id like to see how bad i look

tbh lately ive been thinking about the possibility of an Animaniacs reboot by Warner Bros. like the age of reboots are apon us especially in the animation world and i feel like of anything WB would reboot that since nostalgia is a big market nowadays

but… its like. How would they go anout doing it? theres lots of examples of good reboots (Dreamworks Voltron + Noddy, Ducktales etc) then theres BAD ones like PPG etc so its a major hit and miss

If warner bros does reboot it id hope the animation style isnt TOO different (i dont think it would look good in a major style change like Ducktales) and keeps the quick witted humor but makes it more modernized (similar to the humor in the lego movies) i could see it working. even like a Samurai Jack (maybe not as mature but yeah) treatment could work too.

but if it resorts to like, the sitcome shit of that Looney Tunes show a couple years ago and has a really staggered design change of the siblings it would probably fall in the powerpuff girls and if that were to happen i would probably fuckin cry to be honest