id literally be so happy for you

jongkey literally makes me so happy like i dont care if they are just standing next to each other or full on hugging for 72 seconds because its pure and beautiful and i love it and people just don’t understand that seeing cute jongkey on my dash makes my fucking day so please don’t stop and spam me with gifs of these two beautiful men if you want to make me happy thank you

@blade-rootes I am so sorry I still haven’t finished that one shot for you, I’ve literally rewritten it like 3 times and I still don’t like it but I’m slowly but surely making progress. As a bit of compensation for this ridiculous wait here’s a quick drawing of a scene from it that I’ve actually been wanting to draw for a while. Again I’m soooooo so sorry this is taking so long\(_ _ ;)

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Hello beautiful! I´m sorry, if I´m bothering you...but, do you tag all of your Skam drabbels with "my drabbel!"? I love your writing so much! (Cant wait for the next one ;) Id hate to miss one of your works (no, I´ve not been Stalking your blog for days). And pleeeease don´t ffel pressured to write anything. Take your time, be as healthy as you can/ want, and so on. You´re amazing with or without beautifuly written drabbels <3

hiiiii!!!!! okay so this message made me make pterodactyl noises it made me so happy.

Don’t ever think you’re bothering me. Literally no one bothers me on this site, it makes me so so happy to see people sending me messages- so don’t ever thing that!! <3

As for my drabbles: yep! all are tagged ‘my drabble!’ and all of my full length fics are tagged ‘my fic!’

(Or I can make it easy for you: HERE is a link to all of my drabbles.

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ok so im masc-id fluid/flux (i go from boy to demiboy kinda) and theres this really cute chubby boy that i hang out with a lot and i was in the middle of ranting about a toxic relationship im having trouble getting out of and he literally kisses my cheek and says 'i'll hold you instead' and offered to help me get out and i feel REALLY happy and loved and i just needed to let that out holy hell. we also just laid on the couch and cuddled for a good 2 hours hahaha fukc

YES THIS IS THAT GOOD GAY SHIT I LIVE FOR thank u for sending this

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

hi guys!!!! i reached 1k this week which is literally so incredible bc i have no idea why you guys follow me. it makes no sense but either way id like to thank you for looking at my mess of a blog and deciding to privilege it with a follow, i love every single one of you. im so happy this many of you indulge in the same fandoms as i do (especially my richonne thirst love) and in honor of that i decided to do a follow forever of all the nerds that grace my dashboard. if you’re highlighted it means you’re an extra nerd. 


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on the real i love all of you. you guys r literally the best. if i forgot you it’s bc im dumb plz forgive me ♥♥♥