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it's the lil nct mark anon (not really anon anymore) here :-) could you do nct mark best friends to lovers? THANK UU 💓

find others: ten 

  • you and mark meet because of mark’s dislike for science
  • literally,,,,you meet him because you’re assigned to tutor him and on the first day he’s like trying to be sweet and nodding along to what you say but you can see the complete confusion in his eyes
  • and you sigh because,,,,mark are you getting any of this???
  • and with the most unsuspecting smile he’s like nope :) dear god im going to fail chemistry aren’t i :)
  • and you’re like oK lets not jump to conclusions im sure we can make this work and mark just presses his forehead to the desk and groans and you’re like dude,,,,,we just,,,,,we just need to make you like chemistry - it’s not so bad
  • mark’s grumbling voice: id rather spend the eternity of my life locked in a room with haechan than look at another number
  • you: ok it’s not the ba-
  • mark: literally. eternity. in. a. room. with. haechan. throw in taeil with his bad dad jokes thats how much i dont want to do or see or hEAR about chemical equations and what not ever
  • you realize that it’ll be tough,,,but at the same time mark is too nice and hardworking to just fall through the cracks so you commit yourself to finding some way to get him to like science
  • and after trial and error, looking up ‘cats do science’ videos on youtube to making slideshows with animated dancing h2o structures 
  • you finally get through and tbh,,,,mark doesn’t fail his final. he gets just enough to pass,,,,but hey it all turned out well in the end
  • and you and mark pretty much bond because you put in effort to help him and without you he’d probably would have given up,,,,and mark likes being around you
  • you guys are both the laid back, silly type with matching sense of humor and an appreciation for just minding your own businesses
  • like once ten had come over just to tell mark about the Drama and you and mark had just blinked up @ him like,,,,what do you mean??? and ten was just like WOW YOU GUYS DONT PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING DO YOu
  • and mark had just shrugged and you’d just nodded because,,,,,,what did it matter?? what other people were doing and mark had agreed and ten had just rolled his eyes and stormed off
  • but basically,,,even when you’re done being his tutor you’ve become one of his closest friends
  • which is why when you end up accidentally breaking your ankle and get set up in the hospital for a couple of days 
  • aside from all your usual friends,,,mark shows up and sheepishly admits that he’d taken the time to visit all your teachers and get you the homework and notes
  • and he looks adorable holding the stack of books in his arms,,,and you’re like laughing into your palm because dammit mark this was supposed to be your chance to get away from schoolwork
  • and he gets panicky because ohH,,,,he didn’t know???? but you’re just giggling like im joking thanks so much
  • the relief is obvious as mark grins and sets down the books,,,sitting beside you and scrunching up his nose
  • and you’re like what??? does the hospital smell weird??
  • but mark leans forward and carefully flicks the center of your forehead and you’re like !
  • and he’s pulling back,,,,,,cheeks tinted pink but the same nose scrunch and he’s like “why’d you go and be dumb,,,,breaking your ankle,,,,,what did you do - trip over air?”
  • and you’re like HEY i tripped over something legitimate ok don’t be mean I was the one who tutored you mark lee
  • he sticks his tongue out and you do the same,,,,both of you end up chuckling anyway
  • and you jokingly tell mark not to worry you’ll be fine soon
  • but to your surprise he promises to visit you tomorrow too and you’re like don’t worry about it but,,,,,mark is more adamant than you’ve ever seen
  • and like he promised he’s back the next day,,,,this time shyly he pulls something from his backpack and it’s a stuffed puppy??? 
  • he places it in your lap and he’s like “it’s a gift,,,,,so you feel better” and you pick it up and smile and you’re like it’s so cute!!! it looks like you mark!!
  • and he’s like gfdhkflsjjf did ,,,, they just call me cute but also he’s like you need to name it
  • and you’re like let’s name it together!!!!
  • and again mentally,,,mark is probably dying but he’s like ok,,,,how about,,,,,
  • you think for a minute and you’re like you know how you’re from canada lets name him maple leaf
  • and mark is like ThATS ,,,, CHEESY but you’re like I LIKE IT i like maple leaf
  • you dont see it but mark bites back his lip,,,,watching you look happily at the toy because ok,,,,,what the hell why are you so cute
  • it’s so much that mark excuses himself for the day
  • and the next afternoon he’s back and the doctor mentions you’ll be discharged soon with a cast and mark is like that’s exciting, can i be the first to sign and you’re like sure!!!
  • and when you do get your cast mark takes out a pen and after a second he scribbles something
  • when you lean over you read it and you almost freeze because there it is,,,,,in green sharpie pen: ‘don’t break anything anymore,,,,,i like you too much so protect yourself!”
  • and you look up at mark whose turned cherry red and he’s like i- i don-dont-
  • and you’re like,,,,,do you mean you like him very much in a friend way?? 
  • mark shakes his head,,,hiding his eyes behind his hair and playing with his fingers and you feel your heart do a little leap
  • and you’re like mark,,,come here
  • listening to you he shuffles closer and you mumble for him to close his eyes and you can see his lips quiver but you also can see the smile he’s holding back
  • but instead of kissing him you bring maple leafs lips up to marks and he’s like !!!!! opening his eyes and touching his lips and you laugh
  • making mark scrunch up his nose again and he’s like not funny,,,,and you’re like ok ok but come here i do want to kiss you for real
  • ,,,,,,when you do kiss him you can feel the smile against your skin,,,,the way mark hesitates but slowly brings his hand up to cup your cheek and it’s cute,,,,,
  • but then the doctor comes in and mark jumps back and is a blubbering mess while the doctor is just like oo do u two need another minute hehe
Adam’s Rib (part 1 of 3)

Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: Lin is a bartender. You need a drink.

Word Count: a fuck ton (approx 18k)

A/N: it’s problematic and full of plot holes but maybe let it go and try and enjoy it

So, this has been a long time coming, we know. It’s been a whirlwind of a time, and we can’t tell you how much has gone into this. We just wanted to thank all of you for being so patient with us, we know this took so much longer than we anticipated it would. 

Thank you so much for supporting our lack of chill and insanity, it truly means so much to us that we have such an incredible following, and we still can’t believe all of you exist! We love you all so very much!! Both of us are extremely emotional about every single aspect of this universe, and we are legitimately super excited to show you what we’ve been concocting this entire time (so much yelling behind the scenes, y’all, omg). 

Warnings: for now, it’s just alcohol and drinking, but this may or may not get a bit darker in parts two and three.

And now, without further ado, we hearby present part ONE of THREE of Adam’s Rib.

– Team GTNW –

“Hey, Lin, could I get another beer?”

“Stan,” Lin sighed, resting his hands on the bar in between them. “We both know you don’t need another.”

“Come on, you already took my keys so what harm could it do?”

Lin raised his eyebrows at the patron, a middle-aged man with graying hair and a fondness for wearing Hawaiian shirts in winter. As a bartender, Lin technically had the right to cut Stan off, call his slurring ass a cab, and move on to serving the handful of other patrons hanging around the bar at nine p.m. on a Tuesday.

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You Again Part 7

Originally posted by jjeonguk

pairing: jungkook x reader x jimin

genre: fluff/angst + college au

word count: 1308

part one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 

Dance was Jungkook’s escape. Whenever he was particularly stressed out about something, it would always be his go-to to help him clear his mind and recently that was just the thing he desperately needed. His mind was in an utter chaos and he could not, for the life of him, figure out what he had done for you to suddenly stop talking to him. Things were perfectly fine until that night, so he tried to retrace his footsteps and think about what he did, but no matter how hard he racked his brain, he just didn’t know.

So, he resorted to dancing and when he focused his entire being on the dance moves and the music, it almost felt like he could stop thinking about you. Almost, but as soon as he stopped to catch a breath or rest, you came running back into his mind.

It had been another sleepless night for Jungkook and he just needed to stop thinking about you. you. you. He was tired, no doubt, but his brain refused to stop overthinking and over analyse any moments that the two of you had together. He didn’t know how many times he had yawned already and at one point he even tried counting sheep, but obviously that failed, otherwise he wouldn’t be laying on his bed with his eyes wide open at 5:32 in the morning. He just wanted to fall asleep but he had lost track of how many hours had passed with him not managing to get even a wink of sleep.

He decided that he just needed to tire himself out and what better way than by exerting all of his energy on dancing. Tossing his blanket to the side, Jungkook dragged himself out of bed and got on his way to the dance studio.

“What are you doing outside the dorm Y/N?” Jungkook asks as he sees you standing alone in the cold, rubbing your palms together and breathing into your cupped hands, hoping that the warmth would somehow seep into your body.

You wanted to run away or hide but that would mean having to wait for who knows how long until the next person came out of the building and you could already barely feel your toes. I guess I would’ve had to face him sooner or later. You just never thought that it would be in this situation.

All Jungkook could feel was shock, because it was really you. You, who seemingly gained complete control of his mind. He doesn’t know why but everything he thinks about always gets linked back to you and it’s frustrating as hell how he can’t even see something like green tea without immediately being reminded of you because he knew you drank it religiously.

The first thing he notices is how pale you look. He wonders whether you have been disregarding your own health to cram for the upcoming exams - a bad habit that he always chided you about before.

“Umm.. I may or may not have left my student ID in my room,” you say sheepishly.

“Could you pretty please swipe me in, it’s freezing and I’ve been standing here for what feels like hours.” You could feel the desperation practically leaking from your words.

Jungkook had just been about to say something about you being so forgetful that you might as well be demented but any amusement that had been on his face previously quickly changed to concern at the mention of how long you had been standing out in the cold and whatever snarky comment he wanted to throw at you had been quickly forgotten. You idiot, that must be why you seem so pale.

The reason why you had been stuck outside the dorm for so long was partly because you had no one to call. It wasn’t like you didn’t have friends or anything, but most of them didn’t live in the same residence hall as you. Jaeeun and Jimin both lived on the other side of the campus and you were definitely not going to call Jungkook when you had been basically running away from him for the entirety of the week. Funny. The universe was just bent on always going against you and the turn of events was basically mocking you for your stupidity.

When you stepped into the warmth of the building, a sigh escaped you as you felt the relief of finally getting away from the bone-chilling cold outside. Bless whoever invented heating.

Jungkook only stared at you because he had no idea what to say. There were just too many things he needed to ask, too many things he wanted to tell you. It felt as though if he were to speak, all the sentences would become a jumbled mess because at this moment, his thoughts were running 250 miles per hour and it was way too fast for him to properly collect his thoughts. What happened to us? Did I do something wrong? He didn’t know what to ask first. What he did know was that he wanted to hug you. So badly. God, he just wanted to envelop you in his warmth because if the way your teeth chattered previously was any indication, you looked absolutely freezing.

All Jungkook wanted was to just hold you in his arms and tell you how much he missed you. But he didn’t, no, he couldn’t, because at this point in time, he wasn’t even sure whether you hated him or not. He didn’t even know if you still wanted to be friends with him anymore. Friends. How he hated that word. He wanted to be so much more when it came to you but he always felt like he was stuck in the limbo of the ‘friend-zone’ with you. Now, however, compared to the way you were acting recently, he would choose being friends over this in a heartbeat. He just wanted to see you again. The real you who laughed at everything even when things weren’t even funny. Like how ridiculous is that? He would do anything just to hear your laugh again.

Jungkook didn’t know he had missed you this much. Of course, he knew that he was always thinking about you but seeing you in real life right in front of him heightened all of his previous emotions. It practically ached him just to look at you. If you didn’t drive him crazy before, every thought he had about you came rushing back to him twofold and a gigantic hurricane filled with photos of you currently decided to move into his brain.

Jungkook missed how you would always ruffle his hair, the way your hands would occasionally touch his when the two of you were walking side by side and most of all, the hugs you gave. When you were hugging him, you would smile against his chest and your arms would naturally wrap around his waist. You always smelled like vanilla and hugging you was probably definitely his favourite feeling in the entire world but it never lasted long enough. Before he knew it, you would usually untangle your arms from his way too fast for his own liking, leaving him feeling undeniably hollow, as though the two of you had been made to stay in each other’s embrace.

“Uh-I-I gotta go to my room, bye Jungkook” you stuttered as your mind scrambled to come up with a reason to avoid the newfound tension between the two of you. You knew you had to probably talk it out with him sooner or later because it just wasn’t fair for him to be in this situation. You really didn’t mean to confuse him or make him upset in any way but you just couldn’t face him. Not now, anyway, not when you were not even half awake, not when you knew your under eye circles probably looked like hell.

As Jungkook watched you dart up the stairs, his heart sank at the thought that he let another opportunity to talk to you slip away…

author’s note: this chpt was mostly just angst (hahah sry abt that)  but hopefully the next chpt will be more fluffy. tbh idek how these chpts will turn out myself until i actually finish writing them so u nvr know what could happen! I hope you enjoyed chpt 7 nonetheless and i rly appreciate it when u guys leave me any kind of feedback so thank u for that !! <3

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good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!💘😚🤧i just wanted to say a few things briefly about how ive been running this blog and a few apologies too. ive been through a lot with yall lately and a lot has changed so suddenly - including myself. (i’ll put this under the cut for sake of other people)

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Tony had always been gay for as long as he could remember ,after dating Ryan and Brad he started feeling more and more things for someone and that person  being Clay Jensen. The two had known each other for a while and after the tapes he only wanted to be there for his friend.  The two had sat at tony’s house all day when tony pulled up the idea of a walk.

Clay looked at tony with a confused expression “are we talking the kind of walk i want to go on or the kind of walk where a rock gets dropped on my face-” he then chuckled.

Tony laughed “come on i didn’t mean to do that-” he laid his head on the wall looking at clay with a soft grin. He loved this man more than anything now and would do anything for him to know. He was about to say something when clay’s mom called cutting him off.

While he was on the phone with his mom tony took a sharp breath and got the things they needed for the walk. His mind in a million places.

“Mom dont say ointment… “ clay sighed “mom i have to go bye -” he hung up “sorry-” he sighed and  followed him outside .

“Don’t be clay “ he threw his bag over his shoulder and started to walk to his car. “You don’t have to say you’re sorry every single time your mom calls -”  he said with a sweet ,calm voice  one that made clay smile. As he walked with clay down the road he took a deep breath “clay …i have something to tell you-” he stopped walking. “I know this is hard to hear from a friend but listen to me … i love you clay jensen …i love you more than my cars , more than my tapes….” he watched clays face turn from confused to a smile. “And i know you might not want to see me ever again but it’s how i feel…i want to be able to hug you and call you my boyfriend-” he admitted “know i can walk away and never come back or i can stay with you and we can go on a walk -” he looked down at the ground. Clay being taller than  tony , but not by much pulled him into a hug “if its all the same to you tony …I’d like to go on that walk -” he held the others hand in his .  “id like that very much clay -” he smiled wide walking with clay.

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i just looked at your oc page and fell in love! could you explain how you write them? like how you come up with everything, for example their languages and physical descriptions (it's just so cool seeing someone able to describe what their character looks like to)? id really just like to know how it all comes together! (sorry if this was already answered)

hjkhdfjsdf im sobbing thank you T-T

honestly, im really bad at this kind of stuff, but i think looking at other peoples oc pages and different character designs really helps. for instance, i make a list of a BUNCH of info i want to gather on them and branch off of that. making lots of lists really helps me think!

it always starts first with making them in game or on paper, then after i get a good look going ill try to decide cultural backgrounds/names by going through models, and then language. i think personality can come after, too? like right when i made nira, i knew then she was gonna be buff and tall and a jerk. but lionell was kinda shy & quiet at first and i eventually developed him more and well…….he aint (im thinking of making him even taller now lmao)

i think creating contrasting elements in a character makes them much more attractive too. nirali is an elf, but shes BIG and LOUD. lionell is a buff jock human, but really hes a huge softie and a total nerd.

also, feel free to use what i have there as a basis for your own characters! it’s a bunch of ideas i gathered over time and also from the original oc page theme. I hope this made sense and/or helped!!!

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can we see the progress for u davekat drawin??

I didn’t save at all from the lineart to the finished thing, so I only have the progress of the sketches but HERE<3

(tbh i actually really didn’t like the lineart, it was way too harsh and i should have colourd it too + karkat didnt look angry enough and daves eyes were too smol)

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CS + 5

Disclaimer: I have never been pregnant nor have I known anyone who has been pregnant so I’m going off of what I’ve seen in movies and tv and the internet

Emma Swan cannot believe a simple one night stand with fellow Boston police officer Killian Jones ended up in a pregnancy (AO3,

Definitely Not a One Time Thing

“Shit” Emma said quietly to herself as she sat on her bathroom floor, the positive pregnancy test still clutched in her hands. She should have known, she had been nauseous and vomiting for days and she had definitely missed her last period. She had tried to chalk it up to the stress of being a cop but there definitely was no denying it now. She was pregnant and it was her stupid coworker, Killian Jones’s baby. It was only meant to be a one time thing, a night of drinks and celebration over cracking a particularly hard case had led to them falling into his bed together and her sneaking out of his apartment before dawn. There had been no hard feelings from either side, they had both known it was just sex and was just a one night stand nothing more. But this? This definitely changed that.

Emma scrolled through her phone until she got to his number and debated whether this was news you call or text someone about. She held her breath as she pressed the call button and listened to the other line ring.

“Why Swan to what do I owe the pleasure?” he had answered jovially. Emma let out a shaky breath trying to figure out what she wanted to say.

“I need to talk to you about something, can um you come to my place so I can tell you?” she asked.

“Emma is everything all right?” Killian asked his voice suddenly full of concern.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out and long pause came from his end.

“Would you like me to bring some food for when we talk?” he asked breaking the silence.

“Ice cream would be nice,” she said wiping away a tear that was starting to fall.

“As you wish, I’ll be over there in 20 minutes,” he said before he hung up.

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Hey! How do you think Nino/JT would react to someone talking shit about CN? (Or LB but it's less likely to happen i think)

Very publicly very loudly defending them.
“Cat noir busts his ass every day to keep us safe! Id like to see you try half the crap he does, you’d be dead. He does it without expecting thanks and you know what? Hes a fucking person. Hes got his own shit going on. Look at how freaked out you get about homework and daily shit in your lives and hes got ALL OF THAT and saving your stupid life any tine a bad guy shows up, so just shut the hell up cause you dont know shit about him”