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time for my son

Sprite- John has the most expressive sprite, for sure, so while the base isn’t amazing, the occasional change in mood can lead to some really cute expressions. 5/10

Zoom- the early attempts at varying from sprite were not amazing, with too thick lines and an even goofier appearance. 2/10

Replacement- The more common sprite replacement looks great. 8/10 

Human- Not my favorite, but the change in style worked for the drama of the situation, and the lack of expression can be chalked down to the fact that this is consistently what John’s face looks like when people close to him die. 4/10 

Teeth- This John retains his cute teeth, even without his mouth wide open. They look really good. 8/10

Details- It’s a genuinely well drawn John, but I think the more cartoony/simplistic Johns work a little better for scenes that aren’t close-ups. 5/10

:D - Admittedly, he’s quite cute. 7/10

Protag- this John looks like he is there for you. He has your back. The shapes in this drawing are really good, and the soft shading looks nice. 9/10

Snaps- This john is really cute. His glasses look nice as grey rectangles, his teeth are kept, and he looks friendly, as he should. 10/10


the lovely things you do

faequeen40  asked:

Lord have mercy I love your writing! Your kiss prompts are so well done that on a scale of one to even, I simply can't. Of course, leading up to that. I really want the K. :D

*takes advantage of the fact that ‘apprends moi’ (teach me) and ‘ah, prends moi’ (ah, take me) are a simple hitch of breath apart :3c*

(am i doing year-old prompts? yes i am absolutely doing year-old prompts)

S'il vous plaît = please (polite)
apprends moi = teach me
prends moi = take me
beau gosse = approximately ‘good-looking kid’ or ‘stud’ (what marinette calls adrien instead of ‘hot stuff’ in the french dub)

dedicated to @isadorator for her help with betaing my remix, THANK YOU AGAIN ♥♥♥


18: Underwater Kiss

Ladybug took stock of the situation:

The three of them (her, Chat, and the akuma) had been thrown into a town square of sorts: an open space that was now surrounded by walls of water on all sides. Geyser had taken a break from blasting powerful waterspouts at them to pose and laugh maniacally, but still wasn’t wearing any obvious accessories or objects that she could see.

The city at large (or what she could see of it, at least) had been turned into an elaborate deathtrap of a water-park-slash-fountain-showcase. Their attempt to curb the flooding by Cataclysming the public fountain that Geyser had designed had backfired, simply allowing more water to burst forth from beneath Paris’ paved streets. And Chat…

Chat was casting nervous, wincing glances at the last flickering light of his Miraculous.

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ladies, gentlemen, genderless entities, i have nothing up my sleeve. just me and my next trick.

seven soldiers: zatanna #2

Casual platonic meetings AUs
  • ‘I’m stood behind you in a very long supermarket queue on a very busy day and hello, what are your hobbies?’ AU
  • ‘I was calling my pet in for their food but you have the same name as them and you thought I was calling you’ AU
  • ‘Hi I don’t think we’ve ever spoken but your mail keeps getting delivered to my address’ AU
  • ‘You don’t have the correct change to buy a bus ticket and the driver won’t accept notes, here I’ll buy your ticket’ AU
  • ‘This train is full so we’re stood up and are facing each other, and you have lots of shopping bags have you been to the sales?’ AU
  • ‘I really want that sandwich but it’s the last one and you want it to so you can have it, I’ll go to another shop’ AU
  • ‘Our kids are school friends so I thought we should finally meet and would you like to visit the park with the children on Saturday’ AU
  • ‘You don’t have a carrier bag for your shopping, here use my spare one’ AU
  • ‘This library is quiet and we’re just sat across from one another reading books but you’re smiling at me’ AU

anonymous asked:

how do you think homophobia, internalized or otherwise might affect flintwood? like obviously is wasn't forever ago but a lot of strides have been made in like the last twenty years

i mean, if wizarding sports culture is anything like real life sports culture, that’d be rlly shitty, to say the least

they’re athletes, and while the wizarding world might be a lil better about that (co-ed teams), I feel like Marcus might have the most trouble with the reaction he’d get/he’d be a lot more anxious about it - slytherin, all guys team which may be “tradition”, may be Marcus’ choice, old sacred twenty-eight pure blood family - this all doesn’t spell that great of a mix for Marcus to grow up around and/or internalize. 

but how it could impact them could go in so many different ways - i think it really depends on the setting (muggle au/wizarding au/soulmate au etc) in which they’re written

Alrighty so….I kinda have this idea for a series of mini drabbles, && the long && short of it is that they are centered around Ilima’s journal entries when he studied through Kalos, && I’d super appreciate it if I can get a second opinion, since I’m kinda on the fence bout it.

So as told by Ilima’s mother, for a while Ilima had studied abroad in Kalos, from what I believe is to study the battle tactics of the region by participating in their Pokemon League challenge (remember, this was before Alola had began construction of their own League, so theres no way Ilima could study it in his own region !) Additionally, as to why Ilima chose Kalos over let’s say, Kanto, can be referenced to how it is hinted that his mother may be from Kalos, or I read the damn dialogue wrong.

Now onto the entries themselves, they are not to be confused to X && Y’s story mode, as in his studying will take place post-game in X && Y. Therefore, no encounters with Flare or anything like that, && probably no encounter with the main protagonists either.

Now with the entries, they will not only record Ilima’s challenges with the League (Gym battle related entries will most likely have two battles per post to save tiime && space), but as well as small sub-entries in between, whether it be of the sights or people or Pokemon he meets, let’s say for example, a small entry with his encounter in Lumiose or the Glittering Cave, or perhaps meeting Sycamore.

The entries will go chronologically, from when Ilima is fresh off the plane to his departure and battle with Diantha. The length of each entry will most likely vary GREATLY, depending on the scenario && my own energy level rip. 

So yep that’s basically the bones && structure of the whole thing.

Please please please tell me your opinion of it, i’m really on the fence bout this whole thing and I could use some different viewpoints would be nice !

Thank you !