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my gift for luhan’s 27th birthday 🎂💘 it is small in comparison to all of the things he has given to me but it’s all i can do 💖

; the hyungs and their love for dongwoon

much as i loved seeing Highlight - KNK interaction in Weekly Idol (and i love it bunches, because i also have the softest spot for KNK), i’d say the actual highlight (pun intended lol) of their 2 episodes was Dongwoon’s segment. i meant, sure, the magic tricks were as lame as they could be l m a o. but idk, if anything, it only highlighted the hyungs’ affection for their magnae more? ;-;

look at them watching their magnae with adoring eyes, and how kwang still had that whoaa~ reaction though he probably had seen the trick before many times lol

or how yangyo defending him, telling the MCs not to try to figure out his trick l m a o

or how doojoon looked amused when dongwoon said his first two tricks were only to make them laugh

and how doojoon actually encouraged him to show them yet another trick, and proudly told the MCs that he had yet to figure out the secret of that one ;-; i love love love this so much, the ever so supportive doojoon-hyung, omggg.

and the way he ended his magic show? GOLD. just look at doojoon’s and hyeongdon’s reaction l m a o

and of course, kwang didn’t forget to compliment magnae for a job well done :’)

hey y’all! how about y’all send asks in about your personal star trek trans/gnc headcanons? I’d love to see your ideas. 

some prompts:

*coming out stories

*self exploration/discovery

*a character’s preferred presentation 

*what gender/pronouns a character IDs with

*love/support/postivity/celebration in the future for trans/gnc people


Calling all Eddsworld fans!!!

I made an ask blog called @ask-the-eddsworld-mermen

It’s an alternate universe where the character are mermaids and so promise you the plot is more than you think!!! Please, promote, ask and support this blog if you want! Its your choice but it’ll do a huge favor for me!!!!& thank you!!!! I know this has nothing to do with Osomatsu San Id love love the support!


My friends started a youtube collab channel called FiveDailyLives and I’m the Monday of the week. We plan on making videos everyday. check us out and subscribe! 

Dongwoo is so strong. It takes a lot of emotion and heart to continue doing your job in a time of hurt and sadness. This shows me how strong and mature Dongwoo really is. He made the decision, and I applaud him for it. 

Thank you Dongwoo for being who you are. Thank you Infinite for supporting him. Thank you Inspirits for supporting Dongwoo. Thank you everyone for supporting him and his family. 

I am once again, proud to be apart of this family and call myself an Inspirit.

Hey #mypretties. I'm putting together a list of some wicked charities I want to support. Id love to hear which ones resonate with you?

Love Bex 💚

like those people who threaten to stop supporting lgbt folk bc gay people said something mean about straight people on the internet

like just not turning up to your best friends wedding all “sorry phil id love to support you and frank on your big day but a tumblr social justice warrior called me an annoying cishet so i cant”