id pay to do that


“don’t let go of my hand forever, i won’t let go of you again either


hey i rarely make posts regarding myself but ive recently been kicked out of my house by my mother and am currently HOMELESS. 

im a trans mentally disabled teen and have been hopping from my friend’s houses from night to night…

i’m really not asking for much, but since its just me and my dog im asking for money for food for me and my dog and also money for a bus pass/phone bills

any help is greatly appreciated! you can donate via my paypal email which is or, if theres any way i can pay you back im an artist and id be able to do a commission,,,,

thank you so much for supporting me!!

Otherkin tarot spread

A 20-card spread for divining advanced information about a past life, id, or kintype. 

It looks chaotic, but each card is placed with intention and relation to the questions of cards around it. I recommend using the spot in the middle for an item of divination, such as a crystal or a pendulum to work with your deck, or even as the space for an oracle card.

See questions below read more.

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  • teacher: where is ur paper its two weeks late
  • me: ok but check THIS out *raps the entirety of hamilton from memory*
  • teacher: holy shit

HOLD UP. It’s been a YEAR and they haven’t done it!?

…all I’m saying is if I were dating Zyg, I’d have tried to get in his pants in a - lot - sooner than a year… ;;ㅋㅅㅋ


storytiiime @0@

being a shy person i one day got complimented on my hoodie at school in the halls, the hoodie was a dr who hoodie. the girl who complimented me and i havent talked since but then one day i saw her at lunch and decided to be brave and offered her a donut munchkin.
when she answered that shed like one, i well-when i asked her if shed like one i didnt think that far so i went deaf a couple times, she repeated herself then i judt rushed for her donut.
idk if she ment to but she followd meh to my table, complimented my art, i complimented her art chain on her ID lanyard and she offered to make me one. @.@ (btw i kept going panickly deaf during all of this.) but i said yes. and said id pay her back with something. i asked if she can do pastel as one and she did.
i LOVE it!! im sick so my reactions were not completely squeal worthy >< but i really do love it.
this is kind of outdated news but im really proud and happy.
this all happened last friday i believe and this week monday she gave me the finished pastel.

the one she did is signed by her, its laminated and dated and colored and wonderful. pastel looks all princessy and majestic ;w;

the drawing i gave her is the one on the right. i took the pic quickly with my ipad before going to lunch sowie its sideways v.v

i am so ashamed. she asked my name then said hers but in my panic deafness i didnt hear im so so so sorry ;><; and i probably looked weird and nyehhh and was probably real awkward i.. im just glad she tolerated me ;^^;/// and im ..still rly proud


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do you do commissions? id love to pay for a piece from you

i don’t at the moment! but it’s something i can set up if you’d like, thank you so much for wanting to commission me!!

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Me da uma palavra? Porfavor.

Sede vós também pacientes, fortalecei os vossos corações; porque já a vinda do Senhor está próxima. (Tiago 5:8)

Mesmo com o mundo tão complicado como Ele anda, não podemos desistir, precisamos buscar cada dia mais a Deus, precisamos cumprir cada dia mais o ide, fazer a vontade do Pai, porque por mais dura que seja a realidade, vai valer a pena, pois, iremos para um lugar onde não haverá mais dor ou choro, iremos para glória viver eternamente com o Pai.

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Headcanon that les Amis, every year at the beginning of summer, have their Annual Roadtrip Session

During a meeting at the Musain, they pick out a region of France where they’ve rarely been to. Then they split up in groups of three or four, each one in a different car, and each group takes a different way around the region and they wander around it for a week or so, visiting, sightseeing, camping, hiking, meeting locals, and if they’re lucky they’ll come across one of the other groups from les Amis. At the end of the week they all go back in Paris and everyone meet up and they tell each other all about their trips (each group has to keep a log book for the memories and to share their experiences with the others). By the end of this week, members of one group are bound to be pretty close with eachother, therefore the groups are totally picked at random so that those who don’t know each other that well can get a chance to, and every year they mix up the groups

so you’d end up with the most improbable pairings like Enjolras - Bahorel - Musichetta - Marius or Feuilly - Eponine - Combeferre - Cosette

Some like Courf or R or Bossuet would be okay with anyone really but others would feel a bit awkward at first like Marius or Ferre and it would lead to hilarious situations (well, with hindsight) until something happens that would bring everyone in the group closer to each other

things to consider:

  • Courf would totally end up chatting with… anyone really, any stranger he meets, and have the most improbable encounters. He would also be the one dragging the others to try the most bizarre new things (“GUYS YES OF COURSE WE NEED TO EAT FROGS AND SNAILS ARE WE FRENCH OR WHAT”)
  • Combeferre would take notes on local flora and fauna and spend hours in ancient bookstores and just quietly enjoy everything, the people, the history, the places
  • Enjolras would take the whole thing very seriously, as always, and would plan everything ahead with maps and compass and precise itineraries, while Bahorel would be like “nah son these things can’t be planned beforehand you just gotta let your instinct guide you man let it flow” and end up utterly lost but enjoying every minute of it because adventure
  • Grantaire would be so excited because so many new things to sketch and also he would probably be the one finding out beautiful hidden places like cute traditional coffee shops and pretty gardens behind iron-forged gates
  • Marius would be the most basic tourist omg but he’d marvel at everything bless his innocent soul
  • Jehan would love it as well because all those new places and sceneries and people are a great source of inspiration
  • Btw him and Cosette would probably be the ones starting up a dance in some little village, Tangled-style
  • Bossuet would always find himself in the most extraordinary and impossible situations and as a result would be the one with the most numerous funny and surprising anecdotes to tell in the end
  • Him, Joly and R would always be keen on trying the local cuisine and would spend hours at restaurants enjoying the dishes and good wine in the purest French tradition
  • Feuilly would end up rescuing so many stray animals??
  • If they get Enjolras drunk enough, you might see him standing on the main square of some little town rallying and exhorting crowds of bewildered locals

just les Amis and road trips around France pls

Ive been offered positions at two camps! One is in Penn and the other is in Maine

Penn is big, 250 kids and like 120 staff
Pay is 2400, Id be doing nature/hikes
Ratio is ¾ to 14 kids in a cabin
Can go off campus after dark

Maine is small, 130 kids with 50 staff
Pay is 2700 and id be weaving baskets
Ratio is 2/3 to 6-8 i think
I have no idea

I dont know how to choose!! Any help would be great folks