So Shun lost his wallet on Monday, which is universally shit, but a couple of things made it Especially Shit, mostly that a. Shun doesn’t have a state ID, he has a green card. And without his green card he couldn’t get a state ID to replace it. And green cards cost FUCK LOADS to replace/renew and the wait time to actually get one is AGONIZING. b. Shun carries his social security card in his wallet. We obviously took the necessary precautions to keep anyone from using both his debit card and his social security number, we were just presented with a bunch of hoops to jump through in the mean time, assuming his wallet would never turn up, mostly having to do with getting shun a new ID he could use, especially since we’re flying to LA in July and you kind of need photo ID to get your tickets.

But today we were walking to the car, complaining about how damn hot it was, when this guy driving a forklift passes by us and stops. I wasn’t really sure what he could want but he wound up asking “did you lose your wallet?” to Shun. Suddenly this random construction guy has become a shimmering golden god, descended from heaven to restore our faith in humanity! And sure enough, he had Shun’s wallet, everything within still intact. It was probably the most happy I’ve felt in a solid week, and we’re both super thankful!!!!

So, to;dr:

🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 There’s some good left in the world🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Reminder: trans women’s bodies don’t necessarily work like cis men’s bodies, and assuming that they do can be harmful.

(This is yet another reason why “your ID needs to have your birth sex for medical reasons” is so mistaken, btw.)



okay im sorry but ive been reading wayyyyy too many superhero AU’s but can we just step back and imagine for a second:

  • Nico di Angelo being able to manipulate the shadows and get to McDonalds before anyone else.
  • Chiron being a leader of like 50 kids, all with superhero powers
  • Chiron making rules like no interaction with civilians, whats so ever
  • And Nico being like ‘okay, cool. i dont really give a fuck’
  • but then will motherfucking solace
  • saves his ass from something, probably from not eating enough since will is always looking out for others
  • will being a fucking intern or something at a hospital and one day realizing holy shit i can heal people with my hands this shit aint normal but refusing to tell anyone since it’s like Xavier’s school for gifted kids you dont know and they find you
  • but no one finds will until nico saves his ass
  • nico accidentally being hit by a bus or something and will already being at the scene and is like holy shit that’s the hot guy that saved me from a mugger or something
  • and then he, like, makes up some lie and drags nico’s body off the street or whatever and something happened and he’s like “okay, dont freak out”
  • but nico doesnt tell will about the camp or whatever because he wants him to have a normal life 
  • but eventually will gets too nosy and follows nico after a freaking date or something and sees this shit and is like. what. the. fuck
  • and nico has to make up an excuse
  • they make a freaking emergency demigod ambulance thing
  • making out in superhero suits
    im sorry i just cant get it out of my head



A mean big bro. :/

To anyone who used fidget spinners and or cubes before they turned into a meme: you are valid.
If you need one for an attention disorder you’re amazing
If you need one for your BFRB to keep your hands busy fidget your heart out
For whatever reason if you need one for any disorder and it actively helps you I am sorry for the stigma now surrounding them. As someone who is a part of the BFRB community I know they are so helpful in distracting yourself from destructive behaviors. You are strong

SO! I decided to do one of these too! I’m going on a 4 day weekend after thursday so please send some of these into my askbox! I’ll be finishing up the pallette requests and starting these during my small break!
Also feel free to reblog and play with these too! If you use these for reference without asks please tag me for credit!