id say this is pg 13

Commission Info

Redoing because why the fuck not.

I’m offering smut fics of 2k (or a little over; no additional charge for extra) words for $22.

You must be at least 18 years or older to commission smut from me, however. That’s just how I roll. I’d ask for some sort of identification, with any more private information edited out, if you wish.

I am willing to write non-smut/PG-13 fic commissions. Gen fics are also okay. If you want a pairing(s) fic, I can write tame romantic things like kissing, cuddling, etc but nothing hardcore. If you want a fic like, say, “R going on a date with B and all they do is cuddle and kiss a little afterward,” perfectly fine. No need for an ID. Would still prefer you be at least 13+ to order these. I can do gen without ID, too.

CAN DO: Transformers (MTMTE/IDW/RID characters, Bayverse, TFA, TFP, G1, Shattered Glass, RID 2015 cartoon); sticky, pnp, spark, tactile; het, slash, femslash, mix; hit me up with kinks, I’m pretty generally open to most of them. However, not the ones in the below list.

WON’T DO: noncon, bestiality (I am happy to write tentacles and monster sex but straight-up too animal naaah), underage stuff, bathroom kinks (i.e. no scat or urine play, though vomiting and sexual fluids are fair game), and eating alive-esque vore. (Cannibalism is just fine, though.)

For examples of my work… well, you can see ‘em all here or on my AO3 account.

To contact me, either send me an ask or submission. Tumblr can eat asks/submissions, I realize, so if I don’t respond within 48 hours, try resending it.

If you prefer to contact via email, it’s tennlemonpie @ gmail . com. If I don’t respond within 48 hours, resend the message.

You pay AFTER the fic is written, and have the choice of it being posted or sent in private.

Signal boosting would be nice, but not required of course.