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Prompt where maybe Nico finds an old photograph or something of his mother in a gift shop? Or maybe a WWII photograph of, like, his mother's siblings or his cousins being released from a concentration camp or an image of Maria Bianca and Nico in a crowd trying to flee ITaly? (I ship Maria being from a Jewish family as more reason for them to need to escape) IDK. Id really like if you did something to this extant.

I went with the last one

“Hey, Nico,” Will walked over to where Nico was shuffling through a box that contained mostly smaller boxes in it, with dust so thick it was impossible not to sneeze. “Look at these old pictures I found.” Somehow, Nico and Will had been tasked with the bi-yearly chore of cleaning out the attic of the Big House, throwing away things that had been tossed up there for no particular reason, and making sure that the things that should stay locked away were still locked away.

They hadn’t really found much of anything of interest, other than a few old books, until Will found a stack of old photos, all of them in black and white and fading around the edges. Nico put the lid back on his box, standing up straight and popping the joints in his knees that had gone stiff from kneeling for so long. “I think they’re mostly from the Second World War. The people in the pictures look German. Not that I’ve ever been very good at distinguishing Europeans.” Will handed the photos to Nico so he could shuffle through them.

Will was right about the first picture, it was a photograph of a handful of German soldiers sitting on a low bank wall in front of a building, all decked out in their uniforms, smiling. Nico had to resist the urge to rip the picture. Those soldiers had killed so many people, who were they to look so happy? Nico shuffled through a few pictures like that, soldiers laughing and smiling. “Kind of reminds you that they were still just people, huh?” Will spoke softly over Nico’s shoulder. “Following orders.” Nico didn’t quite see it that way, but he understood how Will could.

Nico flipped to another photo that caught his eye. There was a large group of people that looked like they were fleeing, all bunched together. Nico could almost hear their shouts and pleas. They were probably trying to board a boat to leave their country. Nico scanned the faces of the people in the picture almost lazily, wondering where the people were trying to flee from.

He had never expected to recognize anyone.

His breath caught in his throat at the sight of a floppy hat that Nico knew was an olive green color, despite the saturation from the picture. Nico’s knees threatened to give out the longer he stared at the girl in the picture, whishing she would turn around. In her arms was a small boy, perhaps half Nico’s age. Nico knew that the boy was carrying a small wooden cross, despite the unclarity of the picture. Nico could still feel the press of the cross in his palm, the way his sweat made it slick as he clung to it for dear life. There was a tall, proud Italian woman behind the children, ushering the forward at a quick pace while she kept her head down.

Distantly, he heard the blow of a steam whistle, signifying that whoever was still on the dock better get on the boat or risk being left behind in a fascist regimen. Nico felt himself shake as Maria pushed her children onto the boat in front of her, occupying the last open spot before the sailors pulled up the board that connected the boat to the dock.

“Nico?” Will called softly. “Is everything okay?” Nico closed his eyes for a moment, smelling the salty air of the ocean before he let out a long breath and opened his eyes, unsurprised to find them damp with tears.

He looked at Will before he whispered, “it’s us. It’s Mama and Bianca.”

I liked the style of this fic

twin andrews part 5 | jughead x reader

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a/n: i can’t believe you all want part 5!!!!! I’m so stoked that i have such a loving following and i just want to thank you guys for everything. this ones for my day one nuggets! 

i wonder aimlessly through the school looking for my friends when i hear a familiar voice call my name.

“(y/n)?!” i turn and look int what used to be the blue and gold office 

“B?” i question stepping into the dusty room “whats with the drop sheets?”i ask grabbing one of the sheets and pulling it back to reveal a few computers.

“what are you doing in here? I’m pretty sure we can die from smoke inhalation-” i complain coughing, “that doesn’t really make sense-” i roll my eyes at the girl.

“okay anyway i was thinking about starting up the blue and gold, it kinda died after you left-” i walk around the room the feeling of familiarity washing over me.

Betty and I used to run the blue and gold with a few others in freshman year, she reported i photographed and occasionally wrote but we had a few other kids that often did the writing portion of the work load.

“B id love to but I’m writing is extremely rusty, i think we need someone who’s confident in their writing, I’m happy to take pictures like last time” she jumps up and hugs me.

“thank you!” she squeals and i roll my eyes “okay well this place needs some seriously work” she nods “and the writer-?”

and was if on cue theres a beanie wearing brunette leaning against the door frame “andrews” he greets looking over to betty “betts” 

“jones” i stand crossing my arms over my chest as i lean against the desk behind me “so is this our writer?” i ask my blonde friend.

“juggie!” betty pulls him into the room, he widens his eyes before walking and sitting next to me our arms brushing against one and another.

“whats up?” i loose focus of the conversation glancing down at our almost touching hands.

he nudges my arm and i shoot up my attention being brought back, “huh?”

the both laugh and i feel embarrassment wash over me “jugs agreed to help us!” she cheers her blonde pony tail swishing.

the bell rings and i grab my bag off the floor, “I’ve got chem, ill see you later?” she nods and i leave the pair not long after jughead comes rushing out touching my shoulder to grab my attention.

“mmh” i murmur turning to the brunette boy “you okay?” i ask weaving my way through the mass.

“yeah i just thought we could walk together, yano since we have chem together-” i nod “its fine, you don’t need an excuse to walk with me jug” i chuckle.

“oh miss andrews” i roll my eyes at the sound, jughead turns around but i grab his arm “don’t even bother glancing at him” i tell the boy as he nods in confusion.

and soon enough the raven haired boy is bouncing in front of me “miss me?” he smirks and i groan “reg your going to make us all late” i complain seeing the class within our reach our teacher already standing inside.

“move reggie!” i complain, i turn to the boy next to me “jug just go ill catch up with you-” he shakes his head “I’m not leaving you alone with him” he glares at the taller boy.

“is that so jones? you yano this is my river vixen, how about you get your own? maybe like betty cooper. maybe she’s freaky in bed like her sister” i can see the anger burning up in his eyes.

“jeez can i just not be such an asshole for once” i grab jugheads hand and push through reggie and head for the classroom door letting jughead walk in first then i follow after him but not before reggie slides in behind me.

his hands find there way down to my skirt giving my ass a squeeze lifting the fabric up slightly

i turn and slap the boy hard across the face “don’t touch me reggie i mean it” i warn stepping close to him poking his chest.

i feel a warm hand on my shoulder pulling me away from the raven headed boy “leave it his just being a blow head” i turn and smile softly to the blonde “tell me bout it”

i glance to see jughead glaring at the boy anger coursing through him, reggie smirks at the beanie clad boy walking past our shared desk

“what’s up Wednesday Addams? you jealous? i get to touch her sweet ass and you don’t?” he chuckles and i catch jugheads shoulder pushing him back down in his chair.

“not. worth. it.” i day through gritted teeth plastering a smile on my face as the raven haired boy smirks walking past and settling in the desk behind us

i can see the anger boiling up inside the boy and i chew on the end of my pen before nudging him with my elbow “he’s just trying to get to you jug just forget it”

“yeah well it’s working” he replies annoyed trying his hardest to focus on his work and not reggie’s constant snickers and the replay of him griping your ass

a mixture of jealous and disgust swirling around in his stomach but feels your warm hand slide over top of his giving it a small squeeze as you pay attention to the front of the class.

“sorry” he mumbles removing his hand from mine and clearing his throat, i swallow feeling a little embarrassed that he pulled away from my touch “don’t worry about it”

the bell rings and i rush out like im on fire, spotting my three friends over by the lockers. i speed walk over rushing over to Kevin giving him a half hug

he chuckles and throws an arm around me “you okay?” he asks and i sigh “just a crap day thats all- what’s that?” he glances down at his phone and i gasp

“oh my god” we say in unison glancing to our new raven haired friend “what?” she closes the locker and gives us a puzzled look. kevin glances at betty before handing his phone over to veronica

allowing her to look at the picture that chuck had uploaded of the two after their date last night, except chuck had got a little carried away with photoshop and added a riverdale ‘sticky maple’ to her face

“what the hell is a sticky maple?!” kevin shrugs nervous “it’s kinda what it sounds like it’s a riverdale thing” he tries to explain and she shakes her head “no it’s a slur shaming thing”

“and im neither a slut nor am i going to be shamed by someone named excuse me chuck clayton”

people take their times to stop in the hall snickering at our new raven haired friend their phones buzzing in their hands as they whisper and point

“move along” i yell annoyed at the crowd that scramble at the sound rushing to get away from us

“does he really think he can get away with this?!” she rambles furious “does he not know who I am?!”

she glances between the three of us “i will cut the breaks in his supped up phallic symbol!”

betty interjects “or we could go to principle weatherbee!”

veronica snaps back “about the coaches son?! who’s captain of the football team and riverdale highs resident golden boy?!”

“and or we-” she pauses nudging me “can expose him in the pages of the blue and gold!! yeah i can do that! she nods frantically placing her hand on kevins shoulder

“spoken like a true good girl who always follows the rules”

i finally speak up “she’s right-” anger bubbles up inside of me “no way-he can’t- not again”

veronica nods at me before shoving Kevin’s phone back into his chest “well i don’t follow rules!”

i agree turning and storming off in the direction of the boyslocker room

it’s not long till veronica is at my side along with betty trailing along “i make them” she seethes “and when necessary i break them”

she turns to the blonde struggling to keep up with the pair of us “you want to help us get revenge on chuck Betty? that’s awesome! but you better be ready to go full dark no stars”

we almost reach the boys locker room and veronica pause turning to face the worried blonde “so what do you say betts in or out”

“im totally in” i leave the two girls not waiting to listen to Betty’s response. we pass jughead who looks worried at my anger he calls my name but i ignore him approaching the doors to the boys locker room

i push through the doors first glancing around to try and spot the culprit but the sea of half naked boys itnwas proving difficult “damn it” i mutter

veronica takes the lead grabbing Betty’s hand and she uses the other to shield her face rushing into the crowd and bumping into the one and only archie andrews

“ronnie, betty, (y/n)? what are you guys doing in here” he quickly rewraps his towel around his torso not wanting to expose himself to the three girls.

“don’t worry about it” ronnie tells my brother attempting to move past him, “no-” he starts blocking our path

“i mean it andrews hit the showers and get out of my way” she shoves past my brother and makes her way deeper into the change rooms

my brother reaches for my shoulder “arch don’t” i move past him and see that veronica and betty have encountered chuck

“b and v- ladies” he licks his lips still wet from the showers, his towel hanging low from his hips his body on full show

veronica steps forward extending her phone toward chuck “this is disgusting, take it down” the boys chuckle

“oh woho why you so wound up? it’s a badge of honour- and well your not exactly virgin territory after your closet date with andrews”

i get ready to interject but betty beats me to it

“okay that’s beyond irrelevant chuck” she pauses “your not allowed to go around humiliating girls for any reason under any circumstances! you-you-jerk!”

her smirks at the blonde addressing her"look i get your not a closet kinda girl but hey, if you want to ride the chuck wagon that can be arranged”

the locker room erupts in snickers the boys rielling each other up

veronica’s quick to defend her best friend “let’s keep this simple so your preppy half murder brain can grasp it

she walks closer to him narrowing the gap between them “take this. the hell. down”

he glances to his boys before leaning down to Veronica’s eye line “see that high, bitch tone attitude might have worked on the betas you dated in new york but-” he pauses “your in bull dog territory now”

the boys back him up by snarling and barking like dogs, how darling of them

“but please fight back” she smirks giddy “your only making it harder for yourself”

betty grabs the raven haired girl but he shoulder and guides her out of the crowed locker room, clearly furious and somewhat embarrassed

as the girls moved im revealed to the jock “oh! is that miss andrews?!” he yells allowing all the boys to turn and gather around me

“you disgust me” i seethe digging my nails into my palms so o don’t lash out at the boy.

“what did you think that you were my last?” he chuckles and i instantly feel sick at the memory “don’t flatter yourself” he smirks

“take it down chuck, now” he rolls his eyes at my persistence “everyone’s already seen it now” he attempts to sass me.

“so you wouldn’t have any problem with deleting it then right?” a bunch of ‘ooohs’ floated around the room making chuck angry

he slams his fist against the locker beside me “did you forget where you are andrews?” the boys start barking again and i roll my eyes at their childishness

“you may be a bulldog chuck but just remember im a vixen and ill bring you down when you least expect it”

i go to punch him and he flinches then continue to try and play it off “well well well, if it isn’t the better half of the andrews” i turn and move past the raven haired jock

“not in the mood reg” i make my way out of the locker room and into the hall when i spot my two friends im presuming making a game plan

“hey wait-” i turn and sigh frustrated “god reggie what now?!” i respond my voice grower louder

he lifts he’s hands up in surrender “is everything okay?” he swallows glancing at me, i hesitate before shaking my head “no but it will be soon enough-” he nods placing a hand on my shoulder

“would you maybe want to come with me to pops tonight? talk about whatever the hell happened in there?” i glance over to my friends then back to reggie

“reggie-” he cuts me off “please (y/n) we haven’t spoken since you moved? i promise it’s just a milkshake and a bite to eat nothing more” i roll my eyes fine 8"

i move away and head over frantically to my friends “ronnie you okay?” she nods offering a small smile

“he took it down- chuck. i made him take it down” she looks up at me and hugs me tight “thank you” i squeeze her back rubbing her back soothingly “its okay” i whisper back

“dad?” i call out closing the front door as i trudge through the house looking for my father.

the sound of drills coming from our backyard was enough to get me curious “dad?” i ask walking out the door and down into our backyard

the shed door was open, my father inside sound proofing our garage. the noise stops as my dad notices my presence “hey kiddo” i smile up at my dad

“what’s all this?”

“just fixing up the shed for your brother, he need somewhere to practice”

i furrow my brows “archies into music? when did that happen?” i chuckle flopping down on one of the couches

“over the summer, there’s a new teacher at the school- miss grundy, she’s been helping archie alot with it” i nod taking in all the new information

“archie never told me about her” i say confused “oh im sure he would’ve wanted to- he probably forget to mention it at some point”

i sit for a few trying to figure out why archie hadn’t told me about his new venture and his closeness to our music teacher

i stand up brushing off my jeans “im going to go to pops” my dad nods “oh pop actually run, wanted to know if you wanted your old job back?”

i widen my eyes surprised “really?!” he nods “you should go see him” i nod giving him a kiss on the cheek before rushing off to the diner

the bell chimes as the door to pops swings open, the older man smiles at me as i walk over the threshold “hey pop!”

“miss andrews just the lady i wanted to see” i smile leaving against the front counter “dad told me the news, id love to come back if you’d like me back” i smile at the man

i worked at pops for about 4 months before i moved, i waitressed and every so often i was allowed into the kitchen to make a few off the menu items

he bends down behind the counter and places my old uniform on the bench in front of me, a cheer to myself running me finger over my badge “thank you!!” i squeal giving him a small hug

“when do you want me to start?” he glances around the semi busy diner “how about now, im expecting hermione to come in soon so you two can keep it down till dinner rush right?” i nod

i grab my uniform and head toward the restroom pausing and turning first “wait who’s hermonie?” he chuckles “it’s fine never mind” i push open the door and change from my school clothes to uniform

when i return to the front desk pop has disappeared and is replaced by a beautiful raven haired older lady, i plaster on a smile and walk toward her

“you must be hermione?” the lady looks up smiling softly at me and dismissing whatever she was doing to walk over to me

“thats me, may i ask who you are?” i mentally face palm “(y/n), andrews- i worked her last year- pop just gave me my job back” she nods

“so your Fred’s daughter?” she questions and i nod “guilty” she giggles at me placing a hand on my shoulder “you look just like your mother- you know your father and i dated in high school”

my jaw drops “no way!! my dad with a woman like you- jeezz i didn’t know he had that much game” the lodge woman smiled at me giving me a nudge on my hip

“your father was devilishly handsome in high school-” i squeeze my eyes shut “oh god- ew” we both share a laugh before I turn and scan the diner spotting a familiar beanie in one of our booths

“friend of yours?” i smile at the thought “yeah something like that- ill be back” i walk over from my fellow co-worker and toward jughead sliding into the booth

“oh im good for a refill- oh (y/n) hey” i smile at the brunette “hey juggie” i play with the ends of my hair as he examines me “cute dress”

i blush and scuff my converse against the diner floor brushing jugheads leg by accident causing me to blush further “its a look isn’t it” i tease and he nods laughing as he continues to type

“i didn’t know you got your job back” he questions eyes moving from me then back to his laptop

“i only just got it back, he called dad and said he’d consider having me back- it’ll be good anyways to get that extra bit of money” he nods silence filling the booth

“can i get you anything? another milkshake?” he closes his laptop and stares into my eyes before dropping to my lips.

i feel something twitch in my stomach that causing me to bite my lip “juggie?” he snapped out of his gaze “hm what?”

i laugh moving myself from my side of the booth to his “do you want me to get you anything?” i say glancing at the empty fries bowls and milkshake glasses.

i knew when he wrote he always ordered a burger and fries to keep him going, sometimes he’d be too wrapped up to even touch the food placed infront of him

he swallows at our closeness eyes darting all over the place “i need to tell you something” he’s arms extends over the back of the booth

“your starting to worry me, what is it? is it important i do have tables to wait” he looks down at my hands placed on his thighs “it’s about your brother, he’s in trouble"

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Broken Pieces (Crowbar Part 2)

Imagine Sam coming over to comfort you after you broke up with Dean.

Requested By: onlysightlyimpossible

Word Count: 1,321

Read Part One

It was hard to tell which was pounding more, your head or your front door. Your shoulder clipped the doorframe as you stumbled out of your bedroom and your shin banged the coffee table on your dazed journey through the living room. Your disorientation was one part the hangover that echoed in your skull, one part the sleepiness that still clung to your heavy eyelids, and one part not having lived here in your old house in months. You were literally stumbling back into your old habits

In all honestly, you didn’t have a lot of friends (that were still alive) so it seemed more likely that the cops were waiting outside your door rather than a shoulder to cry on, but sure enough, it was Sam who was standing out on your front porch, all six feet of him. The Winchesters, it seemed, were full of surprises. His sheepish half-smile dropped when he caught sight of you – probably a whiff too. Liquor was practically dripping from your pores and you couldn’t even imagine the mess on your head that was once your hair.

“You look terrible.”

“Good to see you too, Sammy,” you said, already pushing the door shut, but he was able to get a foot in and his palm against the wood before it closed completely. You groaned, leaning your head against the side of the door with a pathetic, pleading look in your eyes.

“Don’t you ever get tired of cleaning up your brother’s messes?” you asked him. The comment didn’t phase him. He had grown familiar to your rough edges and tendency to lash out at anyone who tried to help you.

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We’ll Make The World Bow

I know this isn’t any of the prompts I should be doing, but Episode 3’s ending just… whoa. So, here’s some sweet Pricefield, for the sake of my feels.

“Grow up! You’re not the only one in Arcadia Bay who has problems!”

“Insert groan here…” Max whispered, taking her time getting up the Blackwell Academy steps. “You are such a colossal fuck-up, sometimes…” The brunette’s words turned to thoughts as she sauntered toward her dorm.

Max labeled the last twenty-four hours as “crazy-shit-fun”. Breaking into Principle Well’s office, and ransacking a crazed drug dealer’s RV was the “crazy shit” portion. Going for a midnight swim with the girl she may or may not have fallen for, then an impromptu sleepover, followed by a kiss made up the “fun” portion.

It was also the portion that made Max blush the most.

But the last five-minutes, the photographer had somehow found a way to screw shit up.

Finding out that Rachel may have had a “thing” with Frank, and decided not to tell Chloe about it; was probably the worst time for Max to shout at her like that.

She could still hear the roar of Chloe’s truck in the distance, it raised and lowered in octave; signaling that she was probably driving like a maniac before fading off completely.

Max shuddered a bit, regretting what she couldn’t have held back in the truck. She didn’t mean to yell at Chloe like that, but that was one of those times the punk just ground on Max’s last nerve -completely shutting out everyone’s aid and forcing herself in the locker of “Self-loathing Chloe”.

As Max reached the dorm; she continued to think. She knew everyone that had come across Chloe almost always had the same story about her. Bad, loud-mouthed, rebellious, and hard to deal with. As much as Max hated to admit it, sometimes she felt similar. Like being around Chloe was like walking on thin ice.

Max was one of few who knew better.

She knows Chloe so much better than the punk façade she put on every day. She knows how broken Chloe is on the inside -crying out for someone.

“Probably why she got over me leaving, so fast.”

Max used to think otherwise. She thought her entry back into Chloe’s life -and the sudden acceptance of it- was just a patch on things until they found Rachel. And as soon as they did; Chloe would ditch and head to Los Angeles.

Last night at the pool was where things… changed.

“That was some sappy stuff, but… it was nice.” Max’s thoughts revolved around Chloe’s ‘Don’t be so sad. I’m never leaving you…’ line. Things changed. And Max felt like she was a staple in Chloe’s life again.

“Not stumbling in time. This is real.”

Her dorm room door came soon enough. The Rachel-clad brunette slipped inside. She faced the open window, forming a tiny grin at the sun setting below the bay. The sights were soothing almost. It made everything below the window-line dark. Covering up the piling mess that blanketed her room.

“Looks like a tornado tore through here,” Max choked a little, “Okay, bad joke, probably shouldn’t crack jokes about what I’m probably gonna fail at stopping…”

She haphazardly tossed her bag next to the couch before making a grand flop onto her cozy bed -completely ignoring Nathan’s “Art” on her wall.

“Just… need to get my mind off shit…”

Her phone was the only bastion of hope in this situation, “What’s better than pirated music, and shitty phone games?” Max reached for the device. Chloe had been 95% right when it came to Rachel being her size, but the jeans were a bit tight. In a poor effort to get her phone out; Max yanked the rest of her pocket’s contents out with it.

Her phone hit the floor, amidst bits of pocket change, lint, and…

“Oh…” Max elicited softly. Her doe-eyes landing on the Polaroid of her young self, and Chloe.

A happier Chloe.

A gift from Joyce. The gift of memories. Something Max hated herself for not remembering. Sometimes she really did feel like she was stumbling in time. Too stupid to understand how things actually worked. The brunette didn’t want for any of this to happen, but her pessimistic side shouted that it was her that made Chloe end up the way she is.

“Like I was controlling time before I even knew I could.”

Somberly, Max reached out for the photo. She remembered now, of course, “Of course Max, always when you’re too late.”

The photo sat loosely in her palm. She examined it like she’d never seen a photo before. Flipping it over, turning it upside down, even holding it to the light like it held some sort of secret.

A sudden vibration tickled by her feet. It startled to photographer, dropping the photo and looking down to where her phone was next to her foot. She squinted at the caller ID; internally hoping it was Chloe.

“Price J & W? Joyce and… Oh.” “She never changed the caller ID… wonder why she’s calling.” By the third vibration, Max answered it.

“Joyce?” Max timidly asked.

“Oh, Max, thank god you answered,” Joyce’s tone didn’t exuberate its usual calmness.

Max could hear faint clattering in the background, “Is everything okay, you sound worried.” “Please don’t let it be Chloe…”

“It’s Chloe, Max. She came home pretty upset, lotta cussing and threats towards Rachel and a guy named, Frank. Did something happen between ya’ll?”

“Shit…” Max tried to keep calm. She allowed for Joyce to continue.

“Max, I tried to get her to calm down; but she’s pretty upset this time. You’re the only one she’ll likely listen to.”

There was more clattering in the background, followed by a door slamming shut. It was all the intuition Max needed, “I’ll be right over.

"Thanks Max, please hurry though. I think she’s trying to leave.”

Max immediately hung up the phone. She leapt from her bed and dashed towards the door. Not even bothering to close it behind her.

Curious faces watched as she ran down the girl’s dorm hallway, bursting through the doors and racing down the stairs.

Joyce was right, it shocked Max, but she was right. Chloe needed help, not damage control.

And she was the only one that knew how.


Merely fifteen minutes later, the bus arrived on Chloe’s street. In a heated shuffle, Max raced out of the bus, and jogged half a block to the Price’s home. As she came up the street, she could see Chloe just stepping into the open garage.

Max paced by her truck, her foot accidentally stepped on a dry leaf next to it. The impending crunch was enough to blow her cover.

Sharply, Chloe turned to Max, “What’re you doing here?”

The brunette winced, “It looks like she was crying…” Her poor skills in these scenarios stopped her from answering.

Chloe turned away. Facing the far back wall of the garage, “Mom called you, didn’t she?”

“S-She did, but that doesn’t matter. Chloe I-”

“Can nobody in this town leave me the fuck alone?!”

The punk began rummaging around the cupboards above David’s computer, “Don’t even, Max. This has nothing to do with you.”

“What’re you talking about?” Max asked, taking small step after small step closer.

“I’m fucking done Max. I’m tired of living in a place where I constantly get fucked over.”

Max remembered their conversation from earlier, “Chloe please-”

“What?” The aqua-haired girl sidestepped and glared at Max, “Wanna tell me to grow up? Tell me to forgive and forget? You don’t think I hear that every waking hour of my pitiful life?”

“Chloe you still have a life here. Remember what you said at the pool last night? About us, and how were gonna figure shit out?”

Every step Max took; Chloe mimicked the same. Not wanting to be anywhere near her.

“I was being a nostalgic shit again.”

Max felt her already weakened resolve failing, “What happened?”

“Oh, I don’t know, my Dad dies, my best friend leaves, I get step-shit, but oh! Here’s the best part, my other friend, who I thought I could trust; turns out to be going behind my back with some off-the-street drug dealing asswipe!” Chloe’s breaths were ragged and audible, “I’m tired of it Max.”

Chloe stepped back again, closer to- “The gun case? What’s she- oh no…”

The punk picked up on Max’s gaze shifting from the case to herself, “Max, you need to leave.”

“Chloe no.”

“Leave, I’m telling you. Just leave.”

“I’m not gonna leave, I know what-”

“Leave Max! Leave like you did before, It wasn’t so hard then, so why not now?”

Max felt a sudden anger rise inside of her, “So, what, you’re gonna go kill Frank?”

“If he doesn’t tell me where Rachel is, yes.” She reached the gun case. Kneeling down she patted a small spot underneath of it, producing a small key, “Step-shit always keeps a spare.” She fiddled with the lock, Max winced even more as she heard it click open.

“Chloe please! Stop it!” Max choked back a sob, thanking the heavens for not giving the gun to her from Frank’s RV.

It was too late. Chloe grabbed the pistol from the top rung and pocketed a few boxes of ammunition.

Max reached her breaking point, “No!” She dashed behind Chloe, forcing her shoulder around. She was beginning to sob, feeling like this was all her fault. The sudden attack startled the punk, giving Max the chance to snatch the gun from Chloe’s grasp.

“Listen to me, this isn’t the answer,” Max saw Chloe’s eyes dip down, guided by the tear slipping off Max’s cheek, “Rachel didn’t betray you, and killing Frank won’t solve anything.”

“It’ll make me feel a little better.”

“Shut up! Just shut up! Do you even hear yourself right now?!” Max’s voice cracked and thundered, “W-What if you did g-go? And you got hurt instead?”

Chloe couldn’t bear to look Max in the eyes. Slowly, she could feel herself coming back down to earth, “Max don’t.”

“I wouldn’t be there to save you.”

Max sobs came fully now, her arms trembled with adrenaline and fear. The thought of losing Chloe hitting her hard, “You know how destroyed Joyce would be, if she found out she lost you too?”

Chloe remained silent, feeling heartbroken for putting Max through her bullshit again.

“O-Or if I-I g-got a call in the middle of the n-night, saying you’re…”

“Max please, I’m-”

“R-Remember what you said at the pool yesterday? You said you’d never leave me.”

Chloe’s lip trembled. Her beautiful eyes glossed over with tears, “I know. I’m such an idiot because I know.”

Max relinquished her grip on the punk, “Ever since you came back into my life, I don’t feel sad and alone here. Yesterday, was so fucking amazing, I-It made me feel like I have a place with you again.”

“It d-did?”

“It did. Che… remember when we were kids, and whenever we’d fight or not talk; you’d always be the first one to come over and say sorry?”

“H-Heh, yeah, I… do.”

“I was being a stubborn little shit, but you cared, and you came, a-and we always worked stuff out. Well, now it’s my turn. I cannot do this alone, and I w-want you to be the one who’s there when I think it’s impossible,” Max mustered a weary grin. Softly placing her hand on Chloe’s cheek, wiping a tear away, “I’m not telling you to forgive and forget, but I just want you to know… how much you mean to me.”

Chloe sniffed, she wrapped her arms around Max’s neck and yanked her into a tight embrace, and she couldn’t form words. Just sobs into Max’s small shoulder.

The brunette grinned, with a little more assurance now. She stroked Chloe’s hair, hushing her to not cry.

“I’m so sorry Max…”

“You don’t have to be.”

Chloe pulled back, Max wasn’t finished yet, “We’ll do this together.”

“H-Hella yes we are. Once this is over, you’re gonna make the world bow with your power.”

“No,” Max hugged Chloe again, “We, will make the world bow.”


Tiny orange ants, with what might be aphid nymphs.  Most of the aphids I’ve seen around here have live young.  But the mature insects look like aphids.  They were under a rock near Aztec, NM, November 2015.

Maybe the little guys are scale insects, and the adult aphids are just hanging out?  Thanks to knottybynaturetreecare for the possible ID.


Could you write another Spiderman/Peter Parker imagine where you work for the newspaper and have been assigned to get pictures if Spiderman and you’re very determined to get the perfect shot and while on the job he saves you from something? Please and thank you!!

(Hope you like it!)

Making sure the lenses were clean, I packed the cameras back into my bag. I zipped it up and grabbed the little ID card that read (Y/N) (Y/L/N): Photographer. Hanging the strap that held my camera around my neck, I looked at myself in the mirror. Right the camera and ID tag, I was ready for work. 

Deeming myself suitable for work, I left my house for the Daily Bugle. Stepping into the elevator, I leaned against the wall. Hopefully there would be something good for me to take pictures off usually I’d be taking pictures of gardens and stuff that wasn’t… Interesting. 

“(Y/N), you’re needed in the boss’ office.” I was told right away. I was hit my the smell to coffee when I walked in. Nodding, I walked into the office of my boss: J. Jonah. Jameson. Right away, I was hit by the smell of cigars. 

“Mr Jameson, you needed me?” I asked feeling nervous. Usually, people go in but they don’t leave happy. I’m not going to leave happy, am I?

“(Y/L/N), I like your pictures.” He told me. I looked up at him surprised. “I need you take pictures of Spiderman.”

“Spiderman?” I asked excitedly. “Are you serious?”

“Yes, so go and get some action shots.”

“Yes, sir.” I told him before running out the office and building. 

Now, where do I find Spiderman? I groaned and looked around. The only way to find him is if something bad was happening. Okay, I guess I just need to walk around. 

With a sigh, I bought a coffee and walked around taking sips. The weren’t any robberies or anything. Basically, I can’t find Spiderman. I groaned and dumped my empty coffee cup into a bin and checked my camera once more. It was only lunchtime. Roads and restaurants were busy with people and there wasn’t any sign of havoc. I sighed and walked down a street past people. I reached the crossing and I was alone. Once the light changed, I crossed the road. But then I was lifted off the ground. 

“Careful there.” I realised that I was being held by Spiderman. My breath was caught in my throat. 

“Spiderman.” I managed to say. 

“That’s me. You would’ve been hit by a car you know.”

“Oh. Thanks.” I told him with a shaky laugh. “You mind putting me down?”

“Of course!” He ground lowered us to the ground. 

“And I don’t suppose I could get a picture of you swinging off?” I asked holding my camera up. 

“You can’t see this, but I’m smiling.” He told me. I laughed and he shot a web. I quickly caught a picture and grinned. Holding a thumbs up, he swung off and I caught a picture. 

Laughing, I jumped up and down and cheered.