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dang if that's what you think of for SPRING CLEANING, what would your plans for halloween be?? (john can give his input too if he'd like)

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“just go talk to him. what’s the worst that could happen?”

“i could realize that he’s not the person i fantasize him to be. id rather live with not knowing who he truly is than have my dreams crushed by reality.”

“you can’t do this for everyone you know… ”

“i know… but let me have this one time… let me live in blissful ignorance for just a little bit longer”

—  fantasies are better than reality

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And yet Joji has been incredibly successful with his music and has done an actual tour while making "cancer and bleach" videos, while you're a sarcasm meme blog.

id rather die than live that mans life for a fucking second

My journey to atheism

Most atheists were religious theists first. While I was a theist, I wasn’t raised IN religion. 

Most of my distant family is very religious. Most of my friends grew up going to church. I wasn’t secluded from religion, I was familiar with it, but I wasn’t apart of it. 

My mom, raised Catholic, wasn’t too religious. She was a special occasion church go-er and she believes in a god, but beyond that she wasn’t religious. She, my aunt, and my father all took special courses at a church in order to get me baptized(despite their lack of participation in a church, this was important to my mom). But at only a year old, my five and nine year old brothers were given the choice of whether or not to continue to go to church - as five and nine year olds would, they found church boring and said no. That was it. We never attended church again. 

The way my mom saw it, if we wanted to go we would ask, and it was our choice. 

I don’t remember going to church, at all, ever. I went with my cousin on “bring a friend day” to his Sunday school a few times, and I loved it. I mean what four year old wouldnt love hearing about a magical story like Jonah and the whale and doing arts and crafts for it. The funny thing is even then it was just stories to me. 

At nine or so my step-mom insisted I needed some religion “any religion” so to bible study I went. I dont really remember much from bible study- like at all. I remember the lady lived across the street, gave us Popsicles, oh and I had a crush on her son. 

I was a theist. God and religion was used like a comfort toy for me. If I had a bad dream or was scared of something bad happening my mom taught me how to pray to god. When I was scared our third new house (in the last two years) was haunted my mom called her best friend, a pagan, over to perform some ritual to have her gods clense the house. It worked. 

When you grow up, you tend to find some of the things that use to comfort you werent magic after all. 

I got older, “tested” god(the usual “god, if there is a god, do this- help this- etc). Then, when I was given free reign to the internet I explored the topic more. 

In the end I decided that I am an agnostic atheist. 

Though I wont say its a fact that a god doesn’t exist, it simply makes more sense to me. 

If Im proven wrong I wont feel bad about the life I lived. Id rather live to the best of my abilities -disregarding theism -then waste my time worshiping a god who may be the wrong one or may not exist at all. Besides, if a god punishes me for being the best person I can be just because I didnt worship them then frankly Im glad I didnt. 

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Today i told my mom ive been out for 2 years start using my name and pronouns i dont care how uncomfortable the family is im straight up suicidal being misgendered constantly and id rather live alone so we'll see what happens

Im sorry youre having such a rough time. If youre feeling suicidal i strongly urge you to seek professional help. There are hotlines and other resources in our FAQ, and you can always call your countries emergency line. I hope that your family supports you and your situation gets better. Good luck.


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bonfire !

bonfire - hmm.. id rather live in an apartment !! in the city ! like one thats not too big and not to small, just the right size. a kitchen big enough to bake without feeling cramped. and honestly i’d love to live in washington again- 

  • someone: talks about the future, going to places, beaches, social events that might happen that might include me, just the common happy dreams
  • me: nice
  • my avpd ass: but can i not participate in such events

U can put on layers and get warmer but u cant walk around outside naked its easier to warm up than it is to cool off and thats why winter and fall are superior and summer and spring suck actual ass and id rather live in the north pole and this is why felicia is WRONG!


The 1975 covers Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” in the Live Lounge BBC

Smooth & Perfect Sounds.