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On today’s episode of: Jeff Sessions wants to bring back Jim Crow.

Click the source link for the rest of the article, but as you can see Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is wasting no time to roll back civil rights protections and make sure discriminatory policies are etched in stone.

Which is exactly wtf everyone - including Coretta Scott King - warned us he would do considering his history of doing JUST THAT - using his political power for racist ends.

Another reason to be worried, these voter ID laws are used to not only disenfranchise poor voters and minorities, but these populations have been specifically targeted since Obama’s win in an effort to regain republican control over districts around the country.

Lots of narratives have been going around about why Hillary lost. Most are placing the blame directly on the candidate herself, ignoring a few key points:

1. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Yes. 3 million. To minimize this or not take it into consideration proves you are bias in your analysis of why Hillary lost. You don’t win the popular vote by 3 million if you are a truly bad candidate (Hillary also won every single debate). And for historical reference, Al Gore only won the popular vote by 500,000. Hillary won it by 3 million. 3 million votes is no small feat. You cannot ignore this fact if you want an un-bias analysis of why Hillary lost the election. The last two Republican Presidents lost the popular vote!

Also – both popular vote winners Al Gore and Hillary Clinton were hurt by progressives (Nader and Bernie) who got too comfortable after 8 years of a Democrat in the White House. Our side seems to shoot itself in the foot after 8 years in power. As we learned yet again – every vote counts, especially in the swing states. Because guess what? You can win the popular vote and still lose the election due to the electoral college. Progressives blew it big time for the second time in 20 years and hurt our popular vote winners Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. A cumulative 3.5 million more votes for the Democrats!

2. In U.S. politics, one party usually has power over the White House for only 8 years. Very rarely does a party hold onto the White House longer than 8 years. The last time was when Bush Senior won after Ronald Reagan, but then he quickly lost re-election to Bill Clinton. Democrat Al Gore couldn’t even win after Clinton left us with a surplus and booming economy. This usually happens because the side that isn’t in power tends to rise up, while the side that occupies the White House gets lazy and complicit. From a historical perspective, America was already headed towards a Republican Administration in 2016. Combine that with the racist backlash to Obama, and Trump exploiting the rise of worldwide racist nationalism, it’s no wonder their base turned out and ours didn’t. Remember – under Obama, the Democrats have lost 900 legislative seats nationwide and most of the Governorships and state legislatures, too (in addition to the White House and U.S. Congress). The backlash to Obama has been strong and was bound to hurt us in 2016. Point is – in American politics, very rarely does the same party occupy the White House for more than two-terms. This especially holds true when you combine that with racism and the rise of nationalism working against the first African American President. Conservatives were out for blood after 8 years of Obama, while our side shot itself in the foot by allowing Bernie to run as a Democrat (Nader all over again).

3. Just as in the United Kingdom (Brexit), there has been a worldwide resurgence in a nationalistic white working-class. Trump exploited this in a way Bernie Sanders never could have. Why? Because nationalism is being used to scapegoat immigrants and minorities. The 2016 election truly was an election about which party was going to turn out their base (whites vs. minorities). That’s why Hillary spent her time trying to convince us of the dangers a Trump Presidency posed to minorities. And if we had voted in levels similar to 2008, our base would have triumphed. But a core part of our base was missing – young voters that showed up for Obama but not Hillary. Why? Bernie fucking Sanders. Most of the “Bernie-or-Bust” voters I knew were young male progressives who puked at the thought of ever voting for Hillary. They even called Bernie a “sell-out” when he half-heartedly campaigned for her. What a shame. Because in the face of Brexit, every vote counted. Remember – Trump only won the swing states by a total of 80,000. How many “Bernie-or-Busters” were in the swing states? Seriously – never underestimate angry white men showing up at the polls (Brexit and Trump). Our side is much harder to turn out. That’s why every vote counted. And yes… I’m looking at you, college students!

4. Comey. The momentum the 3rd debate victory produced was lost after the Comey letter. The 3rd debate was the debate where “Nasty Woman” was coined. The closet thing the Hillary campaign came to naturally produced momentum. And it (luckily) came near the end of the election in the final stretch. Hillary was riding high after the 3rd debate domination – 11% polling lead. Everyone thought she was going to win and Nate Silver gave her over a 90% chance of winning. But then came the Comey letter. 

His letter also came after the release of Trump’s “pussy grabber” tape. The media narrative switched from “pussy grabber” to “FBI re-opens Clinton E-mail Probe.” The headlines became anti-Clinton rather than anti-Trump. And in American culture, media momentum is huge. That’s why they call it an “October Surprise.” Late deciding voters heavily broke for Trump due to the Comey letter and that’s what made the difference. 

Hillary ordered a complete analysis of the election and the Comey letter was the only new variable from her 11-point polling bump after the 3rd debate to election day. “Pussy grabber” was old news. “E-mails” became front and center yet again. This is why there is currently an independent review of Comey’s actions as we speak. Official protocol says to never release anything about a case if it may sway an election. Why? Because it might turn out to be false. Just like what happened. Comey ultimately retracted the letter in the final hours of the election, but the damage had already been done. Hillary was finished. Her 11-point debate lead – gone. That’s why there is currently an official investigation into Comey breaking official protocol and swaying the election in Trump’s favor. Once this investigation is complete, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from the Clintons.

5. Sexism. The 2016 election proved a far more qualified woman can still lose to a far less qualified man. Actually, Hillary was the most qualified person (man or woman) to ever run for the Presidency. Any man with Hillary’s accomplishments and qualifications never would have lost. It wouldn’t have even been close. Period.

6. Russian interference. We’ll never know exactly how much Russia swayed the election, but the influx of “fake news” targeting Hillary Clinton definitely had an impact on her public perception, especially in regards to her “trustworthiness.” Putin had a vendetta against Hillary because he held her responsible for the protests he faced after his re-election. He also thought Hillary would be far more aggressive and effective than Obama. He’d rather have a puppet and buffoon as President (Trump) than the brilliant Hillary Rodham Clinton.

7. The media. Hillary’s e-mails were made to seem just as bad as the millions of horrific things Trump did over the course of his 4-times bankrupt career. The false equivalence was mind-boggling. In the pursuit of trying to appear “un-bias” by saying both sides were equally corrupt, they ended up being bias against Hillary and helping Trump win the Presidency. The actual un-bias viewpoint is that nothing Hillary has done is anywhere near the level of deplorable things Trump has done. But the media made Hillary seem just as bad as Trump in order to give the impression that they were being “objective.” 

I truly hope the media did some soul-searching after the 2016 election. Tearing down Hillary and glorifying Trump – giving rise to his “cult-of-personality” has really bitten you in the ass, hasn’t it? Now you have at minimum 4 years of covering a manipulative propaganda artist con-man who just likes to play head games. Have fun!!

8. Republican witch-hunts. Republicans abused their power, which led to 8 separate Benghazi investigations. More investigations than Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination, and 9/11. Yet Hillary was never found of any wrongdoing and came out victorious after her triumphant 11-hour Benghazi testimony. Unfortunately, after so many fake “scandals,” Hillary’s image had been damaged. Which was the entire point of these fake scandals – even if Hillary isn’t guilty, we can still accuse her of corruption and plant seeds of doubt. But rather than viewing the Republicans as the corrupt ones, manufacturing fake Clinton scandals and wasting tax-payer money, many Americans drank the Clinton hate kool-aid (even progressives).

All of these factors led to the “perfect storm.” Which is why we needed every single vote in every single state. Yet Hillary still managed to win the popular vote by 3 million despite Russian interference, Bernie mania, multiple witch-hunts by Republicans, 11-hour Benghazi testimony, sexism, a media hell bent on false equivalency, a rise in worldwide racist nationalism, one party historically only occupying the White House for 8 years, and the devastating Comey letter. 

3 million more votes. Despite it all. A majority of Americans agree with our vision and our values. By the millions. And that’s not even taking into consideration ID laws and voter suppression of minorities, which greatly decreased the amount we won by.

“But, you know, then at the end, we had the Russians and the FBI deal. She couldn’t prevail against that. She did everything else and still won by 2.8 million votes.

The finest vote counter in America is Nate Silver. He told you what costed the election.” ~President Bill Clinton

A political icon and legend. Was going for round 3 in the White House. And we all know she ran it the first two times.

Explaining why democracy should be less and less direct while claiming you’re pro democracy is contradictory.

Voter ID laws are anti democracy, an electoral college is anti democracy, gerrymandering, racial profiling, and anything else that makes it more difficult to vote is anti democracy.

The same people who claim they’re anti trump because they’re pro democracy and then INSIST that the electoral college is needed for whatever reason and BLAME MINORITIES for not voting for the person YOU insist would be good for them with your white saviour/burden mentality when they’re actively barred from it and have their votes scrambled to meaninglessness actually wonder why many people don’t like them and why southern states and most of the midwest is red. You are not being benevolent by being a snarky asshole to anyone and everyone who didn’t vote for slave queen and you most certainly don’t give as much of a shit about us as you think you do.

America was never a democracy and anyone who tells me otherwise needs to step out of the history they read in grade school for once and turn off their white liberal mentality for a minute, preferably forever and actually organize in their communities and find ways to help people that don’t result in elitism and shit talking minorities and anyone who doesn’t live in a coastal state.

Ok but

Am I the only one who thinks a Star vs. the Forces of Evil and a Milo Murphy’s Law crossover would be the best thing ever. I mean, there’s tons of potential plot points to explore, like:

  • Milo and Star get along like fire and gasoline and it does not help Marco, Zack, or Melissa’s heartrates at all
  • Murphy’s Law somehow being responsible for Star messing up about 53% of her spells and the gang trying to put everything back to normal.
  • Marco being a huge nerd for Dr. Zone (like it’s a close second to Mackie Hand)
  • Star confusing Murphy’s Law for an Evil Wizard’s curse and her trying to fix it and MIlo and Sara telling her to just chill for a second and let them explain
  • Milo takes one look at Ludo and his army and like a tree falls on them or something.
  • Star’s spells misfiring and accidentally destroys Cavendish and Dakota’s Pistachio Cart.
  • Star and Marco join Milo, Melissa, and Zack on all their misadventures and vice versa
  • Star finding out Zack used to be in a boy band and insisting on having him perform for her (it’s through threat of a Narwhal Blast that he finally does, and Melissa gets it all on tape)
  • Ponyhead not hating Milo or any of them as much as she does Marco but you know she is Star’s first bestie so…
  • Milo, Melissa, and Zack acting as protective younger siblings to Star whenever Tom shows up (Melissa in particular will fight the demon prince if it keeps Star safe)
  • Kelly and Tad think Milo, Melissa, and Zack are pretty cool and they always try and hang-out when they can
  • Cavendish and Dakota (mostly Cavendish) thinking Star and Milo are out to sabotage their missions (and Dakota’s just trying to figure out where these’s sparkly narwhals are coming from because they are not near and ocean at all!)
  • Murphy’s Law and Butterfly magic either helps, hinders, or cancels the other out. It depends on the situation.
    • Melissa coins the Term “Murphy-Butterfly Theorem” in an attempt to explain it. BY the time 2175 role around it’s a common phrase
    • Only Cavendish and Dakota know how it originally started but no one believes them, and honestly they’re not sure if they believe it.
  • Imagine Missing Milo with Star traveling with Milo and the Pistachio Protectors and Narwhal blasting King Pistachion like “Fight me demon plant!”
    • And while Dakota and Cavendish both bond with them, Dakota takes a particular shine to Milo, Cavendish takes one to Star because he’s always been a fan of fantasy magic novels growing up but he won’t admit it
    • Likewise, Star and Milo like them both but Star subconsciously prefers Cavendish because his uptight but well-meaning attitude reminds Star unconsciously reminds Star of her mom and she thiks his mustache is “Pretty Neat”
  • When Toffee shows up he tips off the Burea of Time Travelers and Block sends in Brick and Savannah and Star just annilates them (Dakoat and Cavendish are not-so-secretly amused that the “Syrup-Tsunami-Shockwave is what did the two of them in)
  • Murphy’s Law is what helps Star break the crystal prison in Storm the Castle
  • One cleaved wand+Murphy’s Law=Disaster most of the time
  • Cavendish and Dakota helping to fight back Ludo and his Bird and Spider whenever they attack Star and Milo and their friends
    • Both of them being slightly concerned (read: a bit terrfied) when Star almost gets sucked into the portal in Bon Bon
    • “Don’t worry, Milo and Star almost get sucked into menacing portals every other week.” “That’s not reassuring!”
  • Sara kicking but like “How dare you attack my little brother and his friends!” and utterly dominating in a fight
  • Star helping to set-up MIlo and Amanda and her squee-ing like a fangirl when it finally happens
  • Milo, Melissa, and Zack comforting Star about the whole Jarco thing
  • Janna adoring Milo because she thinks it’s cool that he has a “curse” on him. He doesn’t have the heart to argue with her so he lets her believe what she wants.
  • Jackie and Melissa being two chill girls who are two cool for you.
  • Melissa swindling Ferguson and Alphonso because you knwo she would do that
  • Star and Marco joing Just Getting Started and each playing Keys and Drums
  • Zack helping Star talk to Oskar, y’know musician to musician.
  • Melissa getting her own pair of dimensional scissors because why not?
    • Heckapoo and her get along like fire and gasoline too and it worries Marco and Zack just a bit.
  • Milo befriending Rhombulous after he froze him in crystal
    • Milo doesn’t blame him and helps Rhombulous understand Murphy’s Law better
  • During Battle of Mewni, Star carries around Marco’s hoodie and refuses to let Moon heal a scar she got from a Murphy’s Law incident
    • Because that’s her favorite scar, obviously
  • Moon and River adoring Milo, Melissa, and Zack and Moon hopes this added experience will help Star grow as a person
    • They’re just shell-shocked to meet royalty
  • Also Milo and Sara join Marco in his little spot during Battle for Mewni and they join “La Resistence!”
  • Cavendish and Dakota breaking the freaking laws of fundamnetal physics and helping Melissa, Zack, and Diogee to Mewni to help fight Toffee in Battle for Mewni
    • Them getting they’re just in time to see River levitato-d and them pieceing together just what Toffee wants and tipping off Moon and Buff Frog
  • Buff Frog adoring Milo, Melissa, Zack, Cavendish, and Dakota. The babies love them and vice versa all around
  • Before Marco litteraly punches Toffee’s heart out, Zack breaks his neck and through the power of random bs from the backpack, Milo and Melissa put a few holes in his chest and Sarah just throws a big rock at his head
  • Milo, Marco, Melissa, and Zack staying on Mewni for the summer with Cavendish and Dakota being like their guardians/nannies because they can handle the chatic weirdness and let’s face it those kids need protecting
  • Diogee and the laser puppies get along fabulously
  • No one lets the laser-puppies near Milo for obvious reasons
  • Cavendish and Dakota quit the Burea after the Battle for Mewni to protect the kids full time and since no one knows who to trust, Cavendish says they’ve been hired to “Protect Precious Pistachios” and Block, Brick, and Savannah find that kinda suscpicious
    • They have pistachios on Mewni but they’re not edible. Like, you can eat them if you want but they’re to tough to chew so you either make a drink out of it or not at all. Instead it’s used in Mewni like oak wood is used hear. For like furniture and stuff.
    • Cavendish and Dakota are big fans of Skywynne’s chapter of the book and Father Time’s Dimension
    • They all still time travel because why wouldn’t they
  • Alertnatively, Block finds out by accident about the Murphy’s and having Brick and Savannah investigate and it turns out that Eclipsa is somehow responsible for the creation of Murphy’s Law don’t ask I can just see it.
  • Eclipsa goes from being a loving granny to all the kids to secretly plotting they’re demise
    • She loves Star and Milo and all the kids fear and admire her in equal measures but sometimes they look up to her more than they should
  • Cavendish and Dakota going through the Butterfly family history to help Star and the kids learn more about how to make certain histories repeat themselves
    • Doing this leads them to gain a respect for Eclipsa but they are intimdated by her and try to avoid her interacting with them and the kids as much as possible
  • Star invents a lot of Pistachio related spells like “Pistachio-Power Punch!” Cavendish and Dakota are flattered and amused.
  • You’ve heard of the Llama Incident? How about the Warnicorn Incident?
  • Cavendish and Dakota are both equally annoyed by Glossaryck. Glossaryck is neutral about them and everything (he likes Milo a lot though, like, he finds his hijinks entertaining)
  • The rest of the Burea (namely Brick and Savannah) try to take out the Butterfly’s and Murphy’s only for Cavendish and Dakota to drop some knowledge on their ignorant and hasty butts.
  • Alternatively, the Burea makes a deal with Eclipsa (again don’t ask) and it back fires and the Kids and Cavendish and Dakota have to save them.
    • Cavendish in particular sassing them out like “Her title is The Queen of Darkness and that didn’t clue you in?!”
  • Star and Milo and the rest of them (mostly Star) shipping Dakvendish
  • In turn, Cavendish and Dakota have they’re own little betting pool about the kids relationships, Melissa obviously helps them. 
    • They’ll take that secret to their graves though
  • Milo and Star being unstoppable forces of the Universe and woe to all who challenge them.
  • Theirs Princess Marco and Princess Melissa… Heinous hates them both and Gemini has both their dolls.
  • Cavendish and Dakota being 100% done with all the lizard-monsters who try to kill the kids. They’re worried of course, bu mostly done
    • “How many lizard-like-monsters are after you kids?” “We have no clue but maybe more?” “Work with us here, kiddos.”
  • Melissa is not afraid of Rasticore or Toffee or any force of evil like fight her
    • This does not help anyones heart rates
  • When Brick and Savannah finally figure out what Cavendish and Dakota do they’re 8% impressed and 92% horrified like “This is what you two idiots do on a day to day basis?” “It’s not that bad once you get used to it.” “Get used to what, almost dying?!” “I mean if you want to look at it like that…”
  • Imagine a Star vs, Milo Murphy’s Law, and Phineas ‘n’ Ferb crossover
  • Star adores Perry
  • All the animals get along and the laser puppies become honary agents
  • Phineas and Ferb making they’re own version of Star’s wand and using it to have the best day ever.
  • Star and Isabella getting along swimmingly.
  • JUst imagine all of this for a minute and tell me it’s not glorious
  • Has anyone besides me thought about this?
  • Because I have
  • A lot

Okay y’all hear me out

(Keep in mind I’m typing this out at 12:30 at night )

Okay, so, now that Dakota and Cavendish are friends with Milo, the whole “Is he a Secret Agent?” thing they had going with him is vurtually gone right?

Well what if instead it was passed onto Savannah and Brick? Their plotline was never wrapped up in “Missing Milo” and after their adventure they definatly (probably) think somethings up. Not to mention that unlike Vinnie, neither of them seem to be willing to hear someone else out when they have their minds set on a mission. Also, unlike our favorite pistachio protectors, they have pull at the agency. They could get Block to do something about Milo. 

Imagine Vinnie and Balthazar having to choose between the agency and Milo. Or better yet, Imagine having the gang have to travel in time to rescue him from Savannah and Brick. That would be really cool.

Also filed under:  THINGS THAT ARE NOT GUARANTEED BY THE CONSTITUTION (except the gun one ::eyeroll::), while the right to vote is laid out five times.  Idiots.

Funny how any and all legislation that affects buying a gun is immediately pounced upon as infringing on the rights of American citizens, but putting roadblocks in the path of voters to correct an issue of voter fraud that has never been a problem in the history of this country is just fine.

obi wan’s Significant Others

  • his wife satine
  • his messy husband anakin
  • his wife-in-law padme
  • his jedi gf taria
  • his second husband bail
  • his frat bro bf quinlan
  • his work husband cody 
  • his one night stand jango
  • his shady fake bf dex

Law Week day 5: relationships

I originally doodled up the first one, but i decided that there wasnt going to be enough zolaw/lawzo today, so I took it upon myself to draw a lot of it

(quantity over quality, right?)