id swim the ocean for you

you know you love somebody when their name comes up, and your heart skips a beat.
when they text you, and you can feel a smile creeping up on your face because youre so happy they thought of you enough to message.
when just thinking about them sends shivers down your spine.
beautiful, i love you so much i ache. i feel like im on drugs when im with you. you make me want to do a million things i said id never do, you make me want to drop everything and run to you, you make me want to write a million love poems and paint a million paintings. id do anything for you, my love. id swim across oceans and climb mountains. you make me absolutely crazy, and theres no medication in this world that could make me sane again.
beautiful, just the sound of your name makes me smile.
beautiful, when i think of the future, i see you.
i want to do everything with you. i want to awkwardly fumble with our clothes in a dingy hotel room. i want to go on cute dates where we hold hands, laugh, and kiss. i want to go broke with you, be financially stable with you, and everything in between. i want to be cuddling with you on the couch, smiling and shaking a little because i just asked you to marry me.
i want to move into an apartment together, i want to buy our first house together, i want to have late night talks with you where we muse about our feelings and secrets and what the future holds.
i want to start a family with you. i want to be sitting on the couch while our toddler runs around, looking at you and smiling because i know everythings going to be alright.
i want to grow old with you, and god forbid you die first because i dont think i can possibly live without you.
beautiful, i love you more than the human heart can handle. i love you more than words can describe. give me every word in every language, and none of them would even come close to describing how i feel.
i have never felt a more intense love than now.
i know weve had rough periods. i know weve both fought and hurt each other. im so fucking sorry for that, but beautiful, ive never been so sure about anything than ive been about this.
i can say “i love you” 100 times a day, but itll never convey the depth of emotion i feel for you.
but its the strongest words we have for now, so beautiful, i love you.

shivisdivis  asked:

poseidon, artemis, demeter and odysseus 😘😘


poseidon: do you prefer the ocean or land?

tbh the ocean bc it’s so beautiful and free and I love swimming and plus me and @zukocrownprinceofthefirenation have a sea army soo

artemis: do you prefer night or day?


demeter: do you enjoy nature?

I do, I do indeed

odysseus: what’s your favorite place to travel?

probs visiting my cousins in NC (even though the south is a scary place, I love my cousins)

anonymous asked:

ok bf application!! i think we're mutuals on ur main? im from the uk, 17, 5'5/5'6, i have brown hair with blue highlights but im about to dye the top pink, im an art student, i skateboard but mostly in the summer, i love astronomy and swimming. i plan on living in california with my qp after i go to university. antifascist. broad shouldered, kinda chub and kinda muscular? generally pretty thick set + physically strong!! could lift u up maybe. in love w/ the ocean and astrobiology

you sound so cute id love to talk. always looking for people to pick me up