id rather give up

Hey why does the only thing that chills me out literally cutting my skin open and drinking

Maybe I should try weed bcs I don’t have anyone to boot for me now and I’m very sad and cutting a lot

Like, a lot

Vld! Star Trek Au

- human for now? Idk i know it says subspecies up there but i think id rather give the empath role to allura
- senior officer [comms]

Keith (half vulcan, half human)
- senior officer [pilot]
- I had half a mind to make him klingon instead (as theyre more battle oriented than vulcans who are intellect oriented) but I have actually v little information on klingon culture etc. (Im a reboot bab and have just recently gotten interested in the rest of the franchise so sorry 😕)
- not as empathetic as a standard human, but also not as vulcan-y as spock (he a rebel :3c)

Ill post more on the rest of the gang when I finish solidifying their profiles :3c

i’d rather have a close & tight scoring game full of excitement and yelps and cheers and drama than a boring one where one team is just away with the fairies, and the other just seems to be playing miles above the other… even if that team is like, the one i’m rooting for lol  ¤.·´`·.¤*´¯`

I’m love,,,,,,,,, guidestuck????????

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omggg tysm for calling out the ppl who hate us softboys holy SHIT like ppl talk about wanting us men to not be so conformed to toxic masculinity but then fucking hate on us for being feminine and defining ourselves in terms that actively do challenge the hyper masculine narrative. like being a softboy is goddamn revolutionary and nearly as good as male femininity is and id rather die then ever give up this identity and give up femininity

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SO true, girls need to do the sports. only 12 women are on the stanley cup as owners or team executives. let's get some more on there!! maybe even a coach or two??

i hate to say it but i feel like hockey isn’t the sport we need to start with. its so non-inclusive its fucking scary but i think in sports like baseball or basketball we can really make some moves. theres a a handful of college baseball players that are girls and a few female coaches in pro basketball leagues, even football would be easier than hockey but over the past like 5 years i think we’ve made a lot of progress!! never enough sadly but i think we’re on our way. i always try to let that push me like especially in my degree. i hear a million times a week about how im dumb and inferior because im a girl who wants to base her career in sports but id rather let it fire me up and prove assholes wrong than give up so we just gotta keep pushing. wise words from hockey hoe at ur service.