream since like forever-” she swoons grabbing her heart.

“you wish is our demand” Veronica tells her friend as we bow jokingly in front of her we all laugh holding a new uniforms in our hands “should we try them out for size?” i nod eager to get into something that was familiar.

we pile into the girls change room and put on our uniforms “im a vixen!!” Betty squeals jumping up at down and swishing her mini skirt.

“B can you zip me up?” i pull my red hair aside as she zips me up

“wow (y/n/n) looking hot!” Veronica exclaims fanning herself cause me to stick my tongue out at her “why thank you miss V”

we walk out of the changing rooms head held high, it started to finally feel like i was finally getting back into my old life, the one i left a year ago for with my mum. I find myself smiling at my friends glad that i came back, i needed them and I didn’t know that till this very moment.

“have you spoken to Archie?” i was snapped out of my thoughts

“spoken to him about what?” i ask stopping at my locker to grab a few books “Betty didn’t tell you?” i shrug feeling someone’s eyes on me “tell me what?” i press.

“she doesn’t need to know-” Betty stumbled with her words, i furrow my eyebrow hitting myself in the head with my chemistry book “if this is about B having a crush on him then yes i know” i roll my eyes.

walking backwards i giggle at Betty’s blushed cheeks, ronnie joins in on the giggle nudging the blonde with her elbow “approve?” she questions and i nod winking st the girls

“look i gotta go- Pop’s after school to celebrate? we have our very first Cooper and Lodge girl that means milkshakes and burgers on me” i ask glancing at the clock it was the last lesson and I was craving one of pops famous burgers

“sounds like a good idea!” Betty smiles at me “good see ya’s later”

i turn on my heels and collide with another body sending me to a heap on the floor, i land on the victims chest and we bop heads “fuck!” i cuss rubbing my head.

i didn’t get a chance to see his face before i tried to stand instantly going dizzy, hands dart to my waist keeping me steady.

“woah easy there Andrews” i instantly recognised the voice “Jughead?” i exclaim glances at his face taking in all his features and that old beanie of his “oh my god” i throw my arms around him as he circle my waist.

“i wow you look-” i step back glancing at him “you look good juggie” i hug him once more and he freezes before hugging me back. “still not a hugger?” i ask and he shakes his head.

“no but you’ve always seemed to be the exception” i laugh “id love to stay and talk but i have chem-” he smiles “me too, walk together?” i nod following the boy

“so how come you weren’t at Pop’s last night for my big return, i knew something was missing but Archie didn’t mention anything” he goes quite so i figure I’ve hit a nerve.

“how are things?” i ask changing the subject “yeah okay” his voice sounds strained “are you sure?” i press “im here aren’t i?” i bite my lip and walk next to him in silence earning a few glances from peers, a river vixen walking with an ‘outcast’.

“this is us” he point to the class i follow him in just as the second bell rang others scrambling into their seats as Mr Hill slips in behind us “seats everybody” i gulp glances around desperately for a seat i forget we’d be in pairs.

all eyes are on me and within seconds the class is buzzing in soft whispers “Andrews” i hear jughead call sitting a few desks back, he gestures to the open seat next to him and gladly slip into it “thanks jones”.

he nods glancing to the front of the class “welcome back miss andrews” Mr Hill greets me “good to be back” i clear my throat awkwardly the eyes of my classmates piercing into me.

“so the hotter Andrews is finally back” i turn in my seat to see Reggie smirking in his seat running his hands through his hair “Reggie Mantle, god even Chicago couldn’t erase your idiot voice from my brain” i smile sweetly batting my eyelashes before facing forward rolling my eyes.

jughead laughs at my comment and i smile at him “baby you couldn’t forget me if you tried” i shake my head facing forward “oh but baby It’s not your devilish good looks that made you memorable it was more what you were lacking in you know where”

the class erupts in laughter and i smirk at my victory “ive always liked you feisty my little river vixen” he purs.

“enough” our teacher yells standing and scribbling notes on the board “good to be back” i mumble catching Reggies sleazy glances in the car of my eye “gross”

i mumble copying the notes “you okay?” jughead whispers “yeah just sleaze ball taking a little bit of a long look” i gesture to Reggie with my pencil and Jughead narrows his eyes at the boy.

“yeah he definitely hasn’t changed since you left” i laugh trying to hold in my giggles and people’s eyes start to stray from the board to me.

“hey juggie” he murmurs glancing to the board then back to his book “Betty & Veronica wanted to go to Pop’s after school to celebrate them making the team- do you maybe wanna come?”

he puts down his pencil facing me “andrews are you asking me out?” i jolt up shaking my head furiously

“no i um no i was just-” i give up when i realise im no longer speaking English “what i meant to say is that no the whole gangs going to be there and i want to hear more about what’s happening around here- Betty told me you’ve been writing about Jason”

he turns to the front nodding “ill be there, we can talk about Jason another time when it’s just the two of us” i nod returning to my work.

“why aren’t we celebrating you becoming a vixen?” i roll my eyes “ive been on the squad since freshman year juggie it’s not that big of a deal” i tease clicking my pen.

“noted” he replies focusing his full attention to the white board.



i turn to see my brother jogging over to me looking slightly puffed “you good?” i ask continuing to walk my brother following hot on my heels, i was eager to get out of this damn school and to Pop’s.

“are you going to the dance tonight?” i knit my brows “what dance?” i question approaching my locker to grab a few books slipping them into my bag.

“the school dance- its tonight- Betty asked if I’d go with her and Ronnie” i close my locker “she what?” i say surprised.

“i- i dunno she just asked if I’d go with them and i said yes which means you have to okay!” i grown “arch i don’t want to go to a stupid school dance” he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me toward him “please!” he begs.

i remove his hands from his shoulders and start the walk to his car, “please please please please please” i block him out taking long strides to reach Archie’s truck.

“open the damn truck arch” he shakes his head “Archie! Open the damn truck” i yell frustration consuming me at how annoying my brother was being “i swear to god Archibald is you do not open this door i will kill you!” i hiss and he shakes his head.

“ill open the door if you come to the dance” i groan resting my head against the door “fine fine! ill go” i say in defeat earning a happy yell from my brother followed by the beeps of the car being unlocked “hallelujah” i mumble getting into the car.

“Betty and Veronica are going to the mall to buy a dress so ill drop you off and you can pick out something nice okay” he teases smiling stupidly at you “why don’t we both ditch and order in watch a movie something actually enjoyable” i offer clasping my hands together to beg.

“no, i can’t let them go by themselves” i smack his arm “um why the bloody hell not? we can take care of ourselves yanno” i tell him irritation itching at me.

“oh well it’s your first social event back- you need this” i ignore him glancing out the window as he pulls into the parking lot of the mall “bye sissy” he teases. i slam his truck door and flip him off as he drives away.

“jerk” i mumble

“you made it!” i walk toward the blonde and the raven headed girls “i made it” i smile at them as they loop their arms in mine “let’s get you a killer dress” i tell Betty as we walk into the complex and she blushes

“archie tell you?” i nod “when were you going to tell me you asked my brother out?!” i exclaim bumping her shoulder “i didn’t ask him out i asked him to the dance with V it’s not like it’s a date”

“whatever you say coops” i wink at her and run my fingers across the nearest dress rack “wish i had someone to go to the dance with” i think aloud flicking through the hangers.

“what about Jughead? Yous seemed pretty cozy in the hall” Betty speaks up curiosity filling her voice “oh my god!” i exclaim cursing.

the mention of his name reminds me that we were supposed to be meeting at Pops now “shit shit shit” i smack my forehead trying not to think about how hurt he’s going to be when he shows up and none of us being there

“what’s wrong?” Ronnie asks concerned her arms full of dresses “i invited Jughead to Pops tonight and i totally spaced” i tell them guilty “im sure he’ll understand” Betty tries to comfort me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“i hope so” i sulk “do you know what happened with him and my brother?” she shakes her head “they haven’t really spoken since before summer break i don’t think they spoke for the whole summer” i gulp, great what the hell happened.

the rest of the shopping trip i spent too engulfed in my own thoughts and theories about my brother and his former bestfriend that i barely noticed buying a dress and getting to Betty’s house.

“earth to (y/n)” im snapped out of my thoughts by Ronnie, she waves the curling wand in front of my face “you almost ready Arch will be here soon” i nod finishing off my hair and grabbing my dress “ill just change and ill be down before you know it”

“okay we’ll be outside”

i nod closing the door and quickly changing into my dress sliding on my heels and applying another coat of lipstick before glancing at myself in the mirror. i didn’t look half bad i smile at my reflection before the tooting of a horn brings me back to earth

“really archie? i was coming jesus” i complain opening the front door of Betty’s house and walking down the driveway to meet my brother the girls already tucked into the car

“wow little sis you look decent when you put in effort”

i gasp shoving him in the chest “your 10 minutes older than me okay-”

he rolls his eyes at me and mockingly opens the door for me, i smile sarcastically at him and slip in the passenger seat “the quicker we get there the quicker we can get home” i think aloud

“c'mon it can’t be that bad” Veronica teased but i just shook my head “you have no idea”

a/n: sorry for it being long and kinda poopy im in the midst of starting a new part it’s just with the ending i wanted for this is would’ve taken SO LONG! but be excited for part three because their will be lots of jughead x reader fluff! so if you’d like that PLEASE (im low key begging you) to just type a ‘part 3’ or ‘i really like this series or just SOMETHING. silent readers get me down!

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College!AU Hoshi
  • major: acting 
  • minor: sociology 
  • sports: tried out for baseball team with seokmin but dropped it freshman year 
  • clubs: on campus dance team, theater ensemble 
  • like his best friend seokmin, hoshi is incredibly popular on campus. everyone knows him because he’s always being goofy w/seokmin or reciting lines from his memory in the quad while standing atop on of the benches
  • anyone who’s walked from one class to another has probably met hoshi on their way and hoshi probably gave them a flyer advertising the theater ensembles next performance and then made them pinky promise to come
  • and like people always go because hoshi is a natural born actor who manages to captivate people like magic and it’s obvious he’s going to make it 
  • choose sociology as a major to better understand human relationships and situations brought about in the real world and how to display them accurately through the characters he plays 
  • people are always telling him to audition for movies or tv shows and the thing is hoshi is much more in love with theater than he is with being on tv. his favorite thing ever is musical theater and aside from being the lead almost all the time , he also choreographs a lot of the dancing in the college productions 
  • everyone in the acting major calls him ‘genius 10:10:’ and one of his classes starts at 10:10am and the second he walks through the door he’s just like *finger guns* “it’s hoshi time”
  • the professor: no it’s ‘contemporary women playwrights’ class time. hoshi sit down
  • sometimes he’ll do method acting and come into class with a british accent or he’ll come in wearing a hakch’angui and everyones like ???? but hoshi has literally no sense of embarrassment 
  • makes business major mingyu practice his lines with him during lunch and mingyu’s like “literally. id rather be studying finances right now.” and hoshi’s like “read your lines.” and mingyu *trying to mimic a high pitched voice* “o-oh prince of my dre-” hoshi: “no no no, say it more romantically.” mingyu: “…….i will kill you.”
  • the theater majors have parties every time they complete one of their shows and honestly it’s like the most lit even on campus because everyone’s dancing around in the empty theater drunk out of their mind, playing around with props, and still in campus and whoever told you theater majors don’t know how to have fun is a LIAR hoshi tried to climb the curtains at one of the parties while still wearing his outfit from ‘peter-pan’ and claiming he was searching for captain hook, who, coincidentally had passed out in one the dressing rooms. tl;dr: theater majors get WILD
  • but otherwise hoshi’s the outgoing guy on campus who everyone wants to befriend or hangout with because he’s funny, cute, can dance, and will imitate your favorite actors if you ask him 
  • and you know him, you’ve been to a couple of the college theater’s shows and you’re impressed by him like everyone else. you never really think about approaching him though because his circle of friends is big enough so it’s more of like you know the name hoshi, but beyond that you two are strangers
  • which is why when you drop by the theater to ask if anyone has seen your friend who’s also part of the ensemble you’re surprised to see that hoshi is alone there pacing up and down the stage in a panic
  • and you call out to him like ask if he’s seen your friend around
  • and hoshi turns to you and jumps off the stage and makes a damn beeline to where you’re standing near the last row of seats and like
  • you’ve never seen him up close but now he’s standing like 4 feet away from your face and hurriedly he explains that your friend canceled on practicing with him because of a test and now there’s no one here to practice with and opening night is tomorrow and he’s basically like a frantic mess
  • and you’re like ?@@?@?!?@?!?!?/ “im sorry????? can’t you ask someone else-” and hoshi is shaking his head like “mingyu’s at study hall, wonwoo’s not answering his phone, minghao never reads lines with me, and seokmin- that rascal - he’s got a baseball game!” 
  • and then ………. and then hoshi snaps his fingers and his face completely changes and he’s like “are you free right now?”
  • and you can tell where this is going and you want to lie and be like “oooo i have lab gtg” but then again you don’t have lab and also you don’t want to lie to this person whose obviously in need of help and so you swallow and nod and hoshi smiles 
  • and stretches out to take your hand and put the script he’s holding into it 
  • and that’s how you find yourself standing on stage. alone. with hoshi. 
  • and out of all the plays it’s pride and prejudice (the musical version apparently) and the lines hoshi needs to practice the most are from darcy’s famous confession and like
  • as he’s getting into character you’re like sweating stammering over ur lines as elizabeth and like when ur done hoshi suddenly changes from a lively smiley boy you know him best as to this cold look in his eyes and he takes a step forward confidently and like 
  • the lines of the confession are really mature and use a lot of large words and hoshi sounds so eloquent and his tone drops to be lower and you’re honestly spellbound when he reaches out to touch your face and you’re supposed to smack his hand away but like ,,,, you can’t 
  • this serious side of hoshi, although it’s for the character he’s playing, has you basically starstruck and after a minute of just staring at him with your mouth open hoshi backs away and starts laughing like 
  • “are you frozen??” and you feel yourself turning red and you’re like “n-n-no!! i just- you got close so-” and hoshi points to the script like “yeah, i have to get close. but…..ill let you off since this is your first time doing a read-through. let’s try it again?”
  • and so you stand there on the stage with him and time passes and after a while you find yourself having a lot of fun, mostly do in part to how playful and encouraging hoshi is
  • like you’ve never acted in your life and all he needs you to do is read the words on the paper and do basic movements, but hoshi makes it fun and he compliments you on even the slightest thing and you’re like “he’s being friendly, don’t fall for it.” buT HOW Can you not 
  • his smiling face, his ability to make you feel at ease, the way he’s just so so so nice about everything
  • your heart just,,,,,,it just cracks 
  • finally you check your watch and see that’s already past 8 and you’re like fRICK i need to get to my dorm and start studying for tomorrows class and so you bow to hoshi and say you have to go
  • but before you grab your bag and run he takes a hold of your hand and pulls you back and is like “remember how i said tomorrow is opening night? promise you’ll come? the shows at 10!” and you nod like yeah yeah but you’re not thinking straight because you’re in panic trying to remember if tomorrow’s class has a quiz or not
  • and so you run out after he lets you go and you don’t see because you’re busy trying to sprint across campus but hoshi grins to himself and thinks he needs to put on a really good show tomorrow, better than usual, since someone he likes will be watching 
  • but the next day the fact that hoshi’s show is opening completely escapes your mind because it turns out there was a quiz and you’re so tired because you got to the dorm late and ended up studying the wrong section of your book and now you’re like im getting a ZERO its over and like everything else escapes you
  • it’s only when it’s around 10 pm and you get a text from your roommate that’s like “im gong to be late, @ the theater for pride and prejudice (:” and you’re like “ahhh sounds so fun………”
  • and then as you’re literally in bed in your pajamas about to Knock Out your eyes open and you’re like 
  • but before you rush out in your mickey mouse pj’s you fall back on your bed and mumble that hey, you two aren’t even that close, he won’t mind or care
  • and with that it’s light out for you
  • but at the theater hoshi keeps scanning the crowd and seokmin’s whose backstage to wish him luck is like ??? my dude what are you looking for ?? and hoshi’s like “do you know this person……” and he says your name, describes how you look and seokmin’s like yEah i know them but why - you’re friends?? and hoshi’s like “if you see them, tell them to come backstage after - i owe them a thanks.” and seokmin shurgs like ok got it
  • but the show comes to an end and seokmin’s like sorry they didn’t show and hoshi’s smile falters and it’s the first time the rest of the theater ensemble has ever seen him look so defeated after opening night
  • and for the week after hoshi keeps thinking maybe you’ll stop by one of the shows but you never do because you think hoshi’s long forgot about your favor for him
  • until you’re sitting in the campus cafe with your laptop and someone taps your shoulder and you turn around to see minghao who you know from one of your classes and you’re like ??? and minghao gives you a note and he’s like
  • “hoshi told me to give this to you. i don’t know why he couldn’t do it himself, but he paid me so here i am.” and you take the note and open it and its tickets to the theater ensemble’s show + a message that says for you to stick around after the show is over and honestly you’re Confused
  • and you ask minghao if he can tell you where hoshi is right now and minghao’s like “sorry, hoshi paid me not to say that either.” 
  • you: how much 
  • minghao: 25 bucks. you wanna best the offer?
  • you:……………nvm then
  • and like minghao waves and leaves and you’re looking at the tickets and the note and you’re just like maybe he did notice the fact that i didn’t come to opening night?? 
  • but like you don’t want to jump to conclusions so you’re like you know a little hesitant in even going but you decide it’d be rude to pass up so you go
  • and the show, as expected, is amazing. hoshi does such a good job he makes the audience cry and people are going up at the end to hand him flowers and praise him and everyone’s chattering about hoshi and his parts
  • and you nervously stand around near the back row, unsure of what exactly you’re supposed to do since hoshi told you to stick around when suddenly the girl who played elizabeth comes up and takes your hand and is like “c’mon!” and you’re like AH?? and she’s like giggling and dragging you beind the stage
  • and the rest of the students, still in costume, greet you and finally she stops in front of someone with their back turned and she’s like “i brought them - Mr. Darcy!”
  • and you’re like ????? what the hell is this a movie?? am i dreaming?? am i on prank’d-
  • and the person turns and it’s hoshi still in costume (this story takes place in 18th century england so please imagine hoshi in breeches w like those coats and a puffy neck scarf p l e as e) and you’re like holding back a laugh and suddenly he starts speaking lines from the confession 
  • “in vain I have struggled. It will not do. my feelings will not be repressed. you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire-” 
  • and someones from the back is like “WE GET IT DARCY JUST ASK THEM ON THE DATE”
  • and hoshi is like im GEtting TO it 
  • and tbh like it’s hoshi he wanted asking you out on a date to be dramatic and extra by literally asking you out in character but you know his theatermates are right he needs to get to the point
  • and so hoshi is like “im glad you could make it this time, but because you technically broke the promise you made to meeeeeeeeeeee how about making it up with dinner??”
  • and you’re Shocked to say the least 
  • because you’re not sure /why/ he’s asking you out like the only time you ever got relatively close is when you helped him and that was just the case of being in the right place at the right time 
  • BUT it’s not like you’re going to say no because hello it’s hoshi and you shyly nod and the entire ensemble breaks out into applause and hoshi tries to say something again in his character voice and you’re like “please don’t come dressed like that to dinner, i will pretend not to know you” and hoshi’s like “noted”
  • the dinner date is nothing like the actually invitation, it’s surprisingly nice and in this cozy little restaurant and hoshi tells you about himself and asks you about you and you’re like this is so calm and ………..unexpected
  • and tbh you’re a little like “this isn’t what i thought he’d be like.” and as hoshi is walking you to your dorm he’s like “listen, seokmin said that i need to tone it down sometimes so i hope this date was ok and i didn’t annoy by blabbering or something-” and you’re like 
  • “did seokmin suggest you take me to the restaurant?” and hoshi’s like “yeah, how’d you know?”
  • and you bite your lip to not laugh and you’re like “it’s just……it’s just so not your style!” and hoshi breaks into his own chuckle and he’s like “i kNOW right! i wanted to take you to dance practice with me but seokmin said that’d be too overwhelming or something like that!”
  • and you’re like “hey, second date - how about you teach me some dance movies or theater lines?” and hoshi grins and leans in a bit closer and he’s like “this is why i knew i liked you!” and he’s close and you’re kinda like akhflekjw but then you lean in and peck his cheek like “the date was still fun because it was with you anyway text me bye”
  • and you run inside and hoshi touches his cheek and like five minutes later you get a text 
  • but when you open it it’s a selfie of hoshi and he’s drawn a little heart on his cheek and he’s like “thank you~~ see you soon~~you’re the cutest~~ im gonna tell seokmin im taking you with me to dance and that he’s always wrong about everything~~”
  • after the second date, in which hoshi introduced you to everyone on the campus dance team and then proudly threw his arm around your shoulder and was like “you all better not get any ideas, they’re mine.” and after dancing for like two hours straight tackled you in a sweaty hug, it was safe to say that you two were a thing
  • hoshi telling anyone you guys are dating: “yeah, we’re dating. i made up a victory dance for the occasion, wanna see it?”
  • hoshi? you mean king of pda 
  • kisses on campus, nuzzling your face with his own in the library, surprise bear hugs when you visit him during theater practice, holding your hand under the table when you’re out to eat with the theater kids or seokmin, swinging your hands happily as he walks you to class
  • let me repeat: KING OF PDA 
  • everytime he’s got theater practice he like calls you to ask your opinion on his emotion through the phone like he’ll make everyone stop what they’re doing, just to call you and repeat a line and be like “is it good? do i sound emotionally distraught about my ship sinking?” and you’re like “yeah, you sound great captain hook.” and hoshi’s like im nOT PLAYINg captain HOOK thO
  • you’re his go to person to practice lines on and everyone in his friend group is so damn thankful until once when you were away on a trip and seokmin was like “hey, mingyu listen-” and mingyu was like oh god oh no oh god
  • makes jokes all the time that nearly give you heartattacks like he once was like “im gonna get a nose piercing for my next role, maybe dye my eyebrows green too to really get into chara-” and you were like “if you do ill shave your eyebrows off.”
  • whenever you’re sitting beside each other hoshi has to have his arm around your waist and he always tries to get away with putting his head in your lap to sleep
  • lots of people perceive hoshi as this endless ball of energy and at first you did too but then you learn that he deals with not only theater practice, but papers for his sociology minor and also competitions for dance and ontop of that he’ll take weekends to teach dance afterschool at a local middle school
  • and so when he is dead tired and literally just flops down and falls asleep with his face against your arm or in your lap you can only brush his hair from his face and whisper that you’re so proud to be dating someone so selfless 
  • he does this thing where he’ll be gently kissing down your neck and you close your eyes onLY to fEEL him lift you up over his shoulder and start running in circles and you’re like H O S  H I and he’s laughing like “are you dizzy??” and you’re like are we fIVE 
  • minghao voice from somewhere: yes, yall are five
  • hoshi will sometimes be like “im sorry i cant take you on more fancy dates” and you’re like “im fine just watching you rehearse for a show or practice dancing, it’s fine as long as im with you.” and hoshi just tackles you and kisses your face all over and everyone’s like grOSS except dino whose like !!!!!! TRUE LOVE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!
  • you come over to his dorm and you guys steal seokmin’s + jeonghan’s blankets to build a fort and they’re both like can you not but you and hoshi in your blanket fort you built in the communal living room: “you’re just jealous and lonely. we’re gonna cuddle now.”
  • hoshi surprises you by getting tickets to a musical in the city and you get to see his fanboy side come out as he excitedly names all the actors and singers in the musical and like when the dance parts come on you see his eyes like flash with stars
  • and once you saw a musical with this singer from one of hoshi’s favorite groups, and when you get the signature hoshi can’t stop talking about it he’s like “babe….BABE……onew signed my fan with his face on it….BABE”
  • sends you selfies of him getting fitted by the fashion majors for the costumes for their next show and he sent a selfie shirtless and then was like “oops!! accident!!” 
  • (it was not an accident lmfao)
  • sometimes when he’s sleepy and trying to stay awake he becomes super like serious and charming and he’ll just sleepily look at you and be like “you know you’re stunning right, like i could look at you all day.” and you’re like akhgoew hoshi read your textbook and he’s like “ok………but seriously i love looking at you.” 
  • puts notes into your books when you’re not looking that are like cute reminders that he loves you and it’s sentimental because this all started with a note and it’s just,,,,, it’s cute
  • you: hoshi where do you get this cute as hell stationary?
    hoshi: steal it from dino
  • now when hoshi has an opening night you make sure to be there in the front row,  cheering him on! you always get him flowers to give afterword but he’s like “you know what else i want?” and you roll your eyes and kiss him hehe
  • everyone on the dance team keeps trying to lock you two in the dance practice room overnight but hoshi’s like you rascals what the hell do you think we’d do and he always scolds them for it (while blushing a  L O T)
  • hoshi: let’s take slow dancing lessons together
  • you: we don’t have time hoshi
  • hoshi: well we’re gonna have to know for when we get married???
  • seokmin: that’s so corny. It actually hurt me
  • when you finally get around to asking hoshi what it is that made him like you in the first place he’s sitting with you on the stage after rehersal and everyone’s gone and he like pulls you so you’re sitting in his lap and he’s like “you’re the only person kind enough to not lie to me when i asked for your help, and even when you just had to read the lines you put in effort for me - someone you barely knew and i thought to myself this person is a lot like me.” and you’re like ??? a lot like you and hoshi kisses the side of your face and he’s like “willing to help anyone and everyone out, even if they’re some weird boy who asked you to rehearse romantic lines with him for a play.”

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Tell me about Lexa and Clarke :') they seem so cute together

(oh my lord you better love me for this cause i had it all typed out then tumblr crashed so im a bit salty rn but ill admit this isn’t as good as the original cause that one was fantastic)


*also theres a lot of stuff thats probably not included or got skipped or whatever so yeah feel free to add*


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So Clexa is the wonderful ship of a very gay commander queen:

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and a beautiful bisexual bad ass (nice ass too (but don’t get me started on the good Earth cleavage)) Space Princess:

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(life goals wife goal ^^^)

So this OTP starts because fuck boi #1 cant keep his shit together:

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and so that they can defeat the mountain men they team up and shit:

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so they’re working together and shit being LEADERS together aka falling in love but anyhow Lexa falls hard for our space princess because who wouldn’t? they fight a fucking gorilla and Lexa totally saves Clarke’s ass from another grounder

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and watches over her as she sleeps

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they even have a really deep conversation about love and loss and shit

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but Lexa ends up betraying Clarke to protect her people which was a big big fuck up like the only time i did’t like Lexa was then but that leads Clarke to end up killing a lot of people and she doesn’t handle it to well so she ends up becoming 

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so basically Lexa asks Clarke for forgiveness and they basically get married i mean look come on

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Married AF

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Clarke is hanging out with Lexa and stuff to try and smooth out shit that got fucked up between the grounders and sky people cause some people are just fucking stupid man like the fuck

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fucking idiot

so they are being all domestic and cute i mean what look at this shit the fluff!

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(also parallels to Lexa watching over Clarke AKA LOVE) 

oh and the Clexa child

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okay but then shit goes down hill okay so you see this fucker

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ugh it makes me so mad like wtf man not fucking cool but the death leads to a lot of anger and:

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So the season goes on and Clarke keep the flame/chip in her boobs (close to her heart) because its Lexa and she has a mini melt down when they want to smash her because i mean

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man id be fucking devastated too i mean you just got laid by someone who means a lot to you then bang she’s gone and all thats left is an AI?! poor baby all she needs is a hug and a shock blanket (and Lexa but we won’t say that *sips tea*)

so on they go trying to figure shit out Clarke ends up going to the City of Light so that she can shut it down from the inside


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OH YEAH THATS RIGHT!!! you should of guessed i hope you did i hope you feel as good about this as i do cause damn!!!!


So the show goes and Lexa is helping Clarke Save the world!

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Lets be real y’all When you look up the definition of “OTP” theres a pictuer of Clexa and thats it!

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We get even//Rick Grimes

Info: You tell Rick you like him after years of hiding it before the line up when you are Negans victim. 

Warnings: swearing, gore, death

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Maggie had fallen ill and was pregnant, Denise was no longer around for medical help. The group had all packed up and was on to road to the hilltop. Maggie laid ill in the back, Aaron kept her company. Glenn wasn’t present, neither were Rosita, Daryl or Carol. They had left a while ago but Maggie was our first priority.

The others all sat in the back as she sat up front with Rick. She looked at him often and he did the same. Sometimes they’d make eye contact but quickly dismiss it. They encountered some groups in their ways as they went but brushed it off. The final straw was the chain of walkers, y/n knew there was a real threat and her chance of dying was high.

“Rick” She whispered.

“Yeah?” He asked, she distracted him as they drove into the night.

“I love you, I really do” She confessed.

He looked at her in shock and smiled. He nodded with happiness.

“I love you too, y/n”

They carried Maggie through the woods. Rick and y/n were in the front, holding opposite corners of the bed. Carl shot walkers as they approached. Suddenly whistling came from every direction, it surrounded them. Rick and y/n were to speed up, her heart was racing harder than it ever had. Then lights blinded them and they were surrounded by dozens of men.

“Let’s get her down and turn over your weapons then onto your knees” A man spoke.

They set Maggie down and placed their weapons down. y/n held a position on her knees next to Rick who sat down reluctantly. Their weapons were taken and they knew they were fucked.

Eugene, Rosita and Daryl were dragged out. When Glenn came out, Maggie cried out seeing him like that. Glenn yelled out wanting her more, his pregnant wife. y/n looked at Rick, his eyes were glued to the ground, too scared to face his group knowing he got them in this position.

“We’ve got a full boat, looks like it’s time to meet the man” 

Three knocks were heard on the side of their RV. A man in leather stepped out, a bat on his shoulder, it was wrapped with barbed wire. Y/n winced at the sight knowing that was his weapon of choice, no quick death could come from that.

“Which one of you pricks is the leader?” He spoke.

“Right here” One of his men pointed at Rick.

“Hi, Rick, I’m Negan and I do not appreciate you killing my men, also when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people! Not cool. Not fucking cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit it but I think you’re going to be up to speed shortly” Negan spoke “You are so going to regret crossing me in a few minutes, fuck yeah you are”

He stepped away and started to walk around the inside of the semi circle we formed. A weak, scared semi circle of people, shaking, sweating and crying.

“You see Rick, whatever you do, no matter what, you don’t mess with he new world order, and the new world order is this. Even if you’re fucking stupid, which you very well may be, you can understand it. You ready? He goes, pay attention. Give me your shit, or I will kill you. Today was career day. We invested a whole fucking lot for you to know who I am and what I can do. You work for me know, you have shit, you give it to me. That’s your job. Now I know that’s a mighty big nasty fucking pill to swallow, but swallow it you most certainly fucking will”

Looking at him was hard, we all knew he was bound to kill one of us and the anticipation killed.

“You ruled the roost. You built something, you thought you were safe, I get it. But, the word id out, you are not safe, not even fucking close. In face, you are fucked, even more fucked if you don’t do what I want, and what I want is half your shit, And if that is too much, you can make, find, or steal more and it will even out sooner or later. This is your way of life now, the more you fight back, the harder it’ll be. So if someone knocks on your door, you let us in, we own that fucking door. You try and stop us and we will knock that motherfucker down! You understand? What? No answer?” He taunted Rick, leaning over cupping a hand around his ear.

“I don’t want to kill you people, I want to make that clear from the get go. I want you to work for me, you can’t do that if you’re dead, now can you? But you killed my people, a while damn shit load of them, more than I’m comfortable with. And for that, you have gotta pay. So now, I am going to beat the holy fucking fucking fuck out of one of you. This is Lucille and she is awesome. All this, all this is just so we can pick out which one of you gets the honor”

He stood in front of Maggie, she tried to sand tall but barely could.

“Jesus you look shitty, I should just put you out of your misery now” 

“No” Glenn yelled, crawling towards Negan to stop him.

Negan turned around and shouted “Get him back in line!”

He turned back towards us.

“Alright, listen. Don’t any of you do that again. I will shut that shit down, no exceptions! It’s an emotional moment, I get that, first one is free” He walked in front of Rick “Sucks don’t it, the moment you realize you don’t know shit?”

Lucille swung to Carl.

“This your kid, ain’t it? This is definitely your kid” Negan asked Rick.

“Stop this!” Rick shouted at the ground.

“Do not make me kill the future serial killer, don’t make it easy on me. I have got to pick somebody, oh, I got an idea!” He smiled and placed Lucille in front of Carl “Eeny”

With every word, a new person sat in front of Lucille. Finally it landed on Abe on the last word of the rhyme. He struck him on top of his head.

“Oh, takin it like a champ” Negan joked.

“Suck my nuts” Abe struggled to breath.

Everyone witnessed it one way or another. Even if you turned away, you could hear it. Every blow, far after Abraham was gone. We cried, Rosita and Maggie the most. Rosita and Abe were close and Maggie was so close to him.

There was a brief silence from Negan which felt impossible to come from him. Our cries were the only thing to hear. Daryl got ticked off at the sound of Maggie crying, got up and landed a punch to Negans face. His men tackled Daryl to the ground in front of her. Negan had stumbled, his boots at her knees as he held his face.

“Put him back!” Negan yelled “That, is a no no. And because of that, someone’s gotta pay, first impressions are important” He said with a laugh.

Lucille was struck into her head. She fell forward but caught herself. It caught her off guard, everyone off guard. Rick yelled out but didn’t dare move not wanting to lose anyone else, and knew that he couldn’t save her no matter what. She looked at Rick, he was crying, she hadn’t seen that since Lori died. A snot bubble blew from his nose as he cried her name.

Negan sent another blow to her head. Blood streamed down her eye sight. Excruciating pain but nothing felt real, no screams left. She was silent.

“Look at that! You’re damn eye popped out your socket!” He laughed at her.

Another blow and it was lights out for her. Negan knew she was gone but knew how much it broke Rick and smashed her skull a few more times, more than Abe. He needed Rick broken and that was his weak link. 

After it was over, Rick looked at the scene. Her brains on the floor, her faced wasn’t able to be identified. He sobbed over her, couldn’t stop. Carl picked him up, stepping in for Daryl as Negan had taken him.

“Dad, we gotta go” Carl convinced him, holding back tears of his own.

“I let her down, dammit” Rick yelled pushing Carl away “She loved me and I let her die!”

“Then we get even” Maggie said “We rise up and take him down”

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" Coffee, please"part one Michael Scofield X reader series.

Michael’s POV
“Listen up cons!"  There was a slight pause so the prisoners could gather- "If you would like to take part in a community work in a college then please write your name on this sheet; if not then get back to your cells, Cons”

This was my chance to get an outside view of this situation. Not only would it help my situation, but it will also help my brothers. I know for a fact my brother would be jumping to this opportunity to get out of his prison cell. If I’m lucky it might be a easier then I thought to get my brother out.


Your POV
“Class. I want you all to be cautious about the inmates who will be coming in college today. They’re not to be trusted and if I find out that any of you helped them in anyway you will be kicked off this course”

I have no reason to get involved with them, nor do I wish to. I have no problem with stepping them back into their place if they try anything and frankly, I would love to cause pain to one of them; T-bag. He hurt my sister and mother, killing them without even blinking. Of course he wouldn’t recognise me now. Before stabbing my mother and sister to death he said- “I don’t kill children”…  So, taking someone’s life away at a young age was okay? But as long you don’t kill them? I will make his time here a living hell.

“Now all the serious stuff is out of the way, enjoy your dinner”


Normally the first thing I would do is find my best friend and head to the shops down the road from college, but today I wasn’t feeling too good. It wasn’t that I was ill; it’s more to do with the fact that I didn’t want human communication today. Instead of travelling outside of college for a better drink I settled for a cheap, college made coffee. Even-though college is pouring in our money and could make better quality coffee, I’m a sucker at choosing the wrong thing.

Straight away I noticed that the normal old woman who would usually serve me was swapped for a young male. I hadn’t seen his face yet because he was facing the coffee machine, cleaning it.

I rung the bell that had a sign next to it saying ‘ring me to be served’- Straight away he spun around, connecting his diamond blue eye to mine. I let out a silent gasp before taking control of my attraction meter.

“ur- Hi.. Could I have one decaf coffee with (favourite syrup) please”

He nodded, giving me a friendly smirk before grabbing a glass cup and plastic cup- “Staying in or leaving for class?” He asked, his back facing me.

I bit my lip- “Leaving”

He prepared my drink and handed me it before putting what I ordered into the machine- “College card or cash?” He asked, tapping onto the screen.

“College card”

He looked up and gave a smile, pointing the swipe machine- “Go ahead”

I swiped it and my name, along with my id picture came up onto his screen. I slightly cringed as that was the worse picture taken of me.

“Enjoy your drink, y/n”

I smiled, looking down to my drink, then back up when I began to walk away. I wish I knew his name. I just hope he’s here again tomorrow. Maybe if he’s working here now then I’ll have a reason to not hate college so much.
On the way to English (A levels) I bumped into someone who was cleaning up the trash that was dropped.

“Oh, sorry Poppe”

My smiled raised and immediately went into a hug which then I was lifted up in the air and swung around- “Sucre! You didn’t tell me in your letters that you were going to be here”

-“I didn’t know you were going here” he said. He spotted my drink and pointed to it- “Guess you’ve met Michael?”

I looked down to my drink and remember the guy with stunning blue eyes- “Oh” I looked up, disappointment written on my face- “A friend of yours, in prison?”

He nodded- “Sorry”

I shook my head, no- “You don’t have a reason to apologies? I guess I keep attracting the bad guys” I looked at the clock, revealing I was late for English- “Shit.. I’ll see you tomorrow, Sucre”

If Only Real Life Was Like A Great Love Story

Skam 3x05 Coda

“I’ve decided my life would be better without mentally ill people around me”

It’s been three hours since Even heard those words but his heart still aches at the thought of them.

He should have known better.

He should never have let himself stare at the beautiful second year boy with the blond curls that first day of school. He never should have followed him into that bathroom and later smoked a joint with him. He shouldn’t have agreed to buy that precious boy beer, only to pretend to forget his ID in an attempt to spend more time with him.

And he certainly never should have kissed him… but God Even just can’t bring himself to regret any of it, even now.

Because every moment he had spent with Isak just felt so good, so perfect…and just so right.

Even felt no pressure with Isak, Isak didn’t expect anything of him, he didn’t treat him like a delicate porcelain doll that could break at any second. Isak treated him like any other human being and he looked at him as if he was worth something and Even’s not sure how but that made him feel more loved than he’s ever felt in his entire life.

But now karma’s kicking in.

This is the karma for cheating on Sonja, for not telling Isak about his disorder, for falling for someone so beautiful and pure yet so unattainable that it kills him.

Because Isak is better without mentally ill people in his life. That’s what he said, Even knows that.

But all Even can hear is that Isak’s life is better without him in his life.

Isak is better off without him. He’s safer, he’s better; he’s happier and not worrying about his mentally ill or crazy boyfriend who could ruin things at any second.

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What It’s Like

I know what it’s like to sit on the couch and watch people on the news jump from buildings and not understand it.

I know what it’s like to sit there and imagine yourself in their place while not knowing why you’d even want to.

I know what it’s like to grow up in a family who gave you the perfect childhood with love and money and endless privilege and I know what it’s like for that to be used as an excuse as to why there should be nothing wrong with you at all.

I know what it’s like to wear long sleeves and torn jeans in the summer because keeping secret skin a secret means more than the southern heat and the salt seeping in.

I know what it’s like to want to talk about it with people you think you can trust but not talking about it because it’s not for attention, right?

I know what it’s like to think you bear your burdens alone.

I know what it’s like to feel like a stranger in your own skin and I know what it’s like to feel like you’re watching yourself from afar live a life you don’t even recognize.

I know what it’s like to wake up and paint over the cracks in your mask in order to smile just a little brighter so the questions won’t flood in from the people queued up that think you’re nothing less than stable and healthy and great.

I know what it’s like to stand beside a parent while they watch mental illness on the 11 o’clock news and whisper thank god that’s not my child.

I know what it’s like to watch the people you love sigh and shake their heads when he ends up in the hospital again because he wanted to kill himself for the third time this year, and I know what it’s like shoulder your guilt because apparently that what it is to them; an inconvenience in their otherwise normal lives.

I know what it’s like to be called lazy and useless because you’re not sick, no you’re not sick and you just need to get your act together. We all have bootstraps and it’s time you got a firm grip on yours.

I know what it’s like to have all the energy sapped from your body because your head is a leech and it wants to suck you dry of everything you once loved and enjoyed and sought pleasure in.

I know what it’s like to overthink your every action and I know what it’s like to condemn yourself because you feel as if you’re not deserving of anyone’s time or energy or glance.

I know what it’s like to feel the embrace of someone you thought you loved and I know what it’s like to take their sickness and make it yours and I know what it’s like to be hated for thinking the best course of action would be to cut it off like an infected limb. I know what it’s like to be the bad guy; the bad guy in someone’s story and the bad guy in your story and I know what it’s like to not be able to change the narrative no matter how hard you try.

I know what it’s like to watch the sun rise while you scribble in a journal hoping that maybe if you write one more sentence, catharsis will come and you won’t feel so alone anymore. I know what it’s like to beg and plead with yourself and I know what it’s like to reach out in the only ways you can to the people you thought would be there, only to find they’re just houses not homes. I know what it’s like to sleep in a bed for giants and wonder why you feel so goddamn small.

I know what it’s like to sit on the porch step and smoke an entire pack of cigarettes in order to keep your hands occupied; to have the smoke burn your throat so you don’t have to tear it out yourself.

I know what it’s like to feel the weight of a gun in your hand.

I know what it’s like to squeeze the trigger at some thin paper target you imagined yourself in and feel the kick ripple through your arms and connect into your chest.

And I know what it’s like to be home alone and have a muzzle pressed against your temple and I know what it’s like to be home alone and have that metal clank against your teeth because your hands are shaking too much and I know what it’s like to battle that voice in your head that does nothing but scream do it just fucking do it.

I know what it’s like to not know what the fuck is wrong with you and I know what it’s like to lay awake at night and ask the cold sheets next to you why you have to live a life like this. I know what it’s like to think about your own funeral and to count on your hands the number of people you think would maybe care.

I know what it’s like to not know what it’s like to be normal, and I know what it’s like to not be able to remember what normal even is.

But I also know what it’s like to empty a clip into your bare hands and palm each bullet before putting it all back safely. I know what it’s like to tell yourself not today not today not today.

I know what it’s like to stick around for one more song and I know what it’s like to keep moving forward even if you have to claw your way through every minute of every day.

I know what it’s like to laugh with the girl you think you could one day love. I know what it’s like to feel a small beat of your heart when your best friend reminds you you’re alive and you’re here and you exist in every moment of every day.

I know what it’s like to befriend the death sitting on your shoulder and I know what it’s like to tell him to fuck off. 

I know what it’s like to lie down 100 feet beneath the sea and to realize there is probably nothing in death quite like the quiet you find there. I know what it’s like to walk through jungles and rainforests and feel the humidity coat your skin in simple pleasure. I know what it’s like to greet new cultures and speak in different tongues and I know what it’s like to find yourself in tiny pieces of big people and big places.

I know what it’s like to feel another hand in your own and I know what it’s like to find salvation in such a simple gesture. I know what it’s like to feel the warmth of someone’s back as they’re pressed against you, fast asleep.

I know what it’s like to suffer and I know what it’s like to thrive.

I know what it’s like to be human like you and you and you and you and I know what it’s like to know exactly what it’s like to wonder what comes next and if maybe you can stick around to greet it all.

Trust Issues

Devon had been in his room when he heard a thud, causing him to look up from his phone. He put the phone down and got up from his bed, stretching his wings as he quietly opened the door and peered down the hall. He didnt see anything, but grabbed his bat from his closet nonetheless and walked down the hallway cautiously. He kept his wings folded behind him as he looked around the living room, narrowing his eyes and checking the kitchen as well. Nothing had fallen over, the door was still locked, but he knew he had heard something.

He frowned and moved to check the balcony, opening the door and looking around outside for a few moments, then sighed and shut the door.“ Must be hearing shit…” he muttered.

“Well, you certainly heard something.”

Devon spun around, raising the bat and yelping as someone shoved him against the door. A knee sharply impacted Devons stomach, causing him to wheeze and drop the bat as the attacker grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the wall behind him. The man who attacked him had short brown hair and blue-green eyes. He smirked as two others appeared behind him; a blond and another brunet.“ Still slow reaction times, huh Devon?” He chuckled.“ You’ve never been that fast at all…”

Devon huffed, squirming and trying to spread his pinned wings a bit behind him.“ Casius, nice to see you again..” he glanced behind him and nodded to the others.“ Sirus, Jackson. Still lackeys, huh? What a shame you two cant just stand up on your own, hm?”

Casius narrowed his eyes and harshly stomped down on Devons foot, causing him to yelp and glare at him.“ Ok, fine, what the fuck did I do this time? Figured you just said,’ fuck it, leave the asshole alone’, but I guess I did something to piss you off?”

“Something like that,” Casius huffed, stepping back to push Devon to the ground and watched as Sirus and Jackson moved forward to keep him pinned there. Devon glared at the both of them before looking up at Casius.“ Arent you like… legally obligated to read my charges or something?” Casius rolled his eyes and crouched to be eye-level with Devon.“ We had someone say you were in Boston a few weeks ago. When there were thousands of demons loose.”

“And? That wasn’t my fault. Let me go and fuck off.”

“No, of course it wasn’t your fault,” Casius drawled.“ It was a Darkshine, wasn’t it? Lucifers grandchild. We’ve been told to leave them be, but that little stunt still caused a lot of damage.” Devon narrowed his eyes, retorting,“ What, gonna torture me to tell you where he is or something? He’s just a kid; pretty sure his parents are already taking the steps to make sure it won’t happen again. Besides,” he added with a smirk,“ You’re all a bunch of fucking pansies. You all suck at torture, I do worse things to my own victims.”

“Yet another reason why we’re here, but not the main one for once,” Casius huffed, standing up and pulling a gold and silver blade from his pocket.“ We cant hurt the Demon; that would cause too much fuss, and he’s clearly very powerful. But you, on the other hand…”

“Did you not just hear me when I called you a bunch of pansies?” Devon snorted.“ You wont kill me. If I didnt have a bucket list to get through, I would welcome it, but you all wont do it.”

“There are other ways,” Casius smirked, nodding to Sirus, who flashed a length of rope into his hands and began to tie Devons arms behind his back. Devon rolled his eyes and joked,“ Ive done kinkier things than this. Think we should have a safeword?” Jackson deadpanned and stomped down on one of Devons wings, earning a sharp yelp and a long string of curses thrown at him. Casius chuckled and crouched in front of Devon again, holding the blade against his throat to make him look up.“ My my, you seem quite fond of your wings. You’ve been taking care of them rather well.”

“Just cause I fucking Fell doesn’t mean I don’t care about my looks,” Devon retorted.“ I don’t think you’d like your precious holy wings getting stomped on either.”

“I suppose,” Casius agreed, smirking.“ But that is the least of your worries right now.” He pulled the blade away as the other two angels moved to pin both of Devons wings down, bringing up another round of swearing as Casius stood up and walked behind him.“ Now, how should we do this…” Casius huffed, watching Devon writhe underneath them as he struggled to get away from them.

“Fucking- let go of my fucking wings-!” Devon snapped, but froze when he felt Casius’ blade press against the base of one of his wings. He tsk'ed, shaking his head.“ My my, Devon, such foul language. Just another reason added onto your list of why we should do this.”

“Wait-” Devon sputtered, turning to watch Casius with wide eyes.“ Im- you arent-”

“Ah, so now you’re catching up,” Casius grinned, pressing the blade down harder, causing Devon to yelp and struggle again as blood began to seep from the wound.“ Im surprised you didnt catch on earlier, but that’s your problem~”

“You cant just do this because I was there!” Devon protested.“ I didnt do anything-!”

“Exactly; you didnt do anything. Nothing to help the poor humans getting attacked, or to stop the demons from destroying everything. You could have gotten praise for helping, but you didnt. I, personally, take that as an offence. You really dont want to help anyone.”

“Im- Casius, come on, you cant take my wings, please-” Devon pleaded.“ Anything else, I dont care what it is, anything but this-”

“No,” Casius smirked.“ Thats exactly why we’re doing this. Because for once, it’s something you /really/ dont want us to do.”

“I mean it! Ill fucking do anything, just dont-!” Devons voice broke off into a shriek when Casius pushed the blade harder against his wing, breaking the skin and pushing against bone. He huffed and glanced at Sirus as Devon struggled even harder below him, asking,“ Sirus, do you have your knife? It has a better edge for cutting through bone.”

“NO, DONT DO THIS-!” Devon shrieked, yelping again when Sirus stepped down on his wing and handed Casius a knife with a saw-like blade. He twirled the blade in his hands for a moment, then moved back to start sawing away at the wing. Devon struggled and screamed every obscenity he knew at them, trying as hard as he could to free his wings so he could at least try to hit his assailants with them and get away; yet every struggle resulted in the knife digging in deeper and the two pinning him down to hit him or stomp down on his wings.

Then he couldnt feel his wing at all.

Devon froze when he realized this, eyes wide as he felt Casius move behind him and walk into his field of vision. He kept his eyes on the floor, shaking slightly as Casius chuckled,“ My, it isnt every day you see a one-winged angel, is it?” Devon hissed as Casius grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, forcing him to look up as the angel held up the severed wing.“ Now, as much as Id love to see you try and flaunt yourself with just one wing, I do believe I’d like a pair to hang on my wall, not just the one.”

“Casius- please-” Devon begged, shaking harder.“ I-I get it! I know what I did, please just let me go-”

“What? No, you heard me, I want the other wing,” Casius huffed, letting go of Devons hair and stepping behind him again. This caused Devon to start struggling again, rambling and pleading again for them to stop. Of course, they werent listening, and soon enough he could feel the blade cutting through his other wing.

Devon didn’t struggle nearly as much this time, his energy drained as he started to go into shock. He eventually felt Sirus and Jackson step away from him, vaguely heard them chuckling and talking to each other as they held up his dismembered wings. He let out a startled yelp when he felt a hand sharply pull his head up by his hair, Casius now face-to-face with him.’‘ Maybe next time you’ll actually think for once.’‘

And with that, they were gone.

Devon wasn’t too sure how long he sat still for, but he knew he had to get up; he vaguely remembered Ingrid talking about how wounds could still get infected before they healed over, but… How was he supposed to tend to his wounds when they were out of his reach?

He carefully stood up, hissing in pain as he managed to squirm his arms out of the ropes Sirus had used; he must have only tied them tight enough to last for so long. Devon sorely rubbed his forearms, biting his lip anxiously as he thought of what to do next, but he was drawing a blank. He had no one to go to. No one knew he was Fallen. Except…

Devon let out a shaky sigh and picked up his jacket from the back of the couch, carefully pulling it on before flashing to Ingrids apartment. He stood in front of his door, hesitating for several long moments before knocking lightly.


first kiss

ive had this as a draft forever but I finally finished it so here yall go

AU in which you and 10k have your first kiss
“You guys see if you can find anything in that gas station.” Warren says, everyone climbing out of the truck.
“Are we staying the night here?” Murphy asks, mouth twisted like he ate something sour.
“Indeed we are, and if you complain, you wont get a bite of the lovely dinner Y/N and 10k are about to scavenge.” She says, arching a brow, daring him to argue. He huffs, and sits back in the passenger seat with the door open.

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heres a list of things i love - aka ‘its recommendation time’

i love a shit ton of stuff and id also love you to love it. so here you go, have some of my favourite pieces of media

western cartoons

bojack horseman: my favourite “adult” show/cartoon.
a comedy/drama centered around a jerk character, except he actually has to deal with the consequences of his actions, and is never excused for his wrongdoings. has probably the most accurate portrayals of mental illnesses related to depression & addiction ive seen in fiction.
the most important character of the show after bojack is a smart feminist vietnamese woman. overall the show has good diversity in races & orientations
(one of the main characters is a half latino asexual man!)
37 x 25min - in progress, at least 13 more episodes to air

over the garden wall: two brothers get lost into a mysterious place called the unknown. very clever and funny, kinda dark. its fairly short so youll finish it fast.
10 x 10min - finished

gravity falls: the unholy lovechild of the x files & twin peaks, only a little more child friendly. twins mabel & dipper have to stay at their grand uncles place, a tourist trap in the conspiracy filled town of gravity falls oregon. mystery shenanigans ensue. extremely smart, funny and very well constructed.
season 1 is great, season 2 is near perfect.
41.5 x 20min - finished

steven universe: my favourite “kid” cartoon. a show that talks about issues even adults wont talk about, but for kids. a young boy named steven is half human, half gem, an alien species that once was on earth. he is raised by his mothers gem friends garnet amethyst and pearl. space shenanigans ensue.
will teach you and your kids important life lessons. this cartoon is an example of slow world building done right. watch it. it has lesbians.
100+ x 10min - in progress, at least 2 more seasons to air

rick and morty: back to the future meets the quintessence of shitposting. an adult cartoon about an alcoholic old man and his grandson going on weird adventures. hilarious 90% of the time, very dark for the rest. 
21 x 20min - in progress, at least 14 more episodes to air

wakfu: an epic adventure in a fantasy setting. a very funny but sometimes dark show about a boy trying to discover his origins accompanied by his friends. its french and hilarious and the animation gets better and better. do yourself a favour and watch it in french with subtitles.
52 x 20min + 1 x 20min, 4 x 45min (special episodes) - in progress, at least 13 more episodes to air

avatar - the last airbender/legend of korra: the latter is the sequel of the former. amazing animation & story, literally all the characters are POC. was the best work of fiction to ever do a redemption story this good.
atla has kids as main characters and a plot that follows a more “end of the world” type than its sequel. the sequel is more mature and political and has a bisexual brown woman as the main character, and she kicks ass.
please, by all that is holy, watch them both. in order.
atla: 60 x 24min / atlok: 52 x 24min - both finished.


tw for all of these: there will be blood. thousands of gallons of blood.

evangelion: boy in an apocalyptic future is constantly in an existential crisis. aliens called angels try to destroy whats left of earth and children have to get into giant mechas to fight them off. very dark and gritty but in a good way. also very smart.
26 x 20min + 1 x 87 min (the end of evangelion) - finished, but some remake movies are still in the making.

full metal alchemist - brotherhood: 2 young alchemists do the one thing they werent supposed to do and spend the entire story fixing it. a brilliantly crafted action story that knows when to get political. the characters are all great and the animation is insanely good. note that the 2003 anime is also really good, despite telling a very different story.
64 x 20min - finished

kill la kill: young women fight eachother while being half naked and the fate of the world is at stake. a brilliant and hilarious anime that criticises and deconstructs fanservice in a great way. the characters are very attaching and the story surprisingly unpredictable.
24 x 20min + 1 x 20min (bonus episode) - finished

live action

parks and recreation: woman tries to make the world a better place by building a park. a show where basically every character is lovable. will make you happy just because the characters are having a good time. also absolutely hilarious. 1st season is okay, seasons after are works of art.
125 x 22min (dont let yourself be intimidated its worth it) - finished

brooklyn nine-nine: comedic cop show. parks & recs cool cousin. also hilarious with great characters. very diverse cast & characters as well. will probably make you care really hard for fictional people. smart & funny.
64 x 21min - in progress, 4th season to air

master of none: aziz ansari succeeds in making an amazing slice of life series without unnecessary drama. a feels good series that brilliantly tackles issues such as racism in the acting industry, sexism, and food. the conversations feel extremely real and the humor is great because it feels genuine and not forced because there are no punchlines. please watch it
10 x 25min - in progress

marvel - daredevil (series): blind man beats up bad guys in a corrupted city. awesome characters, great writing, beautiful colours. all actors are on point. watch it.
26 x 45min - in progress

marvel - jessica jones: alcoholic woman fights against the most repulsive human trashbag there ever was and tries to save new york. great action show with a feminist narrative and great characters. also great colours. you should really watch it also. tw for rape (its never depicted but its part of a huge narrative arc for the main character. handled with v good care.)
13 x 45min - in progress, 2nd season to air

hannibal (series): cannibal serial killer takes interest in fbi profiler, fucks up everything. a brilliant re-telling of the original hannibal lecter books, starts way before hannibal gets imprisoned. most visually appealing show ive ever watched. the writing is excellent and the story ends in a masterful way. queer people have great surviving skills. obviously, tw for very gory stuff.
39 x 40min - finished(?)

broadchurch: a child is murdered in a small town where everyone knows everyone else. as the crime is being investigated, masks start to drop and everyone becomes a suspect. a really intense yet moving series. you wont see the ending coming but itll make perfect sense. the show isnt finished yet but whats aired already is more than satisfying.
16 x 45 minutes -  in progress, 3rd season to air

fargo (series): watch one psychopath completely salvage everyones lives wherever he goes. also known as ‘character development, the series’. insanely clever, dark and funny. its an anthology series so the second season has a different story (and i havent watched it yet) but it looks as amazing as the first one. tw for gory stuff.
20 x 50 minutes - in progress, 3rd season to air

the broken circle breakdown: a beautiful movie about love and loss. visuals, writing and music are all on point. please watch it. 
110 min


his dark materials: the unholy child of an essay on religion & a paradise lost fanfiction disguised as a children’s book. a story about growing up and everything that comes with it. brilliantly written and very interesting.
3 big books - finished

artemis fowl: genius con artist child young enough to believe in fairies, old enough to want to steal their gold. justly nicknamed ’die hard but with fairies’. the main characters starts off as a huge asshole and slowly turns into a decent person thanks to his friends. extremely funny and enjoyable to read, but there are sad moments.
8 books that get bigger and bigger - finished


homestuck: a young man stands in his bedroom. little does he know, he’s about to get into the craziest adventure of all time.
kids get into a game, epic shenanigans ensue.
starts off with 4 main characters, ends up with more than 25.
the writing is insanely good and funny but the story takes time to get serious so be patient. the art also looks kinda shitty at first, but then skyrockets into the unfathomable heights of godhood. will teach you words and insults you never knew existed in the first place. the music is also amazing. 
itll take you between about 2 weeks & 2 months, but by all means, read it. 
its very long but its worth it. 
about 800 000 words (most of which are purely dialog) and 4 hours of animation - finished, but an epilogue will be posted in the future.

Return - Jason Todd x Reader

Prompt:Jason x reader where she had to fake her death to keep the others and especially him safe, and when she comes back and confronts him he’s very angry and hurt and she tells him ‘You think this was easy for me? It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but you know what ? I don’t regret my actions. Because you were safe And that’s all that matters to me .And if I had to id do it again if it meant that you and the others were out of danger and happy. Even if that was without me’ + happy end pls :)?? (requested by anon)

You hated that you had to do it, especially knowing how it felt for you when Jason died all those years ago but you had to do it. In order to keep Jason and the rest of your family safe you had to let them believe you died on that ill fated night. It tore you apart to know that Jason was left to mourn you like you had for him. You promised yourself you would do what had to be done and you would come back the moment you thought it was safe.

Finally that day came when you could finally return home. You had gotten rid of the threat and you were eager to show Jason that you were still alive and tell him how you loved him so much that it fucking hurt. You didn’t expect for him to just wrap you in his arms as if nothing had happened. You hoped he would but you knew he would more than likely be angry and hurt, rightfully so.  You wanted to repair the damage that your death did to you and Jason’s relationship. More than anything you wanted the life that had been stolen from you back.

You stopped and silently stared with tears brimming in your eyes at your own door … Jason’s door really. You had been gone so long. Your hand hesitated over the door before you worked up the courage to knock after a few minutes of debating if coming back was even the right decision anyway. You hesitantly rapped on the door and you could hear Jason sigh and shuffle towards the door to answer the summons.

When he opened the door to reveal himself you were overcome with guilt. He appeared completely disheveled with a bottle of whiskey in hand. Jason looked absolutely exhausted, like he hadn’t slept in weeks.

“Jay.” You whispered sadly, almost as if it were an apology. His eyes widened at the sight of you and he blinked slowly and rubbed at his eyes as if he thought you were just an illusion his mind conjured up to torture him. “I’m really here, Jay.” You said softly, reaching up to lay your hand against his cheek. He leaned into your touch and you could feel his tears slicken your palm.

“You’re alive.” He stated holding his hand out to touch you himself. When he came into contact with tangible warm flesh he reached his arms out to fuse your bodies together in a tight embrace. He let his head hang on your shoulder as he took in your familiar scent and grappled with the fact that you were really here. You weren’t dead.

“Why did you do it [Y/N]?” He whispered sadly with a hint of anger tinging his voice. You flinched slightly at the betrayal in his voice.

“I had to.” You swore.

“Bullshit.” He growled. “I love you [Y/N]. Do you have any idea what it did to me, to the family, when you died? We buried you, mourned you and now you’re back like nothing fucking happened?” He asked accusingly.

“I did this for you Jason!” You shot back defensively.

“Fan-fucking-tastic.” He swore with bitter sarcasm. “Clearly, ripping my soul out and smashing it to the dirt is now considered a favor. So thank you for that [Y/N] you fucking succeeded in that.” He spat out heatedly. You flinched at his words and recoiled away from him.

“Do you honestly think this was easy for me?” You cried incredulously. “I love you more than anything in the fucking world Jason Peter Todd. Letting you believe that I was dead was the hardest fucking thing I’ve ever had to do. It killed me to know that you were going through what I had to when you died but you know what? I don’t regret a thing. I was tortured everyday I was apart from you but you were safe and that’s all that fucking mattered to me. I would do it all over again if I had to in order to keep you and the others safe and happy. I only ever did this for you so that you could continue to live your lives, even if that life had to be without me.” You said, your voice softening into sadness. Jason’s eyes softened from their hard gaze and he pulled you to his chest and rocked you against him. He pressed a gentle kiss to the top of your head.

“We’re partners [Y/N]. That means we tell each other when shit’s going down.” Jason whispered softly into your hair. “Please … the next time you need to die, I’m coming with you. I can’t stand to lose you again.”

“I don’t know about you but I’m not planning on dying again anytime too soon. I just want my life back.” You murmured against his chest. “Can you ever forgive me?” You asked looked up to capture his gaze.

“Maybe eventually.” He admitted sadly. You heart deflated and you began to pull away from him. He tightened his hold on you and pulled you closer to his chest. “Please stay. I know it’s going to be rough while we work things out but for tonight I don’t care about any of that. Just let me hold you right now, ok?” He asked gently squeezing your shoulders.

“I’ve missed you Jay.” You whispered softly.

“Me too, [Y/N].” He whispered back. He tilted your chin up and placed a soft intimate kiss to your lips. “I love you, [Y/N]. It’s been hell living without you.”

“I’m here now and if I have my way I’m never leaving again.” You promised your lips hovered over his.

“Fine by me.” He said with a gentle smile before closing the gap between your lips once again.

watch out before you fall in love with him
don’t make him your world
because once you make him your sun you will just be another one of his planets that circulates around him 
and does whatever he asks you to do
and don’t fall for his trap that when he tells you to lose weight or to untie your hair because he loves you and wants you to look your best for him
please don’t believe that for a second, you were beautiful before you met him and you will be even more beautiful once he leaves.
before you put him on some pedestal, see him when he’s mad at you 
wether its a “ill hurt him if he ever tries to talk to my girl again” or if its a “its your fault anyways cover up next time”.
see if he takes your side on things or if he always finds a way to blame you
pick up on the small stuff because trust me if he grabs you and leaves your arm aching for the next 3 days just for looking at his phone because he’s texting some girl claiming “we are just friends”  but you aren't stupid enough to believe that he can spit down you are beautiful and i love you down some girls throat and just expect you to believe “we are just friends" 
maybe you can because maybe i was never beautiful to you or maybe you never loved me, i was good to use, push around and order around.
i swore id never let anyone ever get the best of me but you started showing up in improbable places and your touch was taking over my body, sometimes it felt like you were trying to make sure to hurt me even when you were not around.
your hands were still choking me but you weren't there,
just in my mind 
if he doesn't motivate you to love yourself and to do good for yourself he doesn’t love you, he loves the idea of you and what you do for him.
he needs your money to buy him stuff, he needs your heart to take care of him and he needs you because there is no one else willing to do what you do for him.
that’s not love thats bored
that’s him being bored and worried about being alone
that’s him stringing you along but you are running out of place to hold on to him you can see him slipping away.
you never forget your first, any kind of first
it could be the first test you failed
the first boy or girl you loved
the first person who made you hate yourself
your first true best friend
or the first time you lost your virginity
you never forget your first time something new happens 
but trust me you will find a better man than the first one who tore you apart and left scars in places no one can see
fuck sometimes i wish people could see the scars you left on my heart and on my ribs and in my brain, how were you able to in carve your name into my heart and tattoo yourself into my brain and in my memory, i swear to god you broke my ribs when you left i was bed ridden for weeks because my world turned into a big dark grey cloud and the numbest you left me with instead of that goodbye still resonates in me. 
i’m still waiting for an answer 
don’t ask for closure, don’t even expect it
we are not all that lucky to get it
i had to make my own closure. 
i wish i would have met you later maybe i would have handled it better. i wouldn't have push people away or killed my sadness by destroying myself.
i became a regular at the hospital with my panic attacks and i tried to tare off the wristbands but they were almost as resistant as i was to your name calling.
it went from i love yous to i hate yous 
to forever to i wanna fucking leave you
i tried so hard for one guy who never even told me i was beautiful unless i asked him.
you never knew if today would be a good or bad day, because it was always walking on a very narrow rope when being with him
you wanted to be his world but in reality he dragged you around like all you were good for was for his own benefits.
and i hope you fucking listen to me when i say that
he will never change
and he will never stay
and he will never come back.
he left you because he knows what he did wasn't right
but  that doesn't mean you are any less human for the ways you tried to numb your pain.
you can cry your eyes out a day later or 5 years later 
just don’t think his voice is the only one you will love to listen to and don’t think his touch is the only one you will ever feel and please don’t think he is the only person that will ever want to be with you.
you have more beauty and love inside you and he hated how perfect you were and that’s why he had to tear you down, because he hated himself.
i guess i understand it now he never loved me, he loved the love i gave him and my love turned into his self love
and that’s when the tables turned
and i became the one who hated myself, the only difference is he wasn't there to ever help me and love me back.

its a trap don’t make him your world 


*Andy POV*
“Okay babe.” I smile into the phone while talking to my girlfriend (Y/N). “The second this interview is over I’ll come home and we can cuddle okay?”
I hear her soft tinkle of laughter. “You’re lying to me.” She says simply
“How so?” I question with a raised eyebrow. As far as I’d knew I’m not lying, I’m pretty sure I’d know if I was lying to her. I don’t do it often.
“Cause right after this interview you promised to go have a few drinks with the band.” She giggles but it sounds kinda forced. I facepalm myself. I’d overlapped promises without realising it. The fact id told Ashley I’d hang out with the band had completely slipped my mind when I’d seen (Y/N) waiting for me to get home after finishing the Black Mass Tour.
“(Y/N) I’m so sorry! I forgot I told Ash I’d come drink with him and the guys tonight! I can cancel though.” I say quickly already looking for one of my band mates to tell them.
“No no no. Its fine.” She says her voice shaking slightly. “Go out with the guys ill just…find something to do tonight. Goodbye Andy, I love you.”
“Y/N Wait!” Is all i manage out before she hangs up.
“Come on Andy.” Jake pulls me to the interview set. All I can think about is (Y/N).
*(Y/N) POV*
‘He hates you.’ that tiny voice in your head you’d barley managed to fight off while Andy was gone made a swift return and tortured you for the last 15 minutes while you fought to ignore them.
‘He did that on purpose to avoid you.’ you shake your head, hoping that could possibly make the voice go away. But like every other time it had no effect.
With teary eyes, you stand and shakily walk up the stairs of you and Andy’s house.
‘Kill yourself.’
‘Andy wants you gone.’
You never wanted to turn back to this. Andy had helped you stay clean for going on a year now.
‘You’re just a charity case.’
‘He doesn’t love you.’
Tears pool in your eyes as you walk into your bedroom and grab the razor you had taped under your bed. The only one Andy hadn’t found.
Dropping down on the bed, you just stare at it in your hand. Was it really worth it? Probably not but the shining silver in your hand never looked so tempting.
Lifting your already scarred wrist you dig the blade into your skin and glide it across your wrist.
“(Y/N)!” your eyes fly up to see Ashley standing in the doorway with a shocked expression, “What the hell are you doing?!?”
“Ashley. Wh-What are you doing here?” you mutter in shock.
“Andy called me in middle of an interview telling me to come check on you.” He hurries over and rips the razor from your hand. “I’m glad I did.”
After he cleans and wraps your wound he holds your hands tightly. Looking you straight in the eye he says; “Why?”
“Andy hates me.” is all you manage out before Ashley jerks you to your feet and pulls you to his car.
“Get in now.” He basically pushes you into his car and starts driving.
“Where are we going?” you sniffle while itching the ACE wrap around your wrist.
“If you don’t stop itching that right now i will smack you and we’re going to interrupt this damned interview.” Ashley jerks to a stop and drags you inside much to your protest.
Andy looks up and frown. “Ashley? (Y/N)?”
Ashley walks over to him and whispers something in his ear. Andys eyes water slightly as his eyes find your wrist. He nods slightly and Ashley walks away.
He stands up and hurries over to you, basically crushing you in a hug.
“I’m so sorry.” He whispers softly. As he pulls away he grabs your bandaged wrist and pulls it to his lips. Kissing it softly a single tear runs down his cheek.
He places his forehead gently against your he whispers “I will kiss this everyday. I want you to remember just how much i love you.”

wanna chat? pt. 11

on ao3

pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6 | pt 7 | pt 8 | pt 9 | pt 10 | pt 11

man writing is just not happening right now.

so i’m actually going to go back and edit this (surprise surprise) since i’m changing all the times to military time/24 hour time. also because i was super inconsistent with some of the skype commands and it’s bothering me.

if you haven’t read it, you should probably read sleep is good before this, since the reveal isn’t actually explained in this.

this is shorter and less fun than usual but we’ll get back to the memes next time i promise


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dicks out for them

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Two Prompt Tuesday #32

Prompt: I want someone who will kiss me like it’s the only thing keeping him alive.
Pairing: Sam x Reader
Word Count: 1170
Warnings: Cursing.

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